A Little Bit of Silly Fun…And a Giveaway!

by Carol Kicinski on February 20, 2011

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This giveaway is closed – congrats to the winner Michelle B!

As I sit here enjoying a cup of coffee and a healthy gluten free pear muffin (more on the muffins tomorrow) I have been having a little bit of silly fun. Diane from The W.H.O.L.E. Gang sent me an “award”, no not an Oscar or Tony or even a Bloggy, she awarded me “Memetastic Award”.

This is a fun, irreverent award that asks the winner to list 5 “facts” about themselves; 1 of which is true and 4 of which are outright lies! Now while lying is a completely foreign concept to (especially when asked to state things like my weight on my driver’s license) I decided to give it a try. Readers try to guess which one is true and I am to pass along the award to 5 other bloggers. I am passing this along to 5 great gluten free bloggers –  Nancy, Heidi, Sea, Ellen and Naomi. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

Since this award was passed on to me by Diane Elbin, who aside from being charming, funny, committed to healthy gluten free eating and the most industrious woman I know, is the author of The Gluten Free Diner Cookbook, I am giving away a copy of her book.  This ebook is packed with recipes for all those diner favorites you may be missing since going on a gluten free diet.

The Gluten Free Diner Cookbook by Diane Elbin

All you have to do to enter is guess which one is true in the comments below.  From the people who guess correctly I will pick a winner and announce it on March 6th.  Simple!

So here are my 5 “facts”:

1. I own 257 pairs of shoes, 237 of which are black.
2. I was born in Manila in The Philippines.
3. I am currently building a chicken coop in my back yard and have 4 beautiful laying hens on order so I can have fresh eggs every day.
4. I was once charged by a herd of elephants in the wilds of Africa and had to run for my life.
5. I wear the same size jeans today as I did when I got married.

So, which is true?

Check back here on March 6th, 2011 and I will tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.  And announce the gluten free winner!

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  • http://www.thebakingbeauties.com Jeanine

    Hmm…tricky. I’m tempted to say 4 are true & 1 is not. lol However, I will guess that you were charged by elephants. I know you enjoy traveling, so maybe you’ve had that experience.

  • Audrey

    I pick #3 – the chicken coop. I’ll admit it seems the most boring, but maybe that’s your sneaky strategy :-) I hope so

  • http://www.thesensitivepantry.com Nancy @SensitivePantry

    I bet you wear the same size jeans today as when you were married.

  • http://www.thesensitivepantry.com Nancy @SensitivePantry

    Almost forgot….many thanks for the award!!

  • Jhesika Menes

    I am taking a gander that you were born in Manila.

    I love your website.

  • http://www.Harstad.124online.com Forrest Harstad

    1. You’ve given away more of your shoes than that.
    2. You weren’t born; you were placed here by the gods for the rest of us.
    3. You actually converted the chicken coop to a dog house that Thom sleeps in when he fails to keep you in fresh, organic, locally farmed eggs harvested and cleaned by his own hands.
    5. You quit wearing jeans when you started wearing the pants in the family.
    Number 4 is the true one. But you didn’t share that the reason they chased you guys was because of how great your shoes made your pants look–and vice versa–when you were showing Thom, yet again, how you can not only still get him to chase you when ever you determine, but you can also still make him trumpet like a bull elephant.

  • http://www.Harstad.124online.com Forrest Harstad

    p.s. Make him call me. ;)

  • http://www.websofwhimsy.etsy.com Sabrina

    I’m guessing number 5.

  • http://www.glutenfreecat.com Heather @Gluten-Free Cat

    Oh, it’s totally #5. You are definitely one healthy chica who could definitely fit into her high school genes. Plus, in high school, we all still had a slight helping of “baby fat”. Yay for letting go of the baby fat, even if it took SOME of us til our 30s!

  • Laurel

    Actually I like them all you didn’t make them far fetched enough. Jeans? Elephants? Eggs? Everyone has over 200 pairs of black shoes. Hmm… born in the Philippines? Gosh, one in four, I want to say Elephants because that’s fun. I believe the jeans but I’m guessing you were born in Manila.

  • http://www.thewholegang.org Diane-thewholegang

    Thank you for sharing my cookbook! I love your 5 statements. They are all so believable. I’m going to guess #5. I bet you do have 257 pairs of shoes but they are not all black. I can’t wait to hear which one is real.

  • Michelle B

    My guess is #4. P.S. Your blog inspires me to stick with my gf diet- THANK YOU!! Which ever is true, all the choices great. I bet you wear smaller jeans now than you did when you got married :)

    • http://www.simplygluten-free.com Carol, Simply Gluten Free

      Michelle -Congratulations! You are the winner of this great cookboook. Hopefully it will inspire you even more!


  • Monica

    I am saying number 4. If I will I will tell you my strategy!

  • Monica

    If I win, not if I will. Ha ha. Would be nice if I could type.

  • penny

    the chicken coop!

  • http://www.glutenfreegidget.com Katrina (gluten free gidget)


  • http://twitter.com/SamAbernethy Samantha

    I’ll go with the jeans, but I’m going to hope the elephants one is true.

  • http://www.cookitallergyfree.com/blog Kim-Cook It Allergy Free

    I want to guess 2 different answers ( I am a rule breaker, what can I say):
    #5, of course, because I love you! And…
    #4, just because it seems so crazy that it just has to be true.


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  • Neva

    Going to pick #3. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  • http://intolerantchef.blogspot.com/ InTolerantChef

    I guess #4 because you like to travel!

  • Karen

    I’m guessing #3 is true!

  • Mandy G.

    I am guessing you were born in Manila.

  • http://elegantlyglutenfree.com Pat @ Elegantly, Gluten-Free

    While I’m not saying that #2-5 aren’t likely to be true, just for the sheer enjoyment of your feet I’m going to vote for #1. It would be fun to have a good selection of shoes to go with whatever else your day has in store — especially if you’re running for your life from charging pachyderms!

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  • Nancy Cherven


  • Elizabeth

    #5. That is tough. I can’t imagine having that many shoes!

  • Barbara

    I hope it’s the chicken coop – fresh eggs are amazingly better than store-bought, but the elephants would be totally amazing, too!

  • Jeri Cole

    I’m guessing number 5. I only wish I could make that statement.

  • http://www.lazyjanewaiting.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    I vote for the chickens.

  • Melanie

    I think it was being chased by the elephants!

  • Kathy

    It’s the shoes!!! I can totally relate to 257 pairs of shoes, yes mostly black! :)

  • Laila

    Hmm…I’m guessing #2.

  • http://gapey.blogspot.com Paula Thomas

    I’m going to guess the chicken coop.

  • http://mommasgoneoverthewall.blogspot.com Staci A

    I would guess #5 is true. I know I’d love to fit into my pre-wedding/pre-little ones sized jeans!

  • Marisa H

    Chicken coop!

  • http://glugleglutenfree.com Tia @ GGF

    Hmmmm. I am guessing number 4. I think you were probably born somewhere exotic, but you changed it just a little bit to throw us off. I bet you already have a chicken coop and have had it for years. And, I think you wear a small size than when you were married. I can just see you being one of those people that gets in better shape as you get older.

  • Lisa V

    I’m going to guess 3. I am currently building a chicken coop in my back yard and have 4 beautiful laying hens on order so I can have fresh eggs every day.

  • Susan

    I’m new at eating gluten free..would love this bood
    my guess is #5

  • Susan

    I’m new at eating gluten free..would love this book…
    my guess is #5

  • Leslie


  • http://www.bellapamella.com Lili

    Can make up my mind between 3 and 5! I’m thinking 3 is stronger! Who would not want the chicken coop in their back yard?!? Thanks for offering the book!

  • Wayne Nickless

    I would guess the chicken coop is the correct answer. I was diagnosed 3 months ago and have been having a wonderful, delicious ride on the new diet. Thank the almighty that I didn’t have to give up Mexican food.

  • Shannon


  • http://www.runnershoe.blogspot.com Jen

    This is hard, but I’ll say #3

  • Jennifer

    I am going with #3.

  • Renee

    If it is only one…then I would say born in Manila…but I really think it’s all of the above:)

  • Cheryl

    Number 5! =)

  • http://www.handinhandwellness.com Marissa

    I’m guessing you were born in Manila! :)
    Happy bday fellow Pisces!

  • Mary

    I’m guessing #3 is true.

  • http://www.glutenfree18.com Nicole Sirote

    # 3 the chicken coop since you bake/cook so much and make your own recipes.. could it be crazier… NAH!

  • Valerie Eisner

    I’m thinking #5 because you are eating so healthy! I REALLY REALLY need that book!

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