Plainville Turkeys are Gluten Free

by Carol Kicinski on November 1, 2010

One of my pet peaves is when a food item that does not naturally contain gluten is “glutenized” for no good reason. Case in point is turkey. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the story of someone being oh so careful not to accidentally eat gluten; staying away from the stuffing and gravy, bringing their own gluten-free pies, asking if the creamed spinach was thickened with wheat flour only to become ill after a Holiday meal. The culprit? The one thing that should not have had any gluten in it in the first place – the turkey! Did you know that the turkey you purchase for your holiday dinner may be injected with flour?

Since turkey is the star of the show for my Thanksgiving and other Holiday dinners I like to make sure I get the best turkey I can find. Not only do I NOT want any gluten injected into it, I want it to be all natural, have no hormones added and to be raised antibiotic free. Most importantly I want it to juicy, tender and taste great!

Plainville Farms is where I’ll get my turkeys from now on. All their turkeys are fresh, gluten-free, have no antibiotics or growth hormones injected into them and are humanely raised. They are fed a vegetarian diet which not only produces a healthier turkey but a better tasting one!

Don’t take any chances this year with your Holiday Turkey – get a Plainville Turkey. You will love it! And Martha Stewart agrees with me!

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