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Carol Kicinski
Perfectly decadent and luscious, this cake makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day dessert.

The way to mom’s heart? Chocolate!

Author Byline Image   I have always believed that the best way to show someone you love them is to cook for them. Cooking for someone takes thought, effort, and care – and after all, isn’t that what showing love is all about?
   I also firmly believe that chocolate is a darn good way to show love as well! Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day! Why not show your mom or the mother of your children just how loved and appreciated she is with this gorgeous Flourless Chocolate Berry Cake? It’s rich, decadent, lovely, and pretty simple to make (but we don’t have to tell her that!). It’s so simple you can get the kids involved – and speaking from experience, nothing melts my heart faster than home baked goodies from the kiddos.
   This flourless cake is spiked up a bit with crème de cassis – a black currant liqueur, but you could also use raspberry liqueur or, for a non-alcoholic substitute, an equal amount of melted currant jelly, an equal amount of raspberry juice, or even raspberry extract (use half the amount of crème de cassis called for in the recipe).
   Recipe Notes: I use organic sugar and good quality (not store brand) chocolate chips in this recipe as well as organic butter and heavy cream.
Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Berry Cake
Serves 8-10
For the cake:
Gluten-free non-stick cooking spray
2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted organic butter
8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips (1½ cups)
1½ cups organic sugar
1 cup sifted unsweetened cocoa powder
6 tablespoons crème de cassis or raspberry liqueur
Pinch kosher salt
6 large eggs
1 teaspoon gluten-free pure vanilla extract

For the Glaze:
3 ounce (½ cup) semisweet chocolate chips
¼ cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons crème de cassis or raspberry liqueur
½ teaspoon gluten-free pure vanilla extract

For the Topping:
1 cup heavy cream
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
1 ½ cups mixed berries
   Preheat the oven to 350 F. Spray the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan with cooking spray. Cut a piece of parchment or waxed paper in a circle to fit the bottom of the pan, put it in the pan and spray that with more cooking spray.
   Melt butter and chocolate chips together in a microwave (about 2 minutes) or on top of a double boiler. Mix together the sugar, cocoa powder, crème de cassis, and salt. Add to the chocolate mixture, add the eggs and vanilla and mix well. Pour the batter into the prepared pan.
   Bake for 45 minutes. Let cool in the pan for about 10 minutes or so, then finish cooling on a rack (or not, I often just let it cool in the pan).
   Prepare the glaze by placing the 3 ounces of chocolate chips in a heat-proof bowl. Bring the cream just to a boil in a small pan over medium heat. Pour the cream over the chocolate chips, let sit for 5 minutes then stir until smooth and glossy. Stir in the crème de cassis and vanilla. Pour the glaze over the cooled cake.
   Whip the cream with the powdered sugar until soft peaks form. Top the cake with the whipped cream and berries.
To make this recipe dairy free, substitute the butter for equal amounts of dairy free buttery sticks (don’t use “light” varieties), dairy free chocolate chips, full-fat coconut milk for the heavy cream, and dairy free whipped topping. Use any combination of berries you want or a single type if you prefer. And please, only use pure vanilla extract.
   To all you moms, moms-to-be, grandmoms, and such, I wish you a very, very happy Mother’s Day. May your day be filled with family, love, and chocolate!