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Truth & Winner Revealed

by Carol Kicinski on March 6, 2011

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A couple weeks ago we had a bit of silly fun here and a giveaway. I was asked to make 5 statements, only one of which was true, and out of the people who correctly guessed the true answer, a winner would be picked to receive a copy of Diane Eblin’s e-book The Gluten Free Diner.

The Gluten Free Diner Cookbook by Diane Elbin

If you have been missing out on all those diner favorites since going gluten-free, you don’t have to any longer. Diane’s book is packed with diner-inspired recipes for everything from Bacon and Eggs to Chocolate Sorbet and all the recipes are gluten and dairy free. This book will inspire you to create hundreds of fabulous combinations. So Mel, you can just eat our grits, we don’t need gluten-filled diner food any longer.

Before I announce the winner, let’s get to take a look at the questions and see which is really true.

1. I own 257 pairs of shoes, 237 of which are black. Nope, false. I may have at one time owned that many shoes and undoubtedly the majority were black but I have been on a mission to purge things in my life I don’t need or use so huge bags of shoes went off to the Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. Now however I am thinking I did a little too much purging and it is time for a little shoe shopping…

2. I was born in Manila in The Philippines. Close but false. I was born in Virginia and when I was 11 months old moved to The Philippines. My earliest memories are of living in Manila and of the wonderful people and food I was exposed to there.

3. I am currently building a chicken coop in my back yard and have 4 beautiful laying hens on order so I can have fresh eggs every day. As much as I would like for this to be true, sadly no. The hubby and I keep talking about it – I am all for those fresh eggs but a little concerned that the reality of owning chickens is not as great as the idea of owning chickens. After all, I have never heard the term chicken poop used in a good way!

4. I was once charged by a herd of elephants in the wilds of Africa and had to run for my life. This one is true! I was in Swaziland in Southern Africa at a game park called Hlane Royal National Park. Now, all sensible people stay in their vehicles and admire the free roaming, wild animals in this vast area. My husband and I however decided to get just a bit closer so I could get a better photo. We saw a herd of elephants munching on some acacia trees and crept up, hoping to go unnoticed. Oops! They noticed and believe me were not happy. They started to charge and my husband and I ran faster than the speed of light and dove head first into the van. But only after I got a couple awesome shots!

5. I wear the same size jeans today as I did when I got married. Sadly, no. Carrying my first child was like wearing a shoe stretcher inside me between my hip bones for 9 months, making room for that baby to grow.  Cost of new jeans, $100.00, a beautiful baby boy – priceless!   But I can not thank all of you enough who guessed # 5 – seriously made my day!

And now to announce our lucky winner – Michelle B.

Congratulations Michelle, I will be emailing you and you will be serving fabulous diner-inspired gluten free meals at your home very soon!

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Michelle B March 6, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Can’t wait to try out the recipes- I am not a good cook, well I’m very inexperienced with gluten free recipes, I mostly cook gf pasta, chick peas, veggie chili, rice or just eat a bag of corn chips :) it was really fun to read your responses to each of the statements- I agree with you on the chicken coup! I also am trying some og your recipes for pancakes- getting better each time. Thanks for the fun contest, and enjoy some shoe shopping!!


Sarah March 7, 2011 at 8:56 am

Congrat to Michelle and loved reading your answers. Your photo cracks me up with that little stick figure.


Julie March 7, 2011 at 9:14 am

Can so relate to the shoe stretcher on the hips LOL. And BTW – Happy Birthday!


thermacuts March 9, 2011 at 9:14 am

I can’t wait for more articles!!!


Shirley @ gfe March 31, 2011 at 6:13 am

Adorable post, Carol! :-) Congrats to Michelle!



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