Hidden Gluten Infographic

Hidden Gluten Infographic

Gluten is a sneaky protein, hidden in all sorts of foods and other products. Here are some of the places you may find it.    

Gluten 101 Infographic

Gluten 101 Infographic

The word “Gluten” can be easily misunderstood or not understood in the first place. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion!    

Baking Ingredients

Why Does My GF Cake Keep Sinking in the Middle?

Q: What keeps causing my cake to sink? It always collapses in the middle as it cools. Beth Hillson: We get this question all the time. Sinking cakes are a common complaint of gluten-free bakers but rest assured, it can happen to those who use wheat flour, too. A cake that puffs up as it bakes […]

Sorghum Flour White

Sorghum 101: Get the scoop on an Ancient Grain

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, chances are you’ve heard of sorghum at one time or another. Though the popularity of sorghum has recently skyrocketed, it’s hardly the new grain on the block. Earl Roemer, President of Nu Life Market and one of the nation’s leading gluten-free sorghum farmers, gives us the exclusive scoop on […]

Gluten Free Labeling

Demystifying Labels

We put a call out to our Facebook readers for input on the most confusing aspect of gluten-free living. Overwhelmingly, readers wanted to know how to read labels for gluten and discern what is safe. We’ve got you covered! We’ll run through the rules and challenges in several categories of foods: packaged foods which contain […]

Gluten Free Meal Planning

Getting Started – The Right Mind Set

New to a gluten free diet? Trust me, I know how you may be feeling at this moment; confused, overwhelmed, and reeling from the enormity of lifestyle change you are about to undertake. After over 15 years of being gluten free, the lifestyle is second nature to me now. But I do recall vividly how […]