Gluten-filled foods

New to Gluten Free?

Are you New to Gluten Free? First of all, let me just make this perfectly clear – I am not a doctor! Nor am I a scientist, a nutritionist or any kind of practitioner of any sort – except maybe I perform some black magic in the kitchen! This is just what I have learned […]


Heritage Wheat: Is It Safe for Gluten-Sensitive People?

Some people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity are finding they can eat foods with heritage (or heirloom) wheat. Recently at a nutrition training session for psychotherapists, I was outlining the neurological and psychological symptoms associated with non-celiac gluten sensitivity when a debate erupted in the audience. One therapist reported that increasing numbers of her clients were […]


10 Celiac and Gluten Myths Busted

We call on the experts to dismantle misinformation about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Whether you’re just starting the gluten-free diet or you’ve been gluten-free for a while, you’ve likely heard a lot about this special diet, not all of it reliable. Questionable posts on the Internet and dubious advice from well-meaning friends aren’t helpful […]


In the Kitchen: Psyllium for Gluten Free Baking

Q: I have a wheat sensitivity and eat gluten-free. I must also stay away from corn and tapioca starch. Almost every recipe for baked products calls for tapioca starch or cornstarch. What can I substitute so that I can bake gluten-free bread, cake, cookies and muffins? A: Tapioca starch is generally considered a hypoallergenic ingredient […]

Is There Gluten In My Food?

Laura Allred, President of ELISA Technologies, Inc., weighs in with her expertise on at-home gluten test kits. With the advent of Celiac Awareness Month, it is a good time to let people know about the options they have for accessing the latest technologies in gluten testing. When you know you cannot tolerate gluten, the most […]

Beginner’s Guide to Going Gluten-Free

Congratulations! With the initial shock of a celiac diagnosis, I know you may not feel like celebrating, but this can often be the start of feeling better than you ever have. Let’s walk through the steps of getting started on your new lifestyle. Step 1: Get the green light before starting. Make sure all of […]