Meghan Hillard

Meghan Hillard: Going Gluten-Free with Lyme Disease

While working weekends at a café in Brooklyn to supplement my freelance job in the city, I noticed I couldn’t sit down on a milk crate to write on our sidewalk chalkboard. I tried everything I could, but my legs would not lower me to the ground. Lifting my long dress, I noticed my knees […]

Alysun Caldwell

Share Your Story: Alysun Caldwell

“Pervasive Developmental Delay Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). It has a slightly better prognosis than many other kids on the spectrum. You’ll learn to manage his behaviors.” I know I heard more than that, but the pediatrician’s words seemed like they ran together in a sea of statistics and milestones my son had not met by […]

Things I learned from my mother

Things I learned from my Mother

I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with my mom, she passed away when I was just fourteen, but in those few short years she taught me valuable lessons for life. My children never met my mom but by passing on the lessons she taught me, they will forever have a connection with her.

In no particular order, here are 12 things my mother taught me:

Heart Cookies

When Food Affects Relationships

I’ll admit it. I’m a typical Type A perfectionist. And not in a mild, “you have certain tendencies” way. I am in full-on obsessive-compulsive territory no matter how you slice it. Obsessive, with a healthy dose of addictive personality disorder mixed in for good measure. If I were a soup, I would be too hot […]

Woman with Hamburger

The Gluten-Free “Trend” is Not My Friend

For this article, the lovely people at Simply Gluten Free proposed that I discuss the pros and cons of the gluten-free trend. I mean, it’s all anybody seems to be talking about these days, right? Dude note: If we ever run into each other, let’s make a deal. No talking about gluten. In a world […]

Healthy Eating

Be One of Those People

Stand Up for Your Health As a physician and one who specializes in food sensitivities, many times I’ve heard patients say, “I don’t want to be one of those people.” Even a friend of mine said that to me recently. She has food allergies. She really likes how she feels when she doesn’t eat those […]