Gluten Free Molasses Brined Pork Chops

Gluten Free Molasses Brined Pork Chops with Roasted Apples & Balsamic Glaze Recipe

I am a huge fan of brining pork chops – it is, in my opinion, the way to get juicy, flavorful pork chops and turn an inexpensive, everyday dinner item into something special.

In the past I have made brines with boiling water, sugar, kosher salt, a bit of apple cider vinegar and various seasonings. It is great and I still do that often. But as you may have noticed, I am a sort of impatient person and the only thing that I don’t like about my normal way of making brines is that I have to wait for the water to cool down before

Gluten Free Dairy Free Veagn Balsamic Onion Dip

Gluten Free Balsamic Onion Dip Recipe

This is not your mama’s onion dip – you know the one I am talking about, where you mix a packet of onion soup mix with some sour cream. First of all this dip is gluten-free, dairy free and yes, even vegan.

Gluten-free London Broil with Onion Marmalade

Gluten Free London Broil with Balsamic Onion Marmalade Recipe

I tossed together a quick gluten-free marinade in the morning, threw in a London Broil and fancied the cooked meat up with a sinfully lovely, gluten-free balsamic onion marmalade I had languishing in the fridge. With the addition of some roasted sweet potatoes, a fresh

Gluten Free Roasted Fish & Chips Recipe

Gluten Free Roasted Fish & Chips Recipe

Despite my mother being British, I had never, to my recollection, tasted fish and chips until a family vacation to England when I was twelve. And based on that experience, it is highly unlikely I could have had it without remembering.

Flaky white fish surrounded by steamy hot, golden brown fried batter, bursting with

Gluten Free Green Beans with Balsamic Onions recipe

Gluten Free Green Beans with Balsamic Onions Recipe

Surely you must be aware of the green bean casserole that has been around since the advent of canned food. Canned beans, canned soup, canned fried onions. Sodium, gluten and tin – yum! Just what I want to eat when I sit down to a celebration dinner. NOT!

Maybe back in the day, the preparers of

Gluten Free Fall Salad Recipe

Gluten Free Easy Fall Do-Ahead Dinner for Eight Part 1 Fall Salad Recipe

It was my dear friend Jude’s birthday this month, and I decided to throw a little dinner party for her and our closest friends. Restaurants are great but honestly, there is nothing like having a group of great friends around your dinner table eating wonderful, home cooked food.

At past dinner parties I have thrown