Gluten Free Chicken Scallapini Pasta

Gluten Free Chicken Scaloppini Pasta Recipe

Scaloppini is a delicious Italian dish consisting of thin slices of meat that are coated in flour and served in a reduction sauce. There are a variety of types, including tomato/wine, caper/lemon, mushroom/wine, and

Gluten Free Crispy Artichoke Hearts with Caper Aioli

Crispy Artichoke Hearts with Quick Caper Aioli

This coming Sunday the culmination of a half year of American football season will come to a close when two teams battle it out in the Super Bowl. (And yes, I looked it up; a football season is exactly 26 weeks long.)

While not a football fan especially, I am a huge fan of San Francisco and our beloved 49ers will be fighting for the title of Super Bowl Champion. I also happen to be a fan of any event where food plays a prominent role.

Gluten Free Chicken Carabella

Gluten Free Chicken Carabella Recipe

Back in the 80’s The Silver Palate Cookbook came out and helped people who couldn’t even cook feel like a gourmet chef with some killer recipes. I have adapted one of those

Gluten Free Chicken Picatta Recipe

Gluten Free Chicken Piccata Recipe

A few decades ago, some cute British boys (The Beatles) called a generation to revolution through song. Today another cute Brit is calling the world to a different kind of revolution. A food revolution.
Jamie Oliver wants to change the way we eat and