orange shortbread 379x450 1.jpg

Orange Shortbread

Written by Ricki Heller

poached pears 400x400 1.jpg

Agave & Citrus Poached Pears with Blackberry Drizzle

Written by Colin O’Neal

Lemon Curd Custard in Lemon Bowls 600x400 1.jpg

Lemon Curd Custard in Lemon Bowls

Written by AndreAnna McLean

citrusy green beans 1.jpg

Citrusy Green Beans

Written by Carol Kicinski

GlutenFreeCitrusBrinedTurkey 1.jpg

Citrus Brined Turkey

Written by Carol Kicinski

Gluten Free Spicy Citrus Black Bean Soup

Gluten Free Spicy Citrus Black Bean Soup Recipe

Winter time in Florida can be sort of a mixed bag – beautiful sunny days in the mid-seventies can be interspersed with cold, blustery, rainy days. Sometimes two or three days of dark, freezing (and by freezing I mean somewhere in the 50s – sorry, don’t hate me, our summers are killers) miraculously change mid-day, the sun comes out and the temps start to soar. This can be challenging when deciding what gluten free recipe to prepare for dinner.

Last week the temps dropped into the high 30s! (Seriously cold for our very thin Floridian blood.) In my mind cold weather calls for big bowls of hearty soup, preferably a spicy black bean soup that warms the bones and fills you up. So I soaked some beans in anticipation of a warming, soul lifting soup dinner on a dark, stormy night. By the time I was ready