Gluten Free Mexican Baked Beans and Corn Cakes

Gluten Free Mexican Baked Beans with Corn Cakes Recipe

I am such a huge fan of Mexcian food that if I can find a way to Mexicanize something, I will.

Baked beans are a classic summertime favorite for serving alongside barbecues and picnics. I started to wonder; could I take this iconic American dish and Mexicanize it? Yep!

To turn my gluten free recipe for Mexican Baked Beans into a whole meal I decided to whip up some corn cakes to serve the beans on top of. This is a wonderful gluten free, dairy free meal which is easily made vegan.

Typically baked beans are cooked in a low oven for hours. My hubby has threatened to lock me in the kitchen if I turn the oven on for hours on end during our hot, steamy Florida summers. Now if I had to pick one room to be locked into, it would certainly be the kitchen but I decided to