A gluten free, grain free brwnie recipe with Sunbutter swirl and salty pretzels

Gluten Free Sweet and Salty Pretzel Brownies Recipe

One of my all-time favorite flavor combos is sweet and salty. Throw in chocolate and I pretty much swoon.

I needed to come up with a nut free version of my sweet and salty brownies recently, so I

Chocolate Coconut Crème Tart

Written by Jessi Heggan Photography by Lillie Duncan

Chocolate Coeur à la Crème

Written by Carol Kicinski

Dairy Substitutions Infographic

Dairy Substitutions Infographic

Many people with celiac disease are also unable to eat dairy. Here’s a cheat sheet so you can easily find alternatives for common dairy ingredients. This list is also helpful for vegans, or for those who are cooking for people with various food allergies or preferences.

Gluten-Free Limoncello Syllabub

Limoncello Syllabub

Do you ever daydream when you are supposed to be doing something else? Like working?

I do. Especially when I am overloaded with work. It’s my stress reliever. And what I daydream about most is

Caramel Cashew Cream

5 from 1 vote Print Caramel Cashew Cream Prep Time 30 mins Store Time 4 d   Course: Drinks Servings: 2 Cups Calories: 352 kcal Author: Carol Kicinski Ingredients 2/3 cup raw cashews 4 dates 1½ cups filtered water 1½ tablespoons lucuma powder 1 tablespoon maple syrup ½ teaspoon vanilla extract ¼ teaspoon salt plus […]