Gluten-Free Pasta with Sauage, Kale and Chickpeas

Gluten Free Pasta with Sausage, Kale, and Chickpeas Recipe

Ever taste something and you think you know exactly what’s in it but then are surprised to find out you’re wrong? This happened to one of the Simply Gluten Free staff members after trying this delicious

Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad

Written by Ricki Heller

Creamy Millet with Almonds

5 from 1 vote Print Creamy Millet with Almonds Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 20 mins   Course: Side Dish Servings: 4 servings Calories: 308 kcal Author: Amie Valpone Ingredients 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 1/3 cups dry millet 3 cups unsweetened almond milk 2 cups water ½ cup sliced […]

Gluten Free Creamy Pumpkin Penne Recipe

Creamy Pumpkin Penne Recipe

Recently my vegan, sugar free, soy free, corn free, and of course gluten free son was here for a visit. I will admit I was struck by a moment of panic when contemplating what to make for a family dinner. And then I remembered. I am a recipe developer.

So I do understand when people who are not gluten free come to me and are freaked out about having to make something for a gluten free friend. Their trusted

Gluten Free Creamed Salmon and Eggs

Gluten Free Creamed Salmon and Eggs

I woke up craving a dish I haven’t had in years. It was a recipe a friend of mine used to make for Creamed Salmon and Eggs. I am a suck for pretty much anything in a cream sauce– chalk it up to being a military brat; I was practically raised on creamed chipped beef on toast.

My friend’s recipe was simple- just hard boiled eggs, canned salmon, butter, flour and milk. I decided to give the recipe not only a gluten free update but to make it a tad more sophisticated as well.

Gluten Free Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Gluten Free Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta Recipe

I am the first to admit that I have a particular fondness for mac and cheese with ketchup. Something about gluten free pasta with creamy cheese and tangy tomato that makes me happy. Yes, I know – just add this to the growing list of reasons why I will never be considered a foodie!

What I am not a big fan of however, is how long it typically takes to make a great mac and cheese. When I am hungry, I am hungry NOW!