Frozen Banana Split Bites

Written by Hallie Klecker

Frozen Banana Cream Tart with Chocolate Crumble

Written by Hallie Klecker

Apricot Coconut Freezer Squares

Written by Hallie Klecker

Gluten Free Frozen S'mores

Gluten Free Frozen S’ Mores Recipe

By now you must all know I am obsessed with S ’mores. But this is not about me. This is about fathers. Or at least one father – mine.

So much of who I am is shaped by my father; from him I received my sense of responsibility, my work ethic, my drive, an appreciation for baseball, and a propensity for procrastination. He may have also passed along his sweet tooth to me. My Dad taught me my multiplication tables, how to balance a check book

Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Granita

Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Granita Recipe

I love the word “granite.” It sounds so sophisticated when you say you are serving granita for dessert. Ironically, granita is nothing if not simple – basically water and sugar turned into a glorified slushy. Now see, doesn’t “granita” sound so much better than “Big Gulp”?

This Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Granita recipe is a twist on one of my favorites, coffee granita with whipped cream.

Gluten Free Cherry Almond Ricotta Ice Cream Recipe

Gluten Free Cherry Almond Ricotta Ice Cream Recipe

I grew up in a military family which meant my childhood was spent in various cities and towns around the world, never more than three years in any one given place at a time. There were new schools, new friends, and new cultures. The main constant in my life was change.

Regardless of where we lived, come summertime, there was another constant in my life – ice cream! Whether we lived in Okinawa, The Philippines or Fayetteville, North Carolina, we had homemade ice cream in the summer.

My father had a