Gluten Free Entertaining Tapas Party

30 Days to Gluten-free Living – Entertaining

Tell me if this sounds familiar – you or someone in your home is gluten-free and you maintain a gluten-free diet but when you invite people over to your home you feel obliged to bring gluten into the house. For many years I did this. Even though I made delicious gluten-free meals for my family […]

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Strata Recipe

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict Strata Recipe

If you are having house guests for Thanksgiving weekend then chances are you are most likely going to have to feed them something besides left over turkey, especially for breakfast. No matter what anyone says, they really will eventually want to

Banana Almond Pancakes

Gluten Free Banana Almond Pancakes Recipe

Please let me introduce you to my guest host for today, Britt Hodges.  Britt is the creative mind behind the lovely blog G. F. in the City; her gluten free life in The City – capital T capital C – New York City (being a city girl at heart stuck in the sticks, I am pretty jealous right now).

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