Gluten Free Keema (Spiced Stew) Recipe

Written by Ricki Heller

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Beanless Indian Shredded “Beef” Chili

Written by Ricki Heller

Name That Gluten Free Recipe

Gluten Free Simply Samosas Recipe

I need your help! I created this pretty fab gluten free recipe but I just don’t know what to name it! Most of us can just make a recipe and call it “dinner”, no such luck for recipe a developer and food blogger.

This is where you and your help come in – I am having a contest – whoever comes up with the best name for this recipe will win a case of Chebe Garlic-Onion Breadstick Mix!

First let me tell you a little about the recipe. I started out making a filling of ground chicken, onions, carrots, curry powder, mango chutney (I made mine using my homemade mango chutney but store bought is just fine) and coconut milk. Then I used Chebe Garlic-Onion Breadstick Mix to make a pastry. I added some

Gluten Free Sugar Free Mango Chutney

Gluten Free Mango Chutney Recipe

I walked into the produce section of my grocery store the other day to see stacks and stacks of mangos on sale for $1.00 each. Having once been a high paid, cracker jack, corporate, financial controlled, it didn’t take me long to figure out that was a great deal. It also didn’t take me long to figure out what gluten free recipe I was going to make with the mangos – chutney!

Having been raised by a mother who was raised in India, chutney was a condiment as ubiquitous in our fridge as ketchup or mayo. Yes, we used chutney on curry, it was need to quell the fiery spices in curry so hot it would send tears rolling down our faces and clear our sinuses for a week. But we also used on sandwiches, mixed into cream cheese for a quick party dip and often, I would