The "All Things Super Food" Soup Recipe

The “All Things Superfoods” Soup Recipe

The “All Things Superfoods” Soup recipe is jam-packed with a great variety of nutrients. It is easy to throw together and will give you plenty of leftovers.

Zucchini Lasagna

Gluten-Free Zucchini Lasagna

This Gluten-Free Zucchini Lasagna uses lentils for a vegan Bolognese sauce that is out of this world! It’s a great way to get more veggies in your diet.

Gluten Free Penne with Red Lentil Sauce Recipe

Written By Alyssa Rimmer

Rice & Lentil-Stuffed Eggplants

Written by Natalia Mantur

Caramelized Onion & Lentil Burgers

Written by Ricki Heller

Coconut Curry Lentils

Written by Alyssa Rimmer