Gluten Free Spicy Ginger Tofu Noodle Salad

Gluten Free Spicy Ginger Tofu Noodle Salad Recipe

I don’t often eat tofu. It is not because I don’t like it, I do. I consider it sort of a treat. How weird is my world where tofu is a treat?

I was in the grocery store and spied a package of organic tofu and I just had to take it home with me. I didn’t know what gluten free recipe it would wind up in; I just knew it was time for a little tofu.

Have you ever known anyone whose speech and mannerisms change depending on who they are talking to? You’re at a party, they spend five minutes talking to a guy from New Jersey and all of a sudden they turn into Joe Pesci, a short conversation with a Southern Belle and they morph into Paula Deen. Well, that’s tofu – it soaks up the flavors of whatever it hangs with. That’s a good thing because