Gluten Free Apple Pie Parfaits

Gluten Free Apple Pie Parfait Recipe

There are times when being gluten free can be downright frustrating. For instance, let’s say you all of a sudden have an unquenchable craving for apple pie and yet you live in a town that is sadly remiss in having a gluten free bakery.

Sure you could make gluten free pie crust dough, wait an hour or two for it to chill, roll the dough, cut the apples, flavor them up, assemble it all up and put you pie in the oven for yet another hour and then you can (finally) quell your craving.

While I literally w

Gluten Free Greek Sliders Recipe

Gluten Free Greek Sliders Recipe

Tasty sliders with a greek accent – lamb burgers, quick tzatziki sauce and a recipe for olive oil greek slider buns. Quick and easy – good for a week night dinner or entertaining. Dairy free adaptable

Gluten Free Cold Cucumber Soup

Gluten Free Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe

Beat the summer heat and keep your figure swimsuit ready with this easy and refreshing cold cucumber soup. Greek inspired with flavors of mint and garlic, it is rich and creamy with no fat and very few calories. Dairy free and vegan adaptable