Kinnikinnick Giveaway

Kinnikinnick Giveaway

Kinnikinnick’s products are definite staples in my pantry. They’re also the wood, boards, nails, and hammer in my pantry!

Gluten Free Kinnikinnick Pizza CrustI have been using Kinnikinnick products for years. They are North America’s leading gluten-free baked goods manufacturer. And I can understand why!

They never diminish their standards for excellence and never fail to produce the best tasting stuff around, from cookies to breads to pizza crusts to everything else!

All Kinnikinnick’s products are gluten, wheat and tree nut free, and many are dairy-free as well.

Not only does Kinnikinnick made gluten-free delicious, they are very socially responsible as well, supporting groups that further the education of Celiac Disease and Autism as well as helping to fund Research Centers.

Gluten Free KinniToos
When I baked cupcakes using Kinnikinnick’s cake mix and Kinni-Toos on Daytime TV the host exclaimed she could not tell the difference between these and regular gluten-filled products! And that was from a gluten eater!

Gluten free has never tasted so good – that’s Kinnikinnick’s motto, they’re sticking to it and I will defend it!

Giveaway includes:
Kinnikinnick Giveaway Image

  • Soft Plain Bagels
  • Soft Blueberry Bagels
  • Soft White Bread
  • Soft Multigrain Bread
  • Soft Hamburger Buns
  • Soft Hotdog Buns
  • Gingersnap Cookies
  • Montana’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Kinnitoos Chocolate Sandwich Crème Cookies
  • Kinnitoos Vanilla Sandwich Crème Cookies
  • Smoreable Graham Style Crackers
  • Kinnikritters Original Animal Style Cookies
  • NEW Vanilla Wafers
  • Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
  • Graham Style Crumbs
  • Panko Style Bread Crumbs
  • All Purpose Flour Blend
  • Angel Food Cake Mix
  • Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • Personal Size Pizza Crusts

Retail Value: $103.33

This giveaway ends on Dec 31, 2018

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