Simply…Gluten Free Desserts Cookbook

Simply Gluten Free Desserts cookbook by Carol Kicinski

Frustrated with the taste of most Gluten Free desserts?

I  believe that we all deserve our treats in life. Often times gluten free “treats” are anything but; they are usually gritty, grainy and sometimes just plain awful. I have developed this cookbook, with the hope to fill the void left in people’s lives by the bland taste of most Gluten Free desserts. This book contains 150 Gluten Free dessert recipes  that I have developed over the past 18 years. This book teaches you the simple basics of baking Gluten Free.

You WILL be baking like a gourmet Chef! 

The recipes in this cookbook can be made with common and simple ingredients, and give a taste that is as good if not better than the gluten versions. Now you can finally enjoy Grandma’s famous family recipes!

So… Get it NOW

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