Gluten Free Global Community
I have met so many amazing people, both virtually and in person, through the world of gluten-free food blogging, I wanted to create a space for us all to get to know one another – we are a group of very good people! We truly are a Gluten Free Global Community. So browse around, meet new bloggers, make new friends, get inspiration and support. Let’s communicate with one another! If you would like to join our Gluten Free Global Community send me an email at [email protected] with “GFGC” in the subject line and include the following information:

  • The name of your blog
  • Your blog url
  • Your blog logo or a photo of you
  • Your first name
  • A couple sentences about your blog.
  • If you host any community activities such as weekly or monthly round-ups, contests, etc. let me know that too and include a link to the information page.

Feel free to grab one of our Gluten Free Global Community Badges created by the lovely and talented Alexa Croft and put it on your blog to show you are part of this incredible community and to help bring in more good people for us all to know. I will be rotating the featured blogger on a regular basis! If I added you to this page and you want to change or correct any of the text or the picture, just email me.  (My legal guy says that because it is on my website and viewed publicly, I do need to reserve the right to refuse any content or titles for any reason whatsoever (simply at my discretion) – especially any that would be potential trademark violations,  illegal, vulgar, pornographic in nature or otherwise inappropriate.  Also, the site is for real, honest  Bloggers only, not for businesses to advertise)

The Gluten Free Global Community


Gluten Free Global Community Image Accustomed Chaos – Sharing gluten free recipes and celiac disease tips from a mother of 3 who has celiac disease as well as her 3 year old daughter. Devan shares recipes that are also friendly to other allergies such as casein and peanuts. Blogging about celiac disease awareness and putting an end to the myths in the media.
adventures-of-an-allergic-foodie Adventures of an Allergic Foodie – Living with multiple food allergies, celiac disease, and eosinophilic esophagitis, this foodie finds the silver lining of coping with an autoimmune system that’s gone haywire.
Gluten Free Global Community Image A Girl & Her Food – A Girl & Her Food is a blog written by Kat Levitt. Kat does not have celiac but tries to cook and eat gluten free. She has been tested for celiac, and found that she does not tolerate gluten so well.
Gluten Free Global Community Image A Healthful Gluten-Free Life – Janice knows being on a gluten-free diet can be a difficult task, but you, like her, can definitely make the best out of it with the use of the right resources. Visit her blog for reviews of gluten-free products and easy to prepare recipes the whole family can enjoy!
A Lazy Girl's Guide to Gluten Free A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living Gluten Free –  A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living Gluten Free is written by Andrea Joy who is a credit analyst by day and a gluten-free cook and blogger by night. Andrea was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008 and was determined to never let the disease hold her back. She loves altering recipes to be gluten-free, and since she also works full-time, she makes recipes that are easy and quick. This blog is where she shares her gluten-free adventures and her converted recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Ali V – It’s all about Gluten Free – An Australian website dedicated to all things Gluten Free in particular raising awareness about Coeliac Disease and Infertility.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Allergy Free and Cheap Like Me – It’s a place that Elizabeth created for people to find and share information about food allergies and overall natural health.
Alternative Eating Alternative Eating – Exploring gluten-free and clean eating in a fun, social and approachable way. This site is authored by Lo Martinez and includes gluten-free product reviews, lifestyle tips and recipes!
Gluten Free Global Community Image And Love it Too! – Gluten Free and Dairy Free Living. Sunny is a mother of five children, wife, daughter, substitute teacher and business woman who has celiac disease and children with food allergies including cow’s milk and shellfish; she hopes her recipes will encourage others to try new things, be inspired to see beyond their hurdles and enjoy life for what it is. She feels we should be able to have our cake…And Love it Too!
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Art Of Gluten Free Baking – Formerly Four Chickens. Jeanne has been baking gluten free for over a decade and knows her stuff! Learn gluten free baking and get an inside peek at her family and life.
Gluten Free Global Community Image ATX Gluten Free -A food blog that covers unique gourmet recipes, gluten-free news for the Austin area and nation, and more.  Follow Jessica along her gluten-free journey as she cooks up delicious meals, entertains and works as an entrepreneur.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Aunt Jayne’s Blog – Gluten/Celiac information, support and recipes. Jayne shares her story, information and gluten-free recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Autumn Makes and Does – No substitutions or good-enoughs here, just damn fine food that happens to be gluten-free. Autum is a writer, a poet and a gluten-free cook.
Gluten Free Global Community Image B & the Boy – Brooke is a single mom of a child with sensitivities to wheat, corn, soy and milk. The blog is an outlet for their journey dealing with food allergies and being well in all aspects of their lives. She shares recipes, wellness updates, and family anecdotes.
baking-backwards  Baking Backwards – Danielle Dewar, a food writer and former pastry chef, rediscovering dessert as she faces gluten intolerance and seeks balance and a healthy lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Baking Beauties – Gluten Free for Everyday Living. Jeanine blogs from rural Manitoba gluten-free recipes from soup to desserts with great flour blend information and tons of bread recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image A Baking Life – Tara is the owner and author of A Baking Life, a gluten-free blog devoted to eating and living well on the coast of Maine. Drawing on her previous work as a pastry chef, she strives to make gluten-free cooking and baking as easy and delicious as possible, so that no one has to feel deprived.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Beard and Bonnet – Meg is a wife to her best friend & business partner Todd, a mother to 2 wonderful children and owner/designer at Union Eighteen. Meg and Todd have been searching for a cure to their 15 month old son’s chronic cough that he has had since birth. After many, many months of searching for answers and undergoing a countless number of tests they have discovered that he has gluten and dairy allergies. (The gluten and dairy was being passed to him through nursing in the beginning of his life.) Meg and Todd are on a new journey now in their life to become gluten and dairy free as a family and have begun documenting their journey through this blog.
being-gluten-free-logo Being Gluten Free – A gluten free mom and daughter learning to live gluten free and  feeling much better for it.  Discovering new recipes and enjoying new found pleasures in eating along the way. They enjoy travel and post about some of their adventures as well as recipes, reviews and giveaways.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Belle of The Desert – Heathers’ blog is for just about anything – from recipes to inspiration to music – She talks about it all!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Best Life Gluten Free – Annette began her blog in early April to help folks with the transition to a G-F diet. She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease later in life, and as an Italian-American, the change was a daunting task. Annette now finds it exciting and intriguing to alter her old recipes to that of a gluten-free one.
Annette likes recommending foods/products hoping to save people money, knowing how much she lost when she began, trying out lots of brands. Anette also posts “from scratch” recipes and “semi-homemade” for the busy person who wants a shortcut!!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Blinded by the Bite! –  A blog by Rachelle about how to live a gluten-free lifestyle focusing on healthy eating, as well as taking classic recipes & making them into gluten-free masterpieces.  Rachelle also discusses how to dine out gluten-free with ease.
Rachelle does host events throughout the year, as well as several giveaways.
Body-Rebooted-150x146 Body Rebooted – Join Christina on her journey towards optimal health.  She is a cookbook author, certified nutritionist, and DDP Yoga instructor who blogs about motivation, health & fitness, and gluten-free living.  Check out her growing list of gluten-free recipes and look for monthly giveaways and challenges.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Breaking Gluten Free Bread – Kristen is a gluten-free baker and natural foods chef.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Bring Back The Bliss – Adventures in gluten free cooking that brings back that AAHH! moment as your teeth sink into something scrumptious. Lois shares gluten-free recipes that are xanthan gum free.
cake-maker-to-the-stars  Cake Maker to the Stars – The culinary and crafty adventures of Kittee, a 22 year vegan veteran, who is also gluten-free.  She shares tips on how to happily sustain this lifestyle with delicious, creative recipes and colorful photographs.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Cakes ‘n’ Bakes – A Blog of Gluten Free Recipes and Food Photography. Laurie’s blog is a tribute to the gluten-free life as it should be: delicious! This is a place for chronicling her gluten-free baking successes with recipes and photographs in order to show that anything is possible with gluten-free!
canned-Time  Canned Time – Angela’s blog concentrates on Healthy Fun Food, usually Vegan, always dairy free and she hosts giveaways, gives nutritional info on foods, canning techniques, saving money, etc.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Cannelle et Vanille – Food, Life & Photography. Aran is a pastry chef turned gluten-free. Her blog features wonderful gluten-free recipes and stunning photography.
Casey-the-college-celiac-logo Casey the College Celiac –  A gluten-free blog about the life of a celiac in college. Full of personal stories about celiac disease and living gluten free, food recipes and food/restaurant reviews.
Gluten Free Global Community Image CC Gluten Freed – CC’s blog focuses on the social implications of the gluten free diet. Her goal is to help her fellow gluten free people navigate the gluten-filled world. She writes about how to be a GF activist, how to handle challenging dining/social situations and review products and restaurants. Some of her posts look at how to handle Holiday dinners with family, how to safely order at restaurants and more!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiaca Pero Contenta (Celiac but Happy) – Maricarmen was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. She had two choices: to be depressed because of it or to find a way to be happy with it. She chose the second. She recently started a blog to convince diagnosed people that you can be gluten free and happy at the same time. She lives in Spain and her blog is in Spanish, but if you need any information you can contact her in English through her blog, Facebook or Twitter.
celiac-and-the-beast Celiac and the Beast – Erica is a gluten-free blogger that loves writing about living a gluten-free life full of advocacy, as well as the trials and tribulations of living with a lifetime auto-immune disease. There’s everything from restaurant reviews, product reviews, to traveling gluten-free, and living with a non-celiac! She also has a line of gluten-free apparel that focuses on the pride, advocacy, and positive fashion-forward part of this lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiac Chicks – The guide to a hip and healthy gluten free lifestyle. Kim and Kelly are a couple of chic celaic chicks who share recipes, product and restaraunt reviews and have a great sense of community.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiac in the City – A girl. Gluten free. Loves food. Will travel. Sarah shares gluten-free recipes with some life and gardening thrown in.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiac Family – Resources, Recipes and Random Thoughts on Living Gluten Free. Gluten-free recipes, information and a listing of places to dine gluten-free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiac Teen – Let Go Of The Gluten. Lauren is a high school student who loves to create delicious gluten-free food. She is also one of the most responsible teenagers I have ever encountered!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celiac Yoga Momma – Kristen’s blog is dedicated to raising awareness and education about Celiac Disease.  Her husband and then 5 year old son were diagnosed with Celiac in the spring of 2011.  After living a gluten-free lifestyle for over a year, Kristen created a blog to share gluten-free product reviews, book reviews, recipes, tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle and navigating public school policy to include a gluten free diet.  Kristen is a busy mom of 3 with a passion for gluten-free blogging!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Celtic Celiac – Celtic Celiac is dedicated to improving your gluten free life by offering restaurant reviews, recipes, product reviews, information on events and news, educational materials, and much more. In addition, Celtic Celiac can offer services to individuals and groups to improve their gluten free lives, or restaurants/stores to assist with effective marketing and cooking to meet gluten free needs.
Gluten Free Global Community Image City Life Eats – Smiling And Cooking Amid Urban Chaos – Valarie features recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and usually vegan.
city-meets-country  City Meets Country – Lauren’s blog discusses how to live out in the country and eat gluten free as well as seasonally. She also reviews restaurants in the DC metro area and talks about how to travel and still eat well.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Clean & Proper – Clean & Proper focuses on ideas for a properly organized life. It highlights different tips and tricks for staying clean an organized, as well as recipes Sarah Jane created (both Gluten-Free and free of High Fructose Corn Syrup), and coverage of her favorite weddings and events.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Coeliac diagnosis – Gluten Free – OMG! learning to love gluten free – Diagnosed in October 2010, Sleeping Horse (this blog’s anonymous author) was shocked with this discovery as she was symptom free. She love(ed) food and cooking and now feels as though she has been dragged kicking and screaming into the gluten free world. This is her journey
Gluten Free Global Community Image Coeliac in the City Blog – The Coeliac in the City Team’s aim is for this blog to be a Coeliac hub for hints, tips & reviews for Coeliacs by Coeliacs. The Coeliac in the City Team focuses on the best places to ‘eat, sleep and play’ gluten free. Whether you’re a local to an area or just visiting – there should be something for everybody. If you’d like to review your City on the blog get in touch!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Comfy Belly – Erica creates healthy recipes and treats, many of which are good for health issues like Crohn’s, Diabetes, Celiac, and gluten intolerance.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Cook It Allergy Free – Customizing recipes to work with your food allergies. Kim is one smart lady, not only does she have a great allergy free blog she has also devised an iPhone app to help convert your recipes to allergy free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Cotter Crunch – A blog about Lindsay Cotter’s life as a pro triathlete’s wife, nutrition manager & fitness consultant, kombucha lover, and wannabe wino who has a joyous passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Creative Cooking Gluten Free – Cooking and Living Gluten Free Creatively. Jenny offers recipes and resources for gluten-free living.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Culinary Artist – Recipes, Party-Planning Tips & Tricks, and Eye-Popping Food Styling Images.  As a mom, chef, event planner, food stylist, and former caterer, Donna Hann inspires you to get back into the kitchen and begin making memories again by nourishing and celebrating those you love with gluten and/or dairy intolerance (some refined sugar free recipes, as well).   She shares her food creations, event design ideas, and thoughts on living a tasteful life with beautiful food.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Cultured Cook – If you’re looking for gluten-free recipes, kitchen techniques, the history of a certain food or what the heck an [insert name of exotic ingredient] is, here’s the place! As long as the topic is related to food in some way, it’s fair game. And if the answer isn’t already in Lisa’s figurative pantry, she’ll go hunting for it. Feel free to post questions and comments any time–the more you share, the more “ingredients” we’ll all have on hand, ready to use whenever we need them.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Daily Dietribe – A Gluten-free Love Affair. Iris is a recovering binge eater, a weight loss consultant, and a registered dietitian to be. Her goal is to share healthy gluten-free recipes and also to be honest about her relationship with food.
daily-forage-gf Daily Forage – Daily Forage shares recipes, product reviews, restaurant reviews, a gluten-free events calendar, and all things gluten-free. They are also dairy-free! (Many of their recipes are free of the top 8 allergens as well.) Daily Forage hopes you’ll join them on their gluten-free journey as they explore, learn, experiment, and grow through their gluten-free lifestyle. Please share yours with us too!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Deglutenized & Delicious – Teresa uses her blog to discuss the gluten-free lifestyle in general, but is a true foodie so her blog is also about transforming delicious gluten-containing dishes into dishes made with wholesome, gluten-free ingredients.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Diet, Desserts and Dogs – Whole foods cooking and baking, anti-candida living, and comments from my dogs. Ricki is an educator, writer, cookbook author, natural nutritionist and lover of all things canine – find gluten-free recipes, tips and the monthly SOS Kitchen Challange.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Diva’s Delicious Delights – This blog features Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, Beef Free recipes, product information, review, tips and stores and websites that carry GF Products. Every Tuesday Akia will feature a Product of the Week and soon, a Website of the Month!
November 2009 Gluten Free Blogger Domestic Diva – A Healthy Lifestyle Made Easier – cooking without corn, gluten, and dairy, money-saving tips, organizing ideas, gardening techniques and so much more – all with a green twist!
easy-green-mama Easy Green Mama – Sharing eating and cooking gluten free recipes and tips. Amber is a busy mama of 3 boys and a wife to a husband with Celiac. She also shares easy tips about living a more organic and green life.
East-and-Exercise-by-Amber-150x160 Eats and Exercise by Amber – Celiac and Severe IBS doesn’t hold Amber back from enjoying food that is delicious AND nutritious.  She crafts up gluten free and (mostly) dairy free recipes on her blog, along with the promotion of positive body image, feel good vibes and her love of fitness.  She is a firm believer that in order to be healthy, you must at first be happy, which comes from self-love and a positive mindset.  Hungry for more?  Check out her blog and instagram account @eatsandexercisebyamber to get your daily dose of deliciousness and inspiration !
Eating Gracefully Logo Eating Gracefully – Eating Gracefully is about cooking and eating healthy using a whole foods, gluten-free diet.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Eggplant & Olive – Rebecca focuses her dishes around in-season fruits and vegetables and healthy whole grains. Her blog features gluten-free recipes since 2012!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Elana’s Pantry – organic gluten free recipes and tips for good living. Elana shares gluten and grain free recipes and various ideas for healthy homemaking.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Elle Next Door – Ellie just recently started her own blog. It is a mixture of fashion, beauty and gluten free living. Ellie has quite an interesting job (she works on the x-factor) which actually means that she eats on the go a lot, which any celiac will know can be quite hard, so she  hopes that the information she has on there, and plans to write could be of some use to other celiacs out there.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Extraordinary LifeMaking enjoyable gluten free meals for kids. Lisa’s celiac daughter, (little chef), helps in the kitchen as they make their way though life eating without Gluten. Turns out, its an Extraordinary Gluten Free Life after all.
Fearless Dining Photo Fearless Dining – Sandi’s goal is to become your resource for “fearless dining” in the California Bay Area. Fearless Dining will feature restaurants all over the Bay Area, interview managers and chefs, and spell out what the restaurant does for its gluten free customers. Sandi has a database set up with a questionnaire for restaurants to detail their gluten handling practices. The blog will even feature “special” recipes from these chefs; something fun for you to try in your own kitchen.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Find it Gluten Free – Jenn made a blog where you can find local places to eat, shop around your town or online; look for blogs, magazines and books to learn more about cooking and eating gluten free – recipes, meal planning and product reviews.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Fit & Awesome – Lindsay has been athletic her whole life and worked out 5-6x a week but struggled to lose weight. After several people thought it might be due to a food allergy she went and saw a doctor. She took a blood test and discovered she was severely gluten intolerant. Lindsay went gluten-free in April 2012 and learned much about health and fitness along the way. Now she has lost 20 pounds. She is fit, awesome, and loving it. Her site is a way for her to share helpful information she’s learned along the way with others who may be gluten intolerant or want to live a more fit and active lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink –Alex is a health writer specializing in food sensitivities and the creator of a UK blog on coeliac disease, food intolerance and food allergy: news, views, research, reports and media and analysis.
food-glorious-friendly-food  FODMAP Life – Colleen writes about the Low Fodmap Diet, digestive disorders, food allergies and Hashimoto’s. Her goal is to educate people about how to use food and meditation to heal.
food-glorious-friendly-food  Food Glorious Friendly Food – Karen is a Foodie with food intolerances, and a Mum of kids with food intolerances.  Her blog is about her adventures in finding taste-friendly, kid-friendly food that is gluten-free, dairy-free and low in refined sugars.  She has lots of tips for how to eat ‘friendly’ and all the recipes for you to make food that has everyone coming back for more.
Gluten Free Global Community Image
Food N Thought Peddler – Life musings and recipes by Diana who is dedicated to providing gluten free and nutrient-dense recipes that a whole family would enjoy. If you love soul-touching conversations and a healthy lifestyle, then this blog has a lot to offer. Come on in, The Peddler’s Shop is open!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Fork and Beans – This is a gluten and dairy free blog all about recreating old and new recipes in order to help anyone in need of answering the question “What’s to eat?!”
Gluten Free Global Community Image Four Seasons of Travel – Four Seasons of Travel is an insiders guide to authentic gluten free food finds, unique ways to travel, and places to see, offering you a quick and easy go-to-guide when travelling through Europe.
Gluten Free Global Community Image 4 U Gluten Free – Jackie’s blog is dedicated to educating and teaching people about how to maintain a medically mandated gluten free lifestyle in a fun, elegant manner that they will want to share with others. Educational and products links are provided along with tips for how to get started when first diagnosed and staying safe when eating out or at friends’ homes. Entertainment ideas, tablescapes, and more are often included as an integral part of this blog. Maintaining a gluten free lifestyle is oh so easy and fun.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Free From G – Free From G is a lighthearted gluten free blog that features gluten free recipes, gluten free food discoveries and lots more gluten free goodness on top. Lee is a coeliac with a pepper and tomato skin allergy, Free From G is an extension of her diet and lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Free From (Gluten) – A Gluten Free lifestyle Blog. Lucy shares experiences, thoughts on the current state of health provision for celiacs, and any ideas and suggestions she might have for raising a celiac child.
fresh-and-delish Fresh & Delish – Fresh & delish is a collection of delicious and healthy gluten-free vegetarian and fish recipes. Kim’s focus is on cooking with a variety of fresh ingredients as a way of eating well without sacrificing on one’s enjoyment of food.
from-jessicas-kitchen From Jessica’s Kitchen – Jessica is a wife and mom of 4 boys (including twins!) – She shares recipes on her blog that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free (with some vegan and egg-free recipes too). All of the recipes are created by Jessica, with some adaptations from chefs who she admires. Come on over!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Fueling Endurance Performance – A blog dedicated to GF cooking and baking specifically for athletes and active individuals. Recipes and the specific sports nutrition information and guidelines to go with them.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Garden of Gluten Free – It has been said that deprivation breeds creativity, and this is certainly true for Crysty. Being diagnosed with celiac forced her into the kitchen and to start thinking “outside the box”. She has made it her mission to learn how to make amazing GF food and wants to share her journey with others.
Garden of Good Eatin' Logo Garden of Good Eatin’ – Garden of Good Eatin’ is a Whole Foods Blog, focusing on allergen-free foods, specifically gluten-free. Idara shares recipes, reviews of gluten-free products and hosts related giveaways.
Gluten Free Global Community Image G F Celebration – Adventures In The Art Of Gluten Free Living. Inge and Gillian are a mother and daughter team focused on celebrating and exploring the art of gluten free living. They offer simple and creative recipes, international cuisine as well as juices and raw food. We also highlight book reviews and recommendations, gluten free travel information and restaurant reviews, along with just sharing the fun of living.
Gluten Free Global Community Image GF Chopstix – Sandi lives in China, and although it is the land of mostly rice eaters, gluten is almost everywhere, except in a bowl of plain white rice of course!
Sandi started her blog to share recipes and information related to living a gluten-free life. She hopes to build a community and make people more aware of allergies in general.
The blog includes recipes for egg free, as Sandi recently had to exclude them from her diet. Her recipes are tasty, healthy, and gluten-free!
Gluten Free Global Community Image GF in the City – Living Gluten Free in NYC. Britt offers gluten-free recipes, pantry items, adventures in eating out gluten-free in “The City” and the adventures of planning a wedding.
Gluten Free Global Community Image
GF Real Food – Kim cooks and bakes only gluten free. Most recipes are dairy free too. She does not use any processed food or processed ingredients. She makes everything from scratch. Most recipes tend to be lower carb and lower on the GI scale.
G-Free Laura – Laura is a twenty-something gluten-free girl living young, wild, and [gluten] free. She reviews gluten-free products, restaurants, post simple recipes, and writes about gluten-free experiences.
Gluten Free Global Community Image GF with Pizzazz – Sue eats gluten free and refined sugar free. She tries to keep her dishes interesting, and sometimes, even she is surprised by what’s on her plate!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Ginger Lemon Girl – Guilt Free – Gluten Free. Carrie is a passionate gluten-free baker and cook focusing on the healthier side of gluten-free. She is sweet, caring and very involed in the gluten-free community.
Dr Vikki Peterson Gluten Free The Gluten Doctors – Leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of gluten sensitivity and related health conditions, Dr. Vikki Petersen and several other doctors, consisting of M.D.s and Certified Clinical Nutritionists offer advice on diagnosis and treatment of Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.
Gluten Dude Logo Gluten Dude – The naked truth about living gluten free and home to the most passionate, interesting and snarky gluten-free community in the world. You won’t find recipes or giveaways here. What you will find are the trials and tribulations of living with celiac disease and all that goes with it, with an extra dash of humor and sarcasm thrown in for good measure.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Envy Girl – Bonnie is a wife and mom, writing about her gluten free life. She creates, cooks, and posts GF recipes, as well as does reviews of GF-friendly restaurants.
the-gluten-free-alchemist The Gluten Free Alchemist –  Kate is gluten free due to Coeliac diagnosis and has spent the last year and a half getting to grips with a whole new world of ingredients and cooking. She loves trying to develop recipes which do not ‘deprive’ us of either flavor or of a bit of decadence. She wanted to share the recipes she is creating with others in the hope that they might enjoy them too. But she also wants to produce foods which even the non-gluten free community will see as delicious.
Gluten Free Anonymous Logo

Gluten Free Anonymous – Gluten Free Anonymous is a source for the gluten intolerant and those with celiac disease. You can find general information, products, recipes, restaurant reviews, and warnings.

Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free A to Z Blog – Vegetarian gluten free recipes, resources, health tips, and information. Judee offers gluten free vegetarian and vegan recipes and healthy eating tips.
Gluten-Free-and-Tasty Gluten Free and Tasty – Wish you could taste all the gluten-free products you see? Or find out if that restaurant touting gluten free entrees is really safe? Gluten-free foods are often costly, and you can’t afford to waste your hard-earned money on bad food. Learn about new (and old) products and restaurants without breaking the bank or getting disappointed, or worse, glutened!
Amanda has made it her mission to find out what’s good and what’s safe. She’s done the tasting, researching, and reviewing for you! Follow Gluten Free & Tasty to find out what you need to know!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free Baking – A site dedicate to easy gluten-free recipes and helpful cooking and baking information. Founded by Elizabeth Barbone, author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Birmingham – A blog to help others in the Birmingham AL community live the gluten free life to the fullest. Jenny has lots of gluten-free recipes and posts the weekly Publix gluten free deals, Whole Foods Deals, and the local store Organic Harvest Deals as well as other coupons that would be helpful.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Blog – Erinn’s mission is to make gluten and dairy free substitutes and creative recipes taste better then the real deal. Gf-blog makes mouth watering photography, food allergys, and travel seem effortless all in the same sentence, let alone the same day. GF-Blog provides a real vs. ideal experience of becoming gluten and dairy free and dives into a deeper perspective on product reviews and restaurant reviews, providing creative recipes ranging in a wide spectrum from gluten free, dairy free, to vegan and raw creations.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten Free Blogger – For any dilemmas regarding coeliac disease and a gluten free diet, the Gluten Free Blogger has the answer; from product reviews to recipes, there is something for everyone. Find the latest gluten free news, investigative entries into aspects of gluten free living, restaurant reviews, guest posts, and a new and extremely popular section of the site focusing on thyroid problems. Sarah had a thyroidectomy in Dec 2010, and has decided to document and share her experience (with photos!) so you know exactly what to expect from surgery.
gluten-free-boston-girl  Gluten Free Boston Girl – Jessica has been gluten free since January 2009. These are her stories and adventures of being a 20-something year old in the city, dining out, trying new restaurants, cooking and trying new gluten free foods. She reviews restaurants, products and posts gluten free deals daily from her favorite deal sites. Jessica also has a list and map of Boston and other local restaurants that offer gluten free menus or menu items, many of them still not listed on the restaurant websites themselves, and a comprehensive list of products.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free by the Sea – This is all about kid friendly gluten free goodness! The recipes are often lower sugar and can often be dairy free, Tori reviews some local restaurants, and talks about products that have worked for her family… and some that haven’t. She also blogs about her adventures with her two kids, their navy life and challenges (adhd, and spd)… and how those three things often intersect!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Canteen – Lisa teaches what she learned from her mother’s kitchen. Good food. Crazy stories. And baking. Gluten-free baking for people and gluten-free cookies for dogs. Come for the stories, stay for the food.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free Cat – A Curious Girl in the Gluten-Free World. Heather calls herself the Gluten-Free Cat because she is curious about so many things. She’s a curious girl, wife, teacher, friend, fitness fanatic, gluten-free foodie, health food nut, child of the King, and Mama Cat to two amazing little creatures. She loves gluten-free cooking and baking and blogs to share her successes and failures.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free Doctor – Jean runs a monthly in real life support group for children in Whatcom County.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Easily – Not just Gluten Free but Gluten Free Easily. Shirley’s passion is educating people on gluten issues and how to prepare gluten free food easily. She is also incredibly caring and generous.
gluten-free-family-food Gluten-Free Family Food – Gluten-Free Family Food is a network to share recipes, tips, stories and all things gluten-free.  It is the journey of a family transitioning to a gluten-free household and publishing a gluten-free cookbook called “Cooking For Your Gluten-Free Teen: Everyday Foods the Whole Family Will Love”.  Our blog offers many voices, from a teenager with Celiac Disease, doctor,  and mother (chef and restauranter), to many others.  We hope you will join us in our journey and share your stories and questions with us too!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Food – This blog is a creative outlet for Balvinder.She enjoys good food and especially enjoys creating new recipes. So you will find a fusion of Indian and international cuisine in Balvinder’s healthy gluten free recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free For All – Blair is a mom of four kids — two of whom have gluten, casein, and other allergies. She started this blog to share her discoveries with dealing with gluten-free diets: her favorite foolproof recipes, tips she’s learned, stories about her family, experiences – Blair has a lot to share with other moms who are looking for healthy, GF meals that are also delicious!
Blair is excited to connect with other parents and members of the GFCF community and hopefully share and swap some tips!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free For Good – The Art & Science of Healthy Living. Melissa is a nutritional therapist on a mission to increase awareness of celiac disease and help people navigate the gluten-free lifestyle with confidence.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Guerrillas – Life is a Gluten Jungle for Celiacs. Gluten Free Guerrillas would love your help to collaborate and campaign for a better GF future for us, our friends and families.
Together we can share tips and encourage organizations to offer more GF services and products. Get involved today. Connect with us on Twitter & Facebook!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free for Jen – Kandi’s blog has some recipes (both gluten free and regular recipes that are naturally gluten free), crafts she does with her kids and some misc ramblings of a stay at home mom and a law enforcement wife.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Frenzy – Chandice tries to not only provide her readers with the most up-to-date gluten free product and restaurant reviews as possible, but to also be your #1 gluten free giveaway site! Gluten Free Frenzy is also home to the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways, Gluten Free of Course! Annual Event with thousands of dollars in FREE prizes…so fun!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Frugal – Janelle blogs about living gluten free on a budget! She normally posts gluten free recipes, coupons, or deals that she finds, plus a bunch of other miscellaneous pieces of life.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free Fun – Erin Smith writes the blog Gluten-Free Fun. She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in the early 1980s, so Erin’s been eating gluten-free for most of her life and has the unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community. She is passionate about showing the lighter side of having Celiac Disease and being gluten-free. Erin is also the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group which has bi-monthly events.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Girl and The Chef – Say YES to gluten-free, say YES to life. Shauna and Danny share gluten-free recipes, cooking techniques, stories and their life together.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Gobsmacked – Sharing everyday recipes from a gluten-free kitchen with a side of life. Kate was gobsmacked when she found she had Celiac – share her recipes and her journey back to health.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Goodness – Gluten Free Whole Food Kitchen Experiments with NO gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, or corn. Cheryl has a website dedicated to her nutrition practice, info on Celiac disease, the gf diet and allergy free eating and her food experiments.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free and Gorgeous – A UK food blog giving a positive take on living a gluten free life.  It has recipes as well as interviews and news and views from the gluten free world.  Maria is especially keen to help reduce the price of gluten free foods as well as increasing the range and quality of products in the UK.  Maria also wants to exchange news and views with our coeliac / gluten free friends in the US.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Happy Tummy – A Gluten-Free/Mostly-Vegan food blog. Documenting healing and coping with Ulcerative Colitis through Diet. Daily recipes that are gluten and dairy free, organic, and promote a “happy tummy.”
gluten-free-hart  The Gluten Free Hart – A no frills take on a gluten free lifestyle through the eyes of a Perth mum who is Coeliac and a 5 year old daughter who shares the same genetic makeup.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Help– Tina has created a purely helpful and resourceful site for anyone in need of information about gluten, gluten-free or celiac issues, with contributing writers from tops in these professions including the many wonderful celiac and recipe bloggers.

This site also offers terrific bi-weekly gluten-free give-aways.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten Free Homemaker – Recipes and Tips for the Gluten Free Diet. Linda provides gluten free recipes and information and is very involed in the gluten free community with her weekly round-up Gluten-free Wednesdays and monthly challenges.
gluten-free-hungry-girl-150x116 Gluten Free Hungry Girl – Brynne blogs about her experiences as a celiac – mostly sharing recipes and restaurant reviews. She started the blog over a year and a half ago to spread awareness of Celiac Disease and help others facing similar challenges as her own.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten-Free Illustrator – An illustrated journey to good health. Erin is a busy Mom and artist who maintatins her hectic schedule by following a gluten-free diet. Her blog features gluten-free art.
Gluten Free Global Community Image

Gluten-Free in FloridaFor years Carolanne has been using Gluten-Free products from around the world. She’s learned a little about GF Travel. And she might know a bit about getting started on the GF diet. She hopes you enjoy!

Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Is Life – Navigating a a gluten-free diet in a gluten-filled life. Kimberly is a gluten-free wife, mom & runner who has made it her mission to to embrace an entirely new approach to nutrition in a gluten-free world, exploring options that run the gamut from “made from scratch” homemade bread to sampling and reviewing the gluten-free prepared foods that are continuously being introduced to the market.
gluten-free-jenna  Gluten Free Jenna Jenna’s site is designed to help people recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease learn how to live a gluten free lifestyle. Gluten Free Jenna is an attempt to share recipes, stories, product and restaurant reviews and more that can make living gluten free a little less expensive, a little easier, and a little more enjoyable.
Gluten Free Jersey Girl Logo Gluten Free Jersey Girl – Carrie started her blog to share her experiences being gluten free and dairy free in New Jersey.  Carrie’s blog includes recipes, product reviews and restaurant reviews.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free[k] – Living With Coeliac Disease and Crohn’s Disease. Caleigh’s blog is about living with Coeliac Disease and Crohn’s Disease. She writes about her experiences at restauants, reactions of other people and posts gluten free recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Katie – Katie’s blog started, in March 2012, with cooking and baking gluten free for her  boyfriend (now fiancé) and now she is eating gluten free (for several months now). Katie converts some recipes to gluten free and tries other gluten free recipes that she finds, either in cookbooks or online. Katie especially loves baking and likes trying new things.
Gluten Free Global Community Image

Gluten Free Lady – Gluten Free Lady, a website/blog with tips, resources and holistic medicine for embracing and transitioning into a gluten free lifestyle is brought to you by Sue.  Enjoy and please pass it on to others you know who are interested in Gluten Free Living and cooking!

Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free LI – Gluten Free on Long Island, NY. Suewas diagnossed with Celiac Disease in the summer of 2005. Since then she has been on a continual quest to find restaurants that have the best GF menu options and is always on the lookout for new GF products on Long Island and blogs about her experiences.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Makeup Gal – Hunting down Gluten Free makeup for gluten free gals! Sharing info, reviews, and research about that hidden monster called “gluten” in our skin care.
Gluten Free Mom Gluten Free Mom – Jamie’s  blog is simply about Life, Gluten Free. It includes everything from some of her favorite GF products and recipes, to talking about life a as a Gluten Free Family. Jaimie continues blogging because of the support of the GF community. Her readers understand what it is like to be sick or have someone you love that is sick. They are people just like her who stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open wondering “what should I cook for dinner tonight?” It is Jamie’s desire to make Life, Gluten Free easier for her readers and it is their support and encouragement that keeps her blogging.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Mrs D. – Mrs D is a London girl with a love of adventure and travel. Her blog shares information on gluten free products and coeliac friendly places that she finds both at home in the UK as well as on her frequent travels internationally.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Musings – Rambling observations about living gluten-free. Sharing insights about food, gossip and living life gluten-free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free on a Shoestring – Making gluten-free enjoyable … and affordable. Nicole teaches you how to feed your whole family gluten-free food that will have the neighbors begging for a seat at your table. And you’ll be able to do it all without breaking the bank.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten-Free Optimist – Enjoy a positive slice of gluten-free life with celiac disease resources, gluten-free news, reviews, praise, and humor. Sandra is a freelance writer and social media expert. She also blogs at Gluten-Free Social Media Tips and is the DC Gluten-Free Examiner.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Poodle – Gloria is a registered dietitian, diagnosed with celiac disease almost 20 years ago. She also raised a celiac child. She is currently living in Pontiac, in Central Illinois and is trying to start a local celiac support group. Gloria sees a great need for gluten free cooking and shopping information in her community.
Gluten Free Global Community Image

The Gluten Free RD – Lacy is a registered dietitian and a diagnosed celiac helping others learn to live a healthy gluten free life. On her blog you will find many gluten free resources, product and restaurant reviews, as well as recipes and up to date research regarding the gluten free lifestyle.

Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten-Free RD – Rachel gives a registered dietitian’s perspective on finding the balance between eating gluten-free healthfully and happily. Includes gluten-free and general health and nutrition information, recipes, product and restaurant reviews, and thoughts about navigating a gluten-free lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free RN – Nadine is a national expert and speaker who specializes in the recognition of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Gluten Free RN is a website that discusses all issues related to celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Nadine shares education, events, videos, recipes, resources and much more.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Recipe Box – Gluten free recipes as well as recipes that are also dairy-free, casein-free and sugar-free. Includes a gluten free forum page.
gluten-free-reviewer-150x212 Gluten Free Respect – Diagnosed with celiac at age 40, after a lifetime of symptoms and after losing nearly 50% bone density, Debbie is passionate about increased celiac awareness and increased celiac testing. Her goal for 2015 is to increase school nurse celiac education so those who see symptomatic kids daily and routinely can start pointing parents in the right direction. Our kids deserve it!
gluten-free-reviewer-150x212 The Gluten Free Reviewer – Honest reviews from an Award winning Gluten free baker.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten Free Scallywag – A Collection of Gluten Free Recipes for Everyone to Enjoy. Jas. is an Aussie gal who shares the gluten free recipes that she creates, adapted or aome across on her web surfing adventures to make the tummy full and the body happy.
GF-SCD-and-Veggie  Gluten Free SCD and Veggie – Vicky originally started her blog to share her vegetarian grain free (and gluten free) recipes to followers of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet which has helped her son make a remarkable recovery from Crohn’s Disease. Since Vicky follows a gluten free diet for health reasons she has included some recipes which are suitable for a gluten-free diet only.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Spinner – Mary is fairly new to the gluten free blogging community but she loves sharing her passion for photography and cooking while living a gluten free lifestyle. She is a freelance food stylist/photographer and shares a spin into her life with family and friends while offering tips and suggestions that she has learned along the way.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Taste Of HomeGluten free giveaways, product reviews, restaurant reviews, and comfort food recipes. Cinde is the mother of a child with Celiac Disease, a freelance writer, contributor to Delight Gluten Free Magazine, and a contributor to The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook. Cinde was also one of 10 gluten free bloggers invited to participate in a gluten free summit at the General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis.
Gluten Free Thailand Gluten Free Thailand – Marley is a Canadian living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. She was offered the post of teaching English and Drama in an international school there in February 2012 while living in England. Just a few short months later Marley found out that she had Celiac Disease. The UK was very easy for Celiacs, but Thailand has been a challenge. That is why she started her blog Gluten Free Thailand. Her blog features restaurant reviews, places to shop and product recommendations available in Thailand.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Travelette – Stories about cooking gluten free with real ingredients, traveling with food intolerances, and growing an edible garden. In addition to recipes and restaurant reviews, Adina also reviews places to stay and writes about things to do while traveling.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Travels – Nancy writes about easy to prepare gluten free and lactose free dishes. Many of the the dinners are prepared while traveling in a 26-foot RV, so there is no fancy kitchen. Her husband, Alan, does not have gluten issues, so the menus and recipes have to work for him as well; so they can’t taste gluten free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free UAE – Gluten Free UAE offers recipes, information, and support for the newly diagnosed as well as monthly events.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Freeways – This blog is dedicated to gluten free Los Angeles — restaurants, bakeries, recipes, and any new products found in L.A.
gluten-free-yummy  Gluten Free Yummy – Laurie has been gluten-free all her life. Ironically, she lives smack dab in the middle of rolling wheat fields. Growing up, Laurie had a wonderful pediatrician who specialized in allergies and diagnosed her accurately when she was a baby. Unfortunately, she lived through years of almost non-existent gluten-free products, and those that were on the market generally tasted terrible. Laurie started this blog to share her favorite recipes and try to connect with the GF community. Her motto: “Life’s too short to eat bad food!”
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free Works – John & Cleo help people get well, look good and stay healthy living gluten-free. They feature helpful tips, recipes, advice and resources from gluten-free bloggers and other experts around the country.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Free 18 – Nicole’s blog “Gluten Free 18” is dedicated to anyone that knows what it is like to be sensitive to gluten. Whether you have been officially diagnosed with celiac disease, or you have chosen to live a gluten free lifestyle you have come to the right place. On glutenfree18 you will learn about everything ‘gf’ (gluten free).
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Gluten Exchange – Good-Bye Gluten…Hello Healthy! Melissa is a California girl living a gluten free lifestyle and loving it!  Melissa started her blog, The Gluten Exchange, in July 2011 to provide a resource for working young professional, balancing a social life, starting a career, taking on new responsibilities, and doing it all gluten free! The Gluten Exchange addresses everything gluten free including dining out, product reviews, g-free conferences and events, and most importantly, tips and tricks for BAKING gluten free! Melissa loves her g-free life!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gluten Og Melkefri Inspirasjon – Norwegian, gluten and dairy free blog with recipes for cakes, dinners, deserts, bread and more. Written by a 31 year old woman living on a small farm on the Norwegian countryside.
Gluten Free Global Community Image A Gluten-Less Foodie – Annie was diagnosed with Celiac Disease years ago.  But coming from a family of amazing chefs, her passion for food and cooking never vanquished, so she continued to spend time in the kitchen with her mom. Over time, they learned together the wonders of meals sans gluten.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Glut-ilicious – Rita studied Culinary Arts and Hospitality in Greece and used to work as a cook for 5 years. Rita was diagnosed with celiac and as a cook,it was difficult to adjust into her new life..But she found the way and is here with you to share recipes with this blog!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Go GFCF – provides recipes, information, and coaching to remove the fear of going gluten-free, casein-free because “eating differently can still be delicious;” written by a mom of a child with Autism.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gorgeous Gluten-Free Grub – Therese records coeliac-friendly menus and meals across Australia at cafes, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, pubs and clubs.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Gracefully Gluten Free – Grace provides friendship, encouragement, and advice that has been tried and proven to those suffering from Celiac Spru, gluten sensitivities, or wheat allergies.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Grecian Garden – The Grecian Garden began in March of 2009 and strives to help people transform their lives by simple lifestyle modifications that have lasting results. Melanie has a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in complementary alternative medicine specializing in holistic nutrition, and her blog is full of recipes so healthy and delicious that you won’t miss gluten and other common food allergens.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Green Vegan Living – Geanna created a blog that focuses on [sustainable] green living in a vegan, gluten-free way. She posts whatever she feels is “necessary”, which includes but is not limited to: recipes, restaurant reviews, events (both local and global), etc. She has been writing it for over 3 years and became gluten-free for just about a year and a half now.
Hadassah Patterson

Hadassah Patterson – Hadassah is currently completing a double major in Culinary and Hotel and Restaurant Management at Wake Technical Community College.  She is an American Culinary Federation Member in good standing. Two years ago, Hadassah went gluten-free.

Hadassah is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. She is also a member and guest blogger at World Gourmet Society, and member of Femfessionals Raleigh.

Gluten Free Global Community Image Healthful Pursuit – Leanne is a Holistic Nutritionist, she shares her journey on living a whole foods, dairy-free, and gluten-free life. Complete with health articles and original, easy, [and sometimes vegan] great tasting recipes. Her blog is a great resource for all things healthful!
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Healthy AdvocateBrandon is a grain-free, young healthy advocate who balances school work with tasty and healthy gluten free cooking experiments. These experiments often succeed and find their way into his blog, along with various articles on health, nutrition, physical fitness and emotional wellness.
Amie Valpone Gluten Free Author The Healthy Apple – Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is a Manhattan based Culinary Marketing Consultant, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Columnist, and Nutritionist specializing in ‘Clean’ Gluten-Free recipes.Amie shares her passion for and approach to ‘Clean Eating’ by focusing on natural, whole foods and ingredients that are good for you and your body. Through The Healthy Apple, Amie provides balanced, accessible and engaging information on the most basic components of good health.
Hehitlig liv Helhetlig Liv – Sally is an American holistic nutritionist living in Norway.  Helhetlig Liv is where she writes about nutrition based on whole and traditional foods, holistic health, and about her life as an aspiring farmer. Sally’s son and she are both gluten sensitive, so all of her recipes are gluten free and most have allergy-friendly alternatives for dairy and eggs.
the-heritage-cook  The Heritage Cook – The Heritage Cook is where traditional comfort foods, gluten-free options, and healthy alternatives merge with today’s food trends, giving you hundreds of recipes to enjoy. Learn techniques, get inspired, and join in the fun of our weekly Chocolate Mondays!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Hey That Tastes Good! – Or, how I learned that gluten-free doesn’t mean taste-free. Jill posts gluten-free recipes and pretty pictures.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Hippie Mom’s Frugal Way of Gluten Free Living – Natalie’s blog is meant to help those living a gluten free lifestyle to expand their resources through product/company reviews, great deals, recipes, etc… Gluten free living can be isolating, so the blog encourages further mainstream progress.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Homemades – The Joy Of Domestic Cooking. Arfi hails from New Zealand and bakes gluten-free goodies. She also cooks Indonesian food which commonly is gluten-free. She has turned to be posting gluten-free as she and her kids have to be wheat-free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Hope’s Kitchen – Melanie started blogging a few months ago because she was frequently meeting people who were gluten free, going gluten free or dealing with food allergies and she wanted to help them. Melanie wished she could take each one of them out to coffee and give them a crash course on what she’s learned since her little girl was diagnosed with food allergies (to egg, wheat, rye, barley, nuts and more) almost 6 years ago. Since taking each of them out to coffee wasn’t realistic, blogging seemed to be a great way to share what she’s learned, and is learning. The learning curve to adapt her cooking/baking was long and hard. So she would like to help make the journey a little easier for others who are in the same boat.
I'm a Celiac Logo I’m a Celiac – Pam is a working wife and mom trying to make good Gluten Free meals for her family. She posts weekly menu plans, recipes, restaurant reviews and giveaways. Her goal is to create easy to make recipes, using everyday ingredients. She is also the author of Family Approved Gluten Free Recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image In Flora’s Kitchen – An Adventure in Gluten-free Cooking! Flora is a serious home cook on a mission to create delicious, Gluten Free meals for her family.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Inspired RD – Alysa is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, crafter, cook, wife and mom. One year into blogging, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She blogs about healthy eating, cooking with kids, fitness, occasional crafting, and lots of healthy gluten-free recipes.
ivys-blog-logo Ivy’s Garden – Ivy’s blog focuses on educating the public about gluten issues, healthy diets, etc. The blog is headed by Ivy, the chef, and her husband Mark.
Ivy specializes in mainly gluten free Asian dishes/recipes (Ivy’s originally from Hong Kong), as well as gluten and food related trends, tips and news.
Gluten Free Global Community Image GF Jules – Gluten Free Recipes and Videos. Jules was an avid baker who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Her blog has recipes, baking tips,new gluten free products and restaurant finds.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Keep it Simple Keep it Fresh – Lissa’s goal for her blog is to make gluten free baking and cooking easy and accessible, especially for those newly diagnosed with celiac or a gluten intolerance. She feels switching to a gluten free lifestyle can be overwhelming and she’s hoping to make it fun and easy.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Kids are Grown, Now What? – Melissa has been blogging on and off since 1998. She has been gluten free for a little over a year now. Melissa loves to learn and she learns something new every day and tries to pass that new knowledge on to her readers.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Kitchen Apparel – Sandra is a mother of two and a self-proclaimed foodie. Her blog was started as a pursuit to accessorize her health.  After working with a health coach Sandra discovered that she had a sensitivity toward gluten and learned the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle. Sandra loves finding new healthy recipes to try, and has been enjoying the challenge of making her old favorite recipes gluten-free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Kumquat – Gretchen is a Registered Dietitian and freelance Recipe Developer & Food Stylist. Through her blog she shares gluten-free recipes that she loves with plenty of pictures and occasional health tips.
Gluten Free Global Community Image La Buena Fe: A Gluten-Free Life in the Dominican Republic – This gluten-free blog follows Lizzy’s life in the Dominican Republic, as well as her adventures as a beginner in an “international” kitchen.
Gluten Free Global Community Image La Tartine Gourmande – Stories about food and life. Bea is a food stylist/photographer/writer who considers her blog to be a privileged place where she can share her food discoveries, stories, and experiments. Gluten-free recipes and stunning photography.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Le blog de Toutitelulu – Julie (or Lulu for her friends) is a 15 year old blog host from France. Her blog is in french, but she loves reading blogs in English. She would like to talk to people from other countries since celiac disease isn’t well known. On her blog you can find her story, gluten free and casein free recipes, gluten free tips, reviews on some gluten free products she has tested, and other articles.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Learning to Eat Allergy Free – Colette offers top 8 allergen-free and gluten-free food solutions for busy families. She is an allergen-free baker and food allergy mom.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Lemonade Makin’ Mama – Sasha blogs about the random things she knows in life, mainly, family life, faith and food. She loves to laugh, cry, talk, organize, bake, celebrate, and photograph it all.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Lexie’s Kitchen – Modified Recipes for Modified Diets: Gluten-Free, Casein-Free and Allergy-Friendly Eats and Treats. Lexie creates gluten-free, dairy-free and allergy freindly recipes and has some pretty eye popping photos to boot!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Life Gluten Free – Recipes From Our Gluten Free + Allergy Free Kitchen. Mom and Sophie are having fun on their journey with gluten-free and allergy-free cooking.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Life + Running – Adventures in healthy living (mentally and physically) through fitness, whole and gluten-free food, art and design, music, and friends.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Lillian’s Test Kitchen – This is a comedy cooking show for people with food allergies and food sensitivities. Lillian makes other people’s (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free and soy-free) recipes for the very first time on camera; often adapting the recipe on the fly so that people can see what it’s really like to follow (or in some cases vaguely follow) that particular recipe with those particular ingredients.
a-little-blueberry A Little Blueberry – Allison is a working mom to a beautiful baby girl who she is raising gluten free.  She decided to become gluten free after a pregnancy loss and it has completely changed her life.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Living Free – Living free of gluten, dairy and sugar. Aubree is a generous blogger who shares her gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes and introduces you to other bloggers with her weekly top 10 lists.
lowcarbsosimple Low-Carb, So Simple! – Elvira is a Finnish blogger who loves challenges. Every week she develops and publishes gluten-free, sugar-free low-carb recipes with 5 ingredients or less. She only uses natural, mostly organic ingredients and tries to make her recipes simple, appetizing and healthy. Elvira has been gluten-free for a few years now, and has never felt better!
made-to-glow-150x216 Made to Glow – Made to Glow provides resources, information, and inspiration around healthy eating (gluten-free, dairy-free recipes), self-care, and non-toxic living. When we feel whole, balanced, and healthy, we radiate from the inside out. We are all made to glow!
Gluten Free Global Community Image My Gluten Free Home Bakery – Years ago, while I was a new mom of an adorable little girl,I started this blog to share my passion for gluten free cooking and baking and I am always open in uncommon flavor combinations. Together,with my trusty little 4 year old assistant and picky food critic,we present you healthy,gluten free food promised to make your taste buds tickle!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Mama Me Gluten Free – Gluten-free living at its delectable best! Gluten-free recipes and product highlights that are kid- and adult-approved, by gluten-free and gluten-eating family and friends.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Manifest Vegan – an entirely vegan recipe website featuring everything from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. In 2009, when Allyson was diagnosed with celiac disease, Manifest Vegan also became 100% gluten-free. Recipes posted weekly with accompanying original photography.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Meals with Morri – “Delicious. Nutritious. Gluten free.” It’s the Meals with Morri motto for a reason.
me-and-the-chef  Me and the Chef – Sascha’s other half Rob is a professional Chef for over 15 years. Sascha started the blog without Rob knowing, but after about 10 entries she was getting more hits, so she showed him, and he has been creating recipes, while she photographs and documents. Covering breakfast right through to desserts, they cover pretty much everything. Most are recipes for home, but there are also sneaky peaks into the world of Molecular Cuisine as well.
Gluten Free Global Community Image

Megg Salad – A self-proclaimed health nut with a fascination for the power of food and the effect it has on our bodies, Megan shares wholesome, delicious and super-nutritious recipes that also happen to be gluten and dairy-free. Megan is a holistic health coach living in Dallas where she works with people to help them change their diet, find balance and achieve their own personal health goals.

Gluten Free Global Community Image Mom-Blog – Mom-Blog is Gina’s journey raising two special needs children. A big part of their journey over the last year has been learning to cook gluten-free (as well as other allergens), getting back to whole foods, and living a healthier lifestyle, plus all the other “extras” that come with raising disabled children. Gina also does giveaways and product reviews, trying her best to focus on products that are compatible with allergen-free and nontoxic living.
momma-melly  Momma Melly – Just an average mommy sharing gluten free recipes, craft projects, autism awareness & random adventures. Melly loves crafting, baking, blogging and learning new things. She is a mommy of an energetic 5 year old. He’s the sunshine of her life, and inspiration. Motherhood isn’t always easy, but it’s the best job in the world! Reminder: (This is NOT a medical blog. For medical advice and information consult your health-care provider).
Gluten Free Global Community Image Mommy? I’m Hungry! – A family style recipe blog with recipes for everyone, including Mom after she recently went gluten free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image My Taste of Health – Lina is a 24 year old Natural therapist (studied two years of nutrition and herbal medicine). Her blog contains healthy recipes without gluten, dairy and sugars. She wants to inspire people to eat healthy – and also show how easy it can be just if you know what ingredients to use and not use!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Notes from a Gluten-Free Kitchen – The best (and safest) gluten-free meals come from home cooking, though many shy away from the kitchen when they stop eating gluten. In Notes from a Gluten-Free Kitchen, Laura explores the possibilities beyond wheat, barley, and rye, offering recipes, kitchen notes, and guidance to curious cooks.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Nourishing Hope – Julie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism and related disorders – she is the author of Nourishing Hope for Autism. She’s passionate about helping children reach their full potential through specialized diet and nutrition support.
Gluten Free Global Community Image NutriFitMama – Nutrition + Fitness + A Few Kids + A Bit of Homeschooling = NutriFitMama. Amber’s goal is to encourage and inspire others to live, be happy and healthy even with a busy lifestyle.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Our Earth Land – Gaby and Steve share information on sustainability and good health (gluten-free, organic and dairy- free recipes).
paleoliscious  Paleolliscious – Paleoliscious is a food blog featuring gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, paleo and sometimes even vegan and raw recipes; health and nutrition based recipes and articles; dessert and oriental oriented recipes; travelogues from around the world. It is a blog, trying to raise awareness about diet and health and prove that healthy eating can be delicious and indulgent too.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Paleo Parents – Stacy and Matt are a suburban couple with three children, six and under, who adopted a grain-free paleo lifestyle and lost 210 pounds between the both of them. They also helped restore the health and well-being of their children. Along the way, they became authors of a gluten-free, paleo friendly children’s cookbook and guidebook.
palm-trees-and-gluten-free Palm Trees and Gluten Free – Wendy Blogs and Advocates for celiac disease, gluten intolerance and other food allergies.  She also writes about how to survive being gluten free, the emotions that go along with being gluten free and reviews restaurants within Florida and other Southern states as well as reviews g-free and other free from products.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Patient Celiac – Jess has Celiac Disease and is a physician and mother of 4. She is raising her kids gluten free.
The purpose of Jess’ blog is to promote awareness and provide information about both celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. She has appreciated a lack of knowledge about Celiac Disease both within and outside of the medical community. One of her goals is to keep her audience up to date on the latest research findings on gluten-related disorders, especially related to infants and children.
Patis-recipes-logo Pati’s Recipes – Pati is a happily married  mother who has auto immune hypothyroidism, which lead her to cut gluten, dairy& soy out of her diet. She enjoys baking & cooking. Pati’s blog shares recipes that are Gluten, Dairy, and Soy-free. Hope you enjoy !
pretty-little-celiac Pretty Little Celiac – Rebecca blogs primarily about gluten free living, living with celiac disease, how to navigate the celiac world and other random musings! She loves interacting with her followers and has developed quiet the community on her blog and other social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Puja Blogs– Puja is a family medicine doctor with Celiac Disease. Her  personal and professional interests are patient advocacy. She recently started a blog with the hopes of helping to become a bridge between doctors and patients with celiac disease.  Puja wants to add a Human Component that sometimes is missing in purely medical/science based discussions and blogs.Puja gives talks at Whole Foods; and educates medical specialists such as OBGYN, Neurologists, and Psychiatrists about Celiac Disease.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Queen of Quinoa – Alyssa has been living gluten-free for just about a year. With her blog she shares recipes inspired by her favorite gluten-free grain, quinoa. She brings flavors from around the world into her gluten-free kitchen. Many of her recipes are also dairy-free and vegetarian!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Real Sustenance – A Guide To Gluten and Dairy Free Living. Brittany has gluten and dairy free recipes as well as vegan, soy free, corn free, rice free and egg free recipes to both.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Resep bebas Gluten (Gluten Free Diet) – Marda is an Indonesian who lived in Italy and he blog contains gluten-free recipes mostly Indonesian. She beilievs you can have your cake – without gluten and with or without eggs. While the blog is written in Indonesian, it can be translated into 6 languages, including English.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Roll With It – You would think that surviving cancer in her twenties would have thrown her into a health craze, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when Suzanne’s husband fell ill with Crohn’s/Colitis that she started to delve deep into the food they ate. After completing the elimination diet, they now focus on eating clean, reducing inflammation in their bodies with food (not pills), awesome gluten free and refined sugar free baking AND they eat more veggies then they ever had growing up! Eating this way has kept her husband off his expensive medications and in remission for over 10 months. Join Suzanne as she rolls with life’s bumps through clean eating, a lot of humor and moving her booty!
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Saffron Girl – Debra is the person behind The Saffron Girl, which is a blog about food, travel, and photography. She loves to cook and strives to make everything we eat 100% gluten free, sugar free and mostly dairy free, as well.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Salts Kitchen – Write.  eat. And cook. Rebecca loves finding new foods, being inspired to make something she’s never made, and most of all she loves feeding other people things that they have never tried before. Rebecca strives to disprove myths about food and what it means to eat well, to eat healthy, often on a budget, and for some of us- to eat with a bunch of food allergies (and still eat well!).
Sandi's-Allergy-Free-Recipes Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes – Sandi’s blog is not only gluten free, but dairy, yeast, and refined sugar free as well. After she found out that she had multiple food allergies, Sandi had to make all of her own food. She started making up her own recipes and now she shares them with everyone else.
 sarah-bakes-gf-treats-logo Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats – Sarah is the baker/blogger over at Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats, a place to share her delicious recipes for gluten free treats (some egg/dairy free too). Both her and her son have a gluten allergy and her husband has celiac disease. Sarah has embraced the adventure of gluten free baking and finds joy in giving others the confidence to bake again!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Sarah Wilson – Sarah is an Australian TV host and journalist who has hashimoto’s disease. She now comments, talks, opines and blogs about how to make life better and shares information on gluten-free living. She has a following based on her profile as former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, host of MasterChef Australia, the most-watched TV show in Australian history and now host of Lifestyle YOU channel, columnist and TV panellist.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Sassy Kitchen – Gluten-free and vegan recipes with a bit of sass! Julia is trying to make eating fun again for those with intolerances.
Gluten Free Global Community Image SCD For Life – A blog providing recipes and experiences on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The diet is gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free and is designed to help people with digestive issues like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and Celiac.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Sensitive Epicure – Gluten Free Without Compromise. Erin is a gluten-free organic chemist & chef whose mission is to improve lives through smart development of kick-ass gluten free food.
Gluten Free Global Community Image She Let Them Eat Cake – A Blog About Gluten Free Baking and Living. Maggie is a lifelong baker who embrtaced gluten-free baking for the love of her husband and son and hasn’t looked back since.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Simply…Gluten Free – Celebrating the abundance of gluten free living. Carol’s blog contains gluten free recipes and tips for living gluten free as well as monthly giveaways and this community page.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Simply Sugar and Gluten Free – Fabulous Food Made Healthier. Amy has maintained a 60+ pound weight loss and shares here sugar and gluten free recipes.
Woman Blogger Supporter of Gluten Free Lifestyle Snacking Squirrel – Kelsey is a registered Yoga Teacher from Victoria BC Canada, dedicated to a balanced organic lifestyle. Her blog features everything from food and recipes, to fitness and healthy living. Growing up on the West Coast of Canada can be pretty interesting, but she’s still learning and appreciating the energy the place has to offer. This blog is her journey, or at least the way she sees it.

 Spain Gluten Free – Ana’s blog tries to be a guide of Spain for people on a gluten-free diet. You can find information about restaurants, products, labeling in Spain, supermarkets where to find gluten-free products and news like food fairs, ecological markets, restaurants offers, etc. The information you can read in her blog comes from coeliacs / celiacs societies, Spanish webs and blogs of other coeliacs / celiacs, and her own experience as a celiac who lives in Madrid and likes to travel all around Spain. It is written in English.

Gluten Free Global Community Image The Spicy RD – The Spicy RD blog mixes together a handful of nutrition advice, a dollop of delicious recipes, a pinch of gluten-free living tips, and a dash of spice!
The Spunky Coconut The Spunky Coconut – Gluten Free, Casein Free, Sugar Free and Often Raw. This is Kelly’s family journal of overcoming autism, ADD, celiac disease and gluten intolerance and collection of recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image StayBasic – StayBasic focuses on simplicity parenting and slow food. Mia is mostly vegan and all gluten-free, so her blog has recipes that satisfy this combo – both cooked and raw. She is fascinated with how moms (and dads) can feed themselves and their families with clean delicious foods – even in our busy world. And Mia loves taking pictures!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Straight Into Bed Cakefree And Dried – How grain-free was better than ok. Naomi is a homeopath and nutritionist and a lovely wordsmith. Enjoy her beautiful writting and photograph and join in the monthly event she founded. – Go Ahead Honey Its Gluten Free.
Strength-&-Sunshine-150x157 Strength & Sunshine – Strength and Sunshine is a healthy living blog focusing on Rebecca’s journey with eating healthy for her food allergies and Celiac, as well as her love for fitness and yoga. Rebecca shares healthy and delicious recipes to fit any dietary need and loves providing support, tips, and love!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Sure Foods Living -Practical Advice for Living with Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Food Allergies. Alison and her family live happily gluten-free, a gluten-free lifestyle blog.
About Me A Gluten Free Blogger A Sweet and Salty Life – Jessi is a niche food blogger that lives with and writes about special eating restrictions including gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and other such products. She creates most of the recipes, as well as styles and shoots all the photos. She attempts to provide ingredients and use products that are commonplace and inexpensive.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Tartelette – The sweet side of life. Helen is a long time food blogger, amazing photgrapher and food stylist who went gluten-free. This award winning blog is serious eye candy.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Tasty Eats At Home – Cooking from scratch, one recipe at a time. Alta’s goal is to share with you delicious, gluten-free food that can bring your heart joy and nourish your body, one recipe at a time!
Gluten Free Global Community Image Tasty Yummies – Gluten-free, fresh, seasonal, organic and whole. Beth is a graphic designer, illustrator & print maker by day & gluten-free foodie by night. Giving up all processed foods, losing 30 pounds and becoming a healthier version of herself, this blog follows the recipes that she makes for her and husband, Mark. She also hosts contests.
Gluten Free Global Community Image There Can Only Be Juan – Speak softly and carry a big sword. Juanita is a former chef/current Bio teacher and hobby baker, diagnosed with coeliac diasease back in 2005, dishing up rocking gluten-free/corn-free recipes (original and adapted) from her little kitchen in sunny South Africa. Occasional posts also include travel/gardening stories, restaurant and market reviews, as well as product suggestions.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Thyroid Pharmacist – Izabella Wentz is a passionate, innovative and solution focused clinical pharmacist, sharing dietary and lifestyle interventions to help get to the root cause of thyroid conditions, improve symptoms, and even reduce or eliminate autoimmunity.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Tom Corson-Knowles Blog – Tom Corson-Knowles blogs about nutrition, whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or just curious, you’ll find everything you need to know to live a healthier lifestyle starting today.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Truth, Justice, and All-American Allergen-Free Apple Pie  – “Wildninja” is a Generation X woman who is proud to advocate for crime victims, including domestic violence survivors, people with food allergies, children’s issues, animals, personal privacy rights, government accountability, and ethical law enforcement practices. She has a B.A. in Criminal Justice and M.A. in Forensic Psychology.  Most GF-related posts are generally under this category:
Gluten Free Global Community Image Tumbling Gluten Free – This is a blog written by a celiac living on a shoestring: full of links to internet resources, reviews of GF products and local celiac / GF friendly businesses and groceries. It chronicles some of CJ’s amusing or bizarre experiences with others relating to GF, diagnosis process as well, including reflections on the celiac “identity”, its ups and downs; and peppers its posts liberally with recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Vegan Chickpea – Caitlin started this blog to document the food she makes for her husband and herself, who are both gluten-free vegans. It offers original recipes, recipes from other blogs she’s tried, as well as recipes from cookbooks. To complicate matters a bit, her husband and her have very different taste buds, and she often makes two separate meals for each of them.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Vegetarian Mamma – At Vegetarian Mamma CIndy loves to dish about new recipes that she and her children try (many of them are allergen free). Cindy loves to dish about saving money, parenting, helpful homemaking tips, learning at home with two boys and general life as a mamma to a sweet energetic toddler with life threatening allergies
Gluten Free Global Community Image Veggies, Spice, and Everything Rice – At Veggies, Spice and Everything Rice, you’ll find a lovely collection of seasonal recipes that arise from a Central Asian perspective. Vegetarian Hostess, the blogger, promotes eating for health, and offers many vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free options for her followers.
What-Contains-Gluten-Portrait  What Contains Gluten? – Join our family on our gluten free journey, where we offer up family friendly gf recipes, as well as tips for living the gluten free lifestyle. It’s not gourmet, but it tastes good!
Gluten Free Global Community Image What’s Cookin, Chicago – Joelen is an avid Chicago food blogger, private caterer & restaurant chef who loves sharing culinary adventures in & out of the kitchen. When she recently found out she had a gluten sensitivity/intolerance, her culinary focus has shifted slightly to adapt to a gluten free lifestyle while still embracing and blogging about her world of food.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Wheat Free Living & Me – Sharon is on a quest of wheat free living. Recipes, products & product reviews for a wheat & gluten free lifestyle are shared as well as personal ups and downs… Her goal is to encourage those who would like to also try a wheat free living adventure.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Wheatless Foodie – Cindy is a gluten-sensative food lover with a background in culinary science and product development within the food processing industry. Wheatless Foodie is a place to share recipes, information and to share the journey of living gluten free.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen – Healthy, Wholesome, Gluten Free Recipes. Ali and Tom offer the latest information on Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease along with healthy gluten-free recipes using whole foods.
with-food-and-love  With Food + Love – Sherrie Scaglione Castellano is founder and author of With Food + Love. She is a practicing Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC. Sherrie exudes passion to create a healthier world and wants to help others by using the power of food + love. She is fueled by green juice and plant-empowered meals. Follow along with her as she creates seasonally fresh, naturally gluten free and often vegetarian recipes.
Gluten Free Global Community Image Without Adornment – My Quest to Be Myself. Bean is a gluten free baker, an adamant commuter cyclist, and a lover of wit. Her blog is her quest to be without adornment, be herself and to be alive with some random babbles along the way.
Gluten Free Global Community Image The World in a Pot – Suzanne’s blog is from the perspective of a mom of two under two, who used to travel a lot, it’s a worldly cuisine in her kitchen. Of course, her main goal is to be gluten free, but done in a very healthy way. She bakes for her children, so they can enjoy all of life’s goodies as a gluten-free foodie. She’s been experimenting with all kinds of different food philosophies so she doesn’t restrict her diet to one that is gluten-free, or only raw, or only paleo, she tries to infuse these ideas together.
Gluten Free Global Community Image A Year of Slow Cooking – A New Year’s Resolution to Use the Slow Cooker Every Day in 2008 – The task was completed and the blog continued. Stephanie is a woman with an unnatural obsession with her slow cooker. She is okay with it!
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