5 Easy Recipes for Fantastic Summer Skin

Summer is heating up. Are the effects of the sun, chlorine, and pesky mosquitoes taking a toll on your skin? Before reaching for body care products containing endocrine-disrupting phthalates and corrosive phenol, here’s something to consider: Your skin is the largest organ in your body, capable of absorbing whatever is applied to it... Read More

Color me Happy

If you’ve ever been afraid to use less-than-neutral eye shadows, this is the look for you. It involves a tasteful application of perhaps one of the most easily misused colors in the eye shadow spectrum. Don’t be shy. Turn up the color! I had a lot of fun with this look, playing with the blue pencil and shadow... Read More

DIY: Beachy Hair Spray

Summer is on the way and that means it’s time for beaches, bonfires, picnics, and biting into perfectly-ripe local peaches. Summer is not the time for complicated hairstyles or high-maintenance make-up. After all, you’d rather be spending your time relaxing poolside, right? Enter DIY Beachy Hair Spray... Read More

Essential Make-Up How-To’s

How to Find Your Best Brow Shape: Tools: • A pencil or makeup brush When shaping brows, there are three angles you should bear in mind that relate to your individual eye shape. Here’s how to find them: 1) Hold a pencil or makeup brush along the side of your nose. The place where it meets your brow is where you should begin filling... Read More

Here Comes the Sun

It’s finally begun. Summer. That time of year where everyone slathers on sunscreen and hopes to get a tan without getting a burn. Some people are lucky enough to tan quickly and evenly, glowing as though they retain the sun’s energy after only a day outside. But for the rest of us, it’s just not that simple. It can take weeks to naturally cultivate a summer tan... Read More

How to Flatter Your Eye Color

To bring out the color of your gorgeous eyes, we turn to basic color theory. But don’t be nervous. There are actually only a few rules to keep in mind here: Colors at opposite ends of the color wheel are the most complementary. The two colors on either side of the complementary color also look excellent with your base color. These are called the “analogous” colors... Read More

How To: Flatter Your Eye Shape

“Your eyes are the window to your soul.” It’s a total cliché, but so true. Your eyes tell the tale of who you are with every twinkle, every crease, and every glance. So play them up and you play up your very soul! If you’re looking to enhance your eyes, there are literally hundreds of ways to do it. But a great place to begin is with learning how to flatter the unique shape of your eye... Read More

Kawaii Eyes: The Perfect Summer Look

My sister is just about obsessed with Kawaii. Bright colors, bold graphics, characters with large eyes and tiny mouths, the works. She’s even begun squealing “Kawaii!” when she sees something adorable. So what is Kawaii? It is simply Japanese for “cute... Read More

Makeup Matches for You and Your Budget

Makeup Matches for You and Your Budget: Under $30 Finding the right makeup is a lot like finding the right person to date. You search and search and search, based on pictures and descriptions, and if you’re lucky, maybe a review or two from someone who knows them. Then you pick one, take a deep breath, and make the match happen... Read More

New Year, New Daily Skincare Routine

It’s a new year, folks! And what better time than now to clean up your skincare routine? Most of us use the same skincare products on a regular basis and don’t think too much about what’s in them. You’re not eating it, so what does it matter? Actually, your skin is the largest organ of your body... Read More

Sparkle & Shine this Holiday Season

As much as I love the look of smokey eyes, they tend to overpower natural beauty.That crisp blue is lost under heavy lids of black. Complex and textured brown turns muddy and unremarkable next to deep, unnatural shades. A perfect face shape is quickly overshadowed by piles of makeup. To me, nothing is worse than covering up and downplaying natural beauty... Read More

Summer Beauty

Your Guide to Summer Beauty   Summer is here! And boy is it hot. It’s time to get prepped for the sun and fun with gluten-free summer skin care and makeup. While many parts of your routine remain the same throughout the year, summer calls for a few changes, like extra skin protection, sweat-proofing your makeup, and dolling up for summer outfits. But don't be daunted... Read More

Transitioning Out of Winter: Spring Skincare 101

You did it. You’ve finally battled your way out of the frigid winds and blinding blizzards. Or if you’re in the south (like me), you barely survived those two whole weeks of 40ºF weather. But as the snow melts away, it’s time once again to switch up your skincare. Your old routine was made to grapple with dry, chapped skin irritated by the winter freeze... Read More

Update Your Fall Look

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. In Texas, that’s when we start to hope that the thermometer is going to drop below 90 degrees. But for the short time I lived farther north, fall was truly magical. As the air crisps, night begins to beg for sweaters and the trees start to shed their leaves. One can feel the world sinking slowly into rest mode... Read More

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