Coconut Mango Chia Pudding

This tropical-inspired sweet treat uses very little actual sweetener. Playing off the natural sweetness and color of fresh mango, these pudding parfaits are not only delicious, but they’re quite elegant as well. They’re also a cinch to make and can even double as a healthy breakfast!

Coconut Mango Chia Pudding Parfaits


¼ cup chia seeds
¼ cup flaked coconut, plus more for garnish
½ teaspoon vanilla powder or pure extract
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup or liquid sweetener of choice
1¼ cups almond milk or milk of choice
2 large mangos


Whisk together the chia seeds and coconut in a medium bowl. Pour in the vanilla, maple syrup, and milk, and stir to combine. Place in the fridge and let sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, stir the mixture a few times. Place back in the fridge for another 30 minutes or up to 1 hour.

When ready to serve, peel and core the mangos. Slice into bite-sized pieces and place them in a high-powered blender. Blend on high until the mango is smooth and creamy.

Assemble the parfaits in glasses by alternating one layer of chia pudding and one layer of mango. Top with additional flaked coconut, if desired, and serve.

Serves 2-4

Written by Alyssa Rimmer

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