A Gluten-Free Journey

A Gluten-Free Journey Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas   Ever since we took our first cruise as a family almost nine years ago, we’d been talking about going on another. I get many cruise reviews submitted to my website, and over the years I’ve been impressed by what I’ve heard about the Royal Caribbean cruise line... Read More

A Gluten-Free Traveler – Tips & Advice on What to Expect

Venturing Abroad as a Gluten-Free Traveler Tips & Advice on What to Expect   As I sit here on our return flight after a two-week family trip to Italy, I marvel at how we did it. Not how we traveled with two teenagers, but how we managed to do it without any major gluten-free dining snags!   As any of you who have traveled abroad know, this is no small feat... Read More

Amsterdam: Gluten-Free Friendly

Amsterdam. The name of the city conjures up the taboo of The Red Light District, the infamous coffee shops, windmills, bicycles, tulips, and wooden clogs. For those of us traveling with gluten-sensitivity or celiac disease? This city name, or any other, conjures up thoughts of the unfamiliar and feelings of anxiety... Read More


A Mediterranean port city tucked among the hills of Spain’s northeastern coastline, Barcelona’s corridors of winding streets speak to more than a millennium of history. Yet, with a lively culinary and bar scene, and displays of modern fashion and politically charged graffiti, the Catalonian capital’s charm comes from the vibrance of constantly juxtaposing the old and new... Read More

Birmingham: Finding America’s Sweet Home in Alabama

If you live outside the American southeast, you probably don’t come across many people from Birmingham. It’s the largest city in Alabama, but with a population of just over a million people, it doesn’t rank among the nation’s major metropolises. You can probably sing along with Lynyrd Skynyrd when “Sweet Home Alabama” comes on the radio... Read More

Burgundy France

My husband and I don’t plan traditional vacations to go museum hopping or take guided tours to learn about the history of an area. Instead, for us there is usually only one major criteria when planning our holiday destination: what will we have to eat? Being true foodies, the thrill of culinary delight is often what draws us to a location... Read More

Celebrate America in our Nation’s Capital

Celebrate America in our Nation’s Capital with a Wide Range of Choices for Gluten-Free Diners   Having lived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. for the past 15 years, I’m convinced our nation’s capital is one of the best places to visit for plenty of safe and wonderful gluten-free dining choices... Read More

Charming Charleston

Southern Hospitality Meets Foodie Destination     It likely comes as no surprise to people who’ve visited Charleston, South Carolina that it’s been voted the number one small U.S. city by Conde Nast Traveler for the past four years... Read More

Destinations that Raise the Bar for Gluten-Free Travelers Part One

I’ve written in the past about the many choices we gluten-free travelers now have when it comes to picking a travel destination. In fact, no matter where your heart longs to take you, chances are you’ll be able to find safe gluten-free options for meals whether you cook in, dine out, or take most of your meals at your hotel or resort... Read More

Destinations that Raise the Bar for Gluten-Free Travelers Part Two

Hidden Gems Welcome to the second installment of our gluten-free friendly destinations showcase. In the May/ June 2015 issue of Simply Gluten Free, I covered hotel and resort chains like Hyatt, Omni, Ritz Carlton, and Canyon Ranch – all with multiple locations... Read More

Dining Gluten Free in Hershey, PA

Dining Gluten Free in Hershey, PA Indeed, the Sweetest Place on Earth Hershey, Pennsylvania has been a frequent stop for our family over the years – both to visit the amusement park in the summer and to attend hockey tournaments with one of our son’s teams during the winter. You’ll find this town offers plenty of exciting diversions to keep you busy and well fed for a long weekend... Read More

DISNEY’S MESSAGE To Gluten-Free Diners

  “ Be Our Guest” For years, Disney World has been the place for people with special dietary needs to vacation, and I’m thrilled to announce that Disney has done it again. They’ve taken their commitment to gluten-free and allergy-friendly dining up another notch... Read More

Finding My Zen (Again and Again) in Miami Beach

FINDING MY ZEN  (Again and Again) in Miami  Beach I grew up in Florida, but never wandered southeast down the 268 miles to Miami Beach. I didn’t see the point: my hometown, St. Petersburg, is a peninsula, so I was never far from the beach, fresh seafood, and sun-kissed skin... Read More

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Four score and seven years ago… none of us knew what gluten was. But I’m happy to say that the battlefield town where President Lincoln delivered the famous address beginning with those words is a gluten-free-friendly place to visit... Read More

Gluten Free on the Sea

How Cruising is Fast Becoming One of the Best Options for Gluten-Free Travelers Between around-the-clock gourmet meals and midnight buffets, cruises have a way of revolving around food (at least when you’re not off enjoying one of the fabulous ports of call). But for gluten-free travelers, cruising is uncharted territory that requires navigating dangerous waters…at least until recently... Read More

Gluten-Free at Summer Camp

Canoeing on a serene lake…letting your mind wander on a nature hike…eating s’mores around the campfire…singing silly songs and practicing skits…making new friends…sleeping under the stars. Perhaps these are a few things you might remember from a childhood camp experience. And maybe you’ve dreamed of helping to create these same memories for your own son or daughter... Read More

Gluten-Free By The Sea

Gluten-Free By The Sea Dining Gluten-Free in America’s East Coast Beach Towns Since I was a child, I’ve been visiting Ocean City, Maryland, and my husband and I have continued the tradition by taking our own kids there each summer... Read More

Gluten-Free from Sea to Sky

A journey to Whistler, British Columbia—by way of Seattle and Vancouver Our family loves skiing, but with our kids’ spring break often falling in mid to late April, it’s often too late for a spring ski trip. Last year, however, we lucked out, as our county’s spring break fell in late March... Read More

Hitting The Slopes

Hitting the Slopes in a Gluten-Free Friendly Western Ski Town There’s nothing quite like spring skiing out West... Read More

La Gruyère, Switzerland

If I were to recommend any region of Switzerland to visit, it would be La Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in the French- speaking Suisse-Romande. The charming historic village of Gruyères-Ville and the surrounding area are not only famous for its namesake – Gruyère cheese – but also a number of sights to see as well as naturally gluten-free delights... Read More

Le Marche de Noel

Living abroad is an exhilarating adventure. Since moving to Switzerland, I have had the opportunity to learn a new language, experience a new culture, taste and cook new recipes, and of course make new friends.However, as wonderfully exciting as all of it has been, the holiday season always presents a challenge... Read More

London: Traveling Gluten-Free

Planning a trip abroad with food sensitivities can be quite the undertaking. Each year, my boyfriend and I try to take a trip overseas. We love exploring new cities and admiring the dazzling sights that make each place special and unique. But most of all, we enjoy discovering new cuisines that delight our taste buds. This year, however, it was different... Read More

Margaret River, Australia

I ’ve been visiting Margaret River since before I was born. The surf town, a three hour drive south of Perth in Western Australia, has changed a lot since my father purchased a block of land in the late 70’s. Since then the wine industry in the South West has boomed and Perth families want a beach getaway where they can enjoy a good bite to eat and drop to drink... Read More

Napa, California

There are a lot of reasons to love Napa, California: the stunning vistas, the glorious California weather, the relaxed atmosphere, world class dining (yes, even gluten-free), and of course the wine... Read More

Plan Ahead for Summer Camp

TIPS FOR YOUR CHILD TO HAVE A GREAT CAMP EXPERIENCE   Summer camp. The words are enough to instill panic in parents of celiac kids. In fact, after our son Ryan was diagnosed with celiac 12 years ago, I remember thinking he’d probably never be able to attend summer camp. I fi gured it would be nearly impossible to keep him food-safe... Read More

Planes, Trains, or Automobiles: How to Successfully Manage a Gluten-Free Diet on the Road

Summer is fast approaching and chances are, your plans include some type of travel— whether it’s visiting friends or family or taking a full-fledged vacation. Travel can admittedly be one of the most challenging aspects of the gluten-free diet. But this, too, is manageable and has become quite a bit easier as awareness of celiac disease has improved... Read More

Rancho La Puerta: Nourishing Body, Mind & Spirit at the World’s First Destination Spa & Fitness Ranch

Crisp mountain air fills up my lungs as I breathe heavily in the light of the early morning. As I make my final ascent to the summit of the rocky mountain, my legs burn in the best possible way. I follow the narrow path around prickly shrubs and boulders, striving to pick up my pace as I approach the summit. A few more labored steps and I’m there... Read More

Southern California: So Many Great Places to Dine Gluten-Free!

I‘m lucky enough to have family in Southern California, so every 12-18 months our family has been visiting this beautiful part of the country. Each time we do a little something different  … and each time we try new restaurants (while also feeling the pull back to some of our old favorites)... Read More

Take a Vacation from Worry

Advice for Safe Gluten-Free Travel These days, I’d be hard-pressed to think of somewhere that wouldn’t be possible to travel while following a gluten-free diet... Read More

Traveling Made Easy

Gluten-free travel specialists take the effort out of traveling In the early years after our son was diagnosed with celiac disease, traveling meant we were essentially “on our own” in uncharted territory. This was way back in 2005, before “gluten-free” was a household term... Read More

Venice, A Feast for the Eyes

The historic merchant city may be famous for serenading gondoliers meandering through labyrinthian canals, elaborately costumed Carnevale, and seasonal flooding during the acqua alta, but there is so much more that comprises the essence of this floating city... Read More

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