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kimMaesHeadshotKim Maes, creator of the Cook It Allergy Free App and the popular website of the same name, wants to give everyone that is dealing with food allergies and special diets the tools to gain the confidence to master a new way of eating, living, and thriving.

She created her Allergy Free Coaching Program because she knows what it feels like to have to navigate a new world of food allergies and special diets.

Seven years ago, when her son was newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease and food allergies (her husband was also diagnosed shortly after), she first felt like she was overwhelmed and drowning. There was limited information available at the time and she felt she had to navigate the path on her own.

She decided to take control and went back to school for a Master’s Degree in Nutrition (with an emphasis in Holistic Nutrition), then got Certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and then further Certified in the Practical Application of Food Allergy Guidelines.

She wanted to not only help her family, but others who were also on this journey, so that no one ever again has to be without the tools to live wonderfully with food allergies and special diets. She wanted to give families a safe place to share their worries and their concerns, and give them the answers to all of the questions that the doctors cannot help them with.

Kim has created the exact coaching program that she wished had been available to her all of those years ago – it contains every piece of information someone recently diagnosed with food allergies or special diets will need, along with incredible one-on-one support.

Learn more about the Only Step-By-Step Guide and Coaching System that will help you feel Confident, In Control, and Stress-Free about your Food Allergies and Special Diets.

You can connect with Kim and learn more about her Coaching Programs and her iPhone Apps, and browse hundreds of Allergy-Friendly Recipes at Cook It Allergy Free.

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