Gluten Free Product Recommendations

by Carol Kicinski on August 15, 2010

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I first found SunButter® creamy spread when my sister asked me to come up with an alternative to use in my yummy gluten-free peanut butter cookies for her son Kelton.  Kelton is severly allegic to peanuts.  We are talking shot carrying, anaphylactic shock inducing, scare the heck out of you allergic.

He is also gorgeous, brilliant and charming and has the effect of making me want to do anything I can to make him happy.  And he is a picky eater.  (I can’t blame him, who wants to eats something that doesn’t taste good?)

SunButter turned out to be the answer.  SunButter products are completely peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free.  The products are processed in a facilty that does not process any tree nuts or gluten and are made with roasted sunflower seeds making them lower in fat (by a lot!) higher in fiber and iron than peanut butter and a great source of protein.

But all the nutritional info in the world means nothing to a three year old!  Kelton is concerned with one thing and one thing only when it comes to food – is it yummy?  This is where SunButter gets the big thumbs up!  He loves it.  Turns out I love it too as does my husband.

SunButter makes creamy, crunchy, organic unsweetened and natural peanut butter alternatives and they have just recently come out with SunButter On The Go Snack Packs!  What a great way to take a delicious and healthy snack on the road.

SunButter products have been residing in our home and are now a part of our “family” as well.  Please welcome SunButter to the Simply…Gluten-free family as one of our gluten-free partners.

Kay's Naturals

Now here’s a company that is really taking nutritious snacks, cookies and cereals to-the-next-level!! Developed by a Doctor with the science of nutrition at the forefront of his thought process – these yummy Snacks, Cereals and Cookies by Kay’s Naturals are Better Balance – and are a REAL solution to gluten intolerance, obesity and diabetic concerns as they provide Protein and Fiber to sustain energy, manage weight loss and stabilize blood sugar levels. Here is a REAL solution for the kids who want (and we need to provide them with) good-for-you snacks, cereals and cookies!!

ALL of Kay’s Naturals products are Gluten Free!! The French Vanilla Protein Cereal tastes totally awesome – no trans fats – only 3gs sugar – only 100 calories – and 9 grams of Protein per bag!! I couldn’t put the Crispy Parmesan Protein Chips down once I started to taste them – total yammers!! And only 110 calories – no sugar – AND 10 grams of Protein per serving!!!

With Kay’s whole line of products which includes differant flavored Pretzel Sticks, Protein Chips, Protein+ Cookie Bites, and great tasting Protein Cereals you finally have a gluten free, high protein snack – yes, even the cereals make for a great snack – you can toss in the kids lunch boxes and know they are getting a quailty treat at school or as my husband did – snack away between dinner and going-to-bed, while watching his favorite TV show!

Gluten Free AND – High in Protein – Low Calorie – Low Carb – Zero Cholesterol – and a good source of Fiber!! Daaahhhhh!

A lot of science and dedicated work went into the making of this line of products – I strongly encourage you to utilize it and fully enjoy them for the whole family!!

You will find Kay’s Naturals Better Balance in Health Food stores or you can order assortments from Kay’s Naturals by clicking HERE.

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - ANI know there’s been some hype lately about bone broth and collagen, but I’ve been consuming both those things for years! Admittedly though, I’ve been using them a lot more lately.

Both collagen and bone broth have the ability to strengthen your body’s joints, cartilage, and tissues, making them excellent additions to the diet for both young people who are athletes or who are trying to prevent future damage from aging, and for mature adults who already have some joint pain. Because collagen is found in bone broth, you can actually do double-duty by primarily using bone broth. And, if you want a boost of protein or a convenient way to consume the broth, rather than boiling bones all day, you can use a bone broth protein powder! Yes, this really exists, and it’s amazing!

Ancient Nutrition is a brand that offers regular and organic bone broth powders. They have Bone Broth Protein, Bone Broth Collagen, and Bone Broth Meal, as well as a few athlete-centered items like a pre-workout and muscle building formula. My favorites are the protein powder and collagen powder. I like to use the protein after I workout in the mornings, as a shake, and I use the collagen powder in my coffee (you can’t taste it and it mixes into hot coffee effortlessly!).

The company’s products are available in eight delicious flavors, like French Vanilla and Cinnamon Apple. Plus, they are gluten-free (of course) and Paleo-friendly.

If you’re looking for a protein powder that isn’t whey-based, or if you want to give bone broth a try but have been apprehensive to drink it the traditional way, Ancient Nutrition is the solution.

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - LCWhen I first went gluten free, I was astounded at the amount of foods that contained hidden sources of gluten. Foods you wouldn’t expect, like soy sauce, broths, and even seasoning mixes! What’s the point in putting gluten containing ingredients in these products? Usually, it’s to bulk them up and make more of a product for cheaper. Throughout the years, I’ve come across plenty of companies that make these same types of products but without gluten, showing consumers that it can and should be done. Little’s Cuisine is one of those companies.

The founder of the company, Angela Colabella, took her father’s famous chili dishes and her and her sister’s chili dog recipes, and decided to create a company that offered chili seasoning mixes that are wholesome and pure, with no artificial ingredients, no added MSG, no GMOs, no sugar, and no gluten!

Angela makes it her mission to use only the finest ingredients in her seasonings and does not use fillers or flours to bulk up her mixes. This makes for flavorful, robust seasonings with a homemade taste to them. Little’s Cuisine offers chili seasoning in regular, spicy, and salt-free, as well as taco seasoning, Sloppy Joe seasoning, and Bloody Mary mix. Plus, there’s the line of seasoning blends which includes Chili Lime, Italian Herb, and Thai Stir-Fry. My favorite so far is the regular chili seasoning mix. It’s a simple way to make a flavorful pot of chili.

Check out Little’s Cuisine and see why there’s absolutely no need for gluten in seasoning mixes!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - GK
What if I told you that you could keep your health and weight loss goals and eat pasta, too?! You wouldn’t believe me, would you? Well, here’s the proof!

Gabriella’s Kitchen offers skinnypasta, a delicious and nutrient rich pasta that is microwavable for a convenient, go-to meal. It is made with ingredients like butternut squash, potatoes, and pea protein, and the Superfood varieties are made with teff and other healthy ingredients. The company also offers gabbypasta, a kid-friendly, smaller portioned version.

skinnypasta is a great standalone meal that contains as much as 25 grams of protein! Or, you can make some sautéed veggies and chicken and add it to the cooked pasta for a combination of home-cooked and ready-to-eat dishes.

What I like most about these pastas is that they aren’t real heavy, yet they fill you up. They are also very versatile and are low in calories and carbs. They are non-GMO and free of preservatives, additives, corn, rice, soy, and other not-so-good-for-you things!

And if you want more proof that this product is great for those trying to maintain a healthy diet, check out the brand ambassadors on their website. There are many body builders, athletes, coaches, and trainers who all stand behind the product, which makes me wonder if I eat skinnypasta, will I look like that, too?

Either way, if you want a convenient yet healthy meal, give Gabriella’s Kitchen a try. Buon appetito!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Bodyecology
If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, chances are you understand a little more about the digestive system than other people. Because gluten can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, many of us have become acquainted with remedies, diets, preventive techniques, and all sorts of tricks to keep us balanced or to help restore our systems when we’ve been “glutened.”

One such technique is to eat/drink/take probiotics and fermented foods and drinks to maintain the good bacteria and fight off the bad bacteria. Body Ecology is a brand that helps you do this. Their products are centered around digestive health and incorporate probiotics and gut healthy ingredients in unique ways.

For example, they offer a probiotic protein powder, which features organic, fermented pea protein and rice protein, Bacillus bacteria for gut health, algae trace minerals for essential fatty acids, and nutrient-dense vegetables that are fermented to remove oxalates. What this all means is that this shake not only provides you with protein, but with the nutrients and probiotics you need to help heal your gut – whether from leaky gut, recent illness, or to get back on track after being glutened. Best of all – it tastes great!

Another unique product they offer is CocoBiotic, an organic, non-GMO coconut water beverage enriched with probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus delbreukii). Because CocoBiotic is a fermented liquid, rather than a probiotic capsule, its probiotic properties are better available for the body to absorb and use. It also contains prebiotics, plus it tastes great!

Body Ecology has tons of other products and it would take much more space here to cover them all – so go check out their site and see how they can help put your digestive system on track!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - OWYN
I don’t know about you, but I’ve tasted some rather unpleasant protein drinks in my day. From gritty textures to bland tastes, some drinks just aren’t up to par with the average person’s palate, let alone someone like myself who tastes a bunch of products each week from new companies and who tastes several recipes a day in my own studio. Not only is taste an issue, but some of the ingredients in protein drinks are simply unpronounceable, unrecognizable, and downright unnecessary.

Luckily, there are companies out there – like OWYN – that don’t want consumers to have to “power through” their protein drinks and that care about the ingredients used.

OWYN (an acronym for Only What You Need) makes ready-to-drink protein shakes in 3 delicious flavors – Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Cold Brew Coffee. They are 100% plant-based, made with pea, pumpkin, and flax – covering all essential amino acids just like a traditional whey protein would do – minus the dairy! Not only are they plant-based and dairy-free, but also free of the top 8 allergens and gluten-free. They contain 20 grams of protein, only 4 grams of sugar (organic cane sugar and no sugar alcohols), and are free of synthetic ingredients and fillers. They also contain organic greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli, for an added boost of nutrients.

In my opinion, there is no longer a need to “power through” your protein shakes when there are options like OWYN available on the market. And for those who prefer protein powder to ready-made shakes, OWYN also has a line of powders that include probiotics and trace minerals.

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - gardenlites
Did you know that only about 1 in 10 Americans eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables? Wow!

Why is it so difficult for us? One reason is convenience. We have to wash and prep veggies before eating them, you typically wouldn’t carry a bag of lettuce in your purse as a snack, and many fast and convenient foods simply do not contain vegetables. Another reason? We just prefer chocolate over veggies … plain and simple.

So, what if I told you that I could get you to eat more veggies in a more convenient way? And there’s even a chocolate option!

I’m talking about Garden Lites. This company want you to eat your vegetables, which is why veggies are the first and primary ingredient in all their products – from Superfood Mac & Cheese to Veggies Chili & Cornbread to Superfood Veggie Cakes to muffins (including Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Oat, and more).

Their #1 product is the Superfood Veggie Cakes, which are full of kale and cauliflower and are free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy. These are delicious as a grab-and-go breakfast for busy mornings.

Another favorite is their muffins – specifically their chocolate ones. I’m a huge fan of chocolate, so when I found out that nearly 1/3 of their chocolate muffins are made of vegetables, it gave me more of a reason to love these chocolate muffins.

All Garden Lites products are gluten-free and many are also free of dairy, nuts, and soy. They are non-GMO and made of clean, simple ingredients. I recommend these to anyone needing a boost in vegetables in your diet, or for those wanting a healthier option to favorite snacks like muffins.

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - casa
I’ve always liked granola – a simple and healthy way to start the day. However, granola can be tasteless and make eating healthier a bit more of a challenge. I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with granola all over again until I tried Casa de Sante’s Oat Free Granola. This incredible granola is almost addictive! I found myself reaching for the packet again and again. Casa de Sante offers exotic and unique flavors like Golden Turmeric, Indian Spicy Hot, and Tuscan Herb, but even the plain granola packs a particularly delicious taste! You can eat this granola in milk, yogurt, or just eat it as-is. It also goes great on top of cereal.

Casa de Sante was founded by Onyx Adebgola, MD PhD, a physician scientist and former pharmaceutical executive. Casa de Sante’s products offer an excellent list of health benefits. The granola has no additives, no preservatives, no fillers and is gluten-free, vegan, cholesterol-free and FODMAP approved.

“What is a FODMAP diet?” you may ask. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols (what a mouthful!). These fancy words are scientific names for four types of carbohydrates. The diet is designed to limit foods that contain carbohydrate molecules, in order to reduce abdominal symptoms and IBS. As a mother of triplets, Dr. Adegbola has seen the effectiveness of a low FODMAP diet firsthand. Low FODMAP foods like Casa de Sante’s granola snacks can help those who are healing after a celiac diagnosis or those still having digestive troubles after going gluten-free.

Casa de Sante is a fantastic and healthy company to nurture your affection for gluten-free products. This artisanal granola is sweet, savory and everything in between!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - simplekneads
It’s no secret that some gluten-free breads can be underwhelming. They can be dry and crumble at a single touch, leaving you unsatisfied.

Be unsatisfied no more! Simple Kneads makes gluten-free bread look and taste wonderful! Simple Kneads bread owns its gluten-free status instead of trying to imitate wheat bread. Not only is the bread gluten-free, but it’s baked with whole food ingredients, no starches and no gums. This makes the bread one-of-a-kind.

The bread is especially moist and dense, packing a lot of substance into a single bite that most gluten-free breads lack. Simple Kneads artisanal bread is perfect for table bread, sandwiches, toast, and more. This high-quality, gluten-free bread will even have your non-gluten-free friends asking for more!

Simple Kneads is an artisanal gluten-free bread company that was started by a parent for their gluten-free child, and that love shines through in this wholesome bread. Founder Tristaun LeClaire discovered his 2-year-old son had a severe intolerance to gluten and was disappointed by the gluten-free breads he found. With a background in natural food, LeClaire came up with his own recipe to give his son the best tasting gluten-free life, and fortunately shared his recipe with the rest of us.

The artisan bread company remains close to its humble roots and prepares every pumpernickel, sourdough, and quinoa power-grain loaf by the hand of a craftsman, putting the artisan back in artisanal bread.

Simple Kneads is a fabulous, wholesome, gluten-free bread bakery that I would highly recommend to anyone gluten-free!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - depumas

Mama Mia! Who doesn’t love pasta? When it comes to gluten-free DePuma’s Gluten Free Pasta has taken pasta to a whole new level with products such as Three Cheese Tortelloni, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and Cheese Manicotti. The taste and texture of their pasta is unbeatable and the flavors are sophisticated.

The start of DePuma’s Gluten Free Pasta was in 2007 when Chef John’s wife Gina was diagnosed with celiac disease. Many gluten-free pastas have textures that simply can’t compare to those pastas made with wheat or grains, and Gina spent over 10 years unable to enjoy pasta. That is when John, being a chef by trade, decided to come up with a recipe that would taste and have the same texture of traditional pasta. He developed his own blend of gluten-free flours to create his own pasta dough, and with plenty of trial and error and over a year of perfecting, John has developed a gluten-free pasta recipe that Gina and all others with dietary restrictions can enjoy again!

I love when a company has drive and determination to achieve a goal to help others, and that is exactly what John did when he created his recipe for artisanal hand crafted pastas. DePuma’s places emphasis on high quality ingredients and technique, and strives to provide a wide variety of pastas that other companies do not offer. Some of the most popular pasta flavors include the Wild Mushroom, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash, but my personal favorite is the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli made with delicious sautéed spinach, garlic, ricotta and Parmesan cheese. YUM!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Sin in a Tin

Sometimes, you just need to indulge. And sometimes, chocolate is the only thing that will fit the bill. That is why I am so glad to have found the delectable chocolate pâté from Sin in a Tin! And since it is made with just five natural ingredients – butter, pastured eggs, organic cream, pure cane sugar, and 60% bittersweet chocolate – this is an indulgence that you don’t have to worry about. It is low in carbs, sodium, and sugar along with having zero trans fat, no preservatives, and is now certified gluten-free. That’s right. Gluten-free, guilt-free heaven (in a tin)!

This scrumptious and convenient dessert is just about as versatile as it is delicious. Serve it cold with fresh berries, under ice cream, or drizzled with your favorite sauce (or all three!). Or, at room temperature, this chocolate goodness is a perfect fondue spread for cookies, fruit, pretzels, or just about anything else you may have sitting in your pantry. Get creative! I don’t think there is a wrong way to serve this little tin of happiness. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, it pairs nicely with a glass (or two) of red wine. And it is always sure to please! This chocolate pâté is the perfect solution to wow guests when you don’t have time to commit to a day in the kitchen, and the cute tin makes it a great gift for every occasion. Every ounce in this tin is pure bliss – pure, delicious, chocolatey bliss!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Explore Asian

Every now and then a product comes along that is truly unique. The newest product to really catch my eye is bean pasta, from Explore Asian. Yep, you heard right – bean pasta! It’s the best of both worlds – the warm and hearty comfort of a bowl of pasta with the low-carb and high protein content of beans.

These bean pastas cook up in minutes and are always al dente. They are great for Asian noodle dishes as well as Western dishes.

Explore Asian makes bean pastas in 4 varieties: Black Bean Spaghetti, Mung Bean Fettuchini, Soybean Spaghetti and Adzuki Bean Spaghetti. My favorite is the Black Bean Spaghetti . The noodles are dramatic and it’s a fabulous alternative to squid ink spaghetti – for the true gourmet.

These bean pastas have the taste of pasta with all the benefits of beans. They are gluten-free, organic, sodium free, low fat, low carb, vegan, kosher and high in iron and fiber. Not just that, but they are an excellent source of protein with a whopping 20-25 grams per serving!

A healthier and much more exciting alternative to traditional gluten-free pasta, Explore Asian bean pastas are sure to be a hit with your family!

Simply Gluten Free Recommends - 4C

Breaded foods are often a no-no when it comes to a gluten-free diet. Most restaurants, pre-made foods or even food prepared at a friend or family member’s house will contain gluten if it’s breaded. Luckily, there is a fabulous product on the market that allows you to enjoy crispy breaded foods again – 4C Gluten Free Crumbs.

Bread crumbs have always been a staple in my house. I think it’s useful for everyone to keep a well-stocked pantry for those days when hunger strikes and you’d rather not go on an expedition to the grocery store. Bread crumbs are part of my essential pantry items – because you never know when you’ll get the urge to add some crunch to dinner.

These gluten-free bread crumbs are perfect for coating chicken, fish and pork. Throwing some breaded meat into the oven to bake is a simple yet delicious way to get dinner on the table quickly. And these bread crumbs are just the ticket to get that done!

4C Gluten Free Crumbs are made with rice flour and are certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Available in two delicious varieties – plain and seasoned – these crumbs are great for all sorts of dishes. The seasoned variety is fab! It is a blend of herbs, spices and imported Pecorino Romano cheese.

So if you’re looking for something to make dinner a bit more special, try coating your meats with 4C Gluten Free Crumbs.

Gluten Free Rufus

Condiments and sauces can be the difference between good food and great food. They can be what transform cooked meat into barbecue. They can make every day steak and chicken sing.

And yet condiments and sauces can be the bane of the existence for those on a gluten free diet; it is not always clearly marked on the label if they are gluten free or not, they often contain ingredients we can’t pronounce much less know what they are and even if the ingredients look OK, how do we know the products have not been cross contaminated with gluten ingredients?

Finding truly great gluten free condiments and sauces is a passion of mine. I have been accused of having a fridge full of condiment, but I have never been accused of serving so-so food! Just saying.

I am really excited to tell you about Rufus Teague barbeque and meat sauces and dry rub. All of Rufus Teague’s products are gluten free (and they say so right on the label!) and are made with natural ingredients and contain no MSG!

Rufus Teague has a line of barbecue sauces that will please any palate – Honey Sweet, Touch of Sweet and Blazing Hot. To quote Rufus “good sauce makes bad barbeque good and good barbeque gooder”. And boy does Rufus make good sauce!

I am seriously in love with Rufus’ meat sauce – it is everything a great steak sauce should be – complex, tangy and savory with just the slightest hint of sweet to balance everything out. His spicy meat sauce makes me drool! I keep looking for new ways to use it, of course it is great on steak but I love it on simply broiled chicken breast, added to my chili to give it a little something special and even stirred into cheese sauce.

As well as being a condiment friend, I am also a bit of a bottle saver – what can I say? I am a sucker for a really cool jar or bottle. Rufus’ sauces come in these super cool flask-like bottles definitely worth saving. While I would never (or almost never) buy something because of the bottle it comes in, it sure doesn’t hurt!

If you are looking for a way to add incredible flavor to your meals, seriously, you must try Rufus Teague sauces and rubs. You can go to their website and order a bottle, a 3 pack, a 6 pack, a gallon or a case. I would go for the case because it is really that good!

Sam Mill Pasta

When I first eyed Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Pasta, I was skeptical. Years ago I had tried corn pasta and to be honest, I hated it. I was also concerned about GMOs and thought that would be a good reason not to risk having to eat something I might not like. But then I read the packaging and noticed that their pastas are all GMO free and 100% natural. So I tried it and guess what? I liked it. Actually, I didn’t like it, I loved it!

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, sugar, yeast soy, nut, sodium and cholesterol free, low in fat, have a low glycemic index and best of all they taste GREAT and remain firm unlike rice pasta which takes some babying to keep from becoming mushy.

My father has never embraced gluten free pasta so I served him some the other day to get a gluten eater’s opinion. I “forgot” to mention the pasta was gluten free and he could not stop thanking me for finally serving him some “regular” pasta. (Let’s just keep that fact that this pasta is gluten free from him, if you don’t mind.)

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas come in a variety of shapes not usually available in gluten free pasta including Bucatini, Conchiliette, and Lasgne Corte. Of course they also make the regulars such as Spaghetti, Fettucinni, Penne, and Elbows; in fact they make 11 varieties of pasta shapes! They even have a couple kid pastas; alphabet and duck shapes. No longer are we stuck with making do with two or three pasta shapes!

If, like me, you have been feeling limited in your gluten free pasta choices, you will be happy to discover Sam Mills Pasta d’oro corn pastas which are now available all over the country. I think you will love this quick cooking, fuss-free, pasta that truly can be cooked al dente, just like pasta should be!

Sam Mills also produces gluten free corn meal, polenta and corn grits as well as extra virgin, GMP free, unrefined corn oil and a line of pasta sauces. I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to these quality products!

Gluten Free Natures Yoke

Nature’s Yolk eggs are by far the best eggs I have ever eaten or baked with (that’s a huge statement!) – my baked goods are so much richer and more flavorful than with conventional eggs!

Rarely do I get to recommend a food so vital to our good health.

Eggs are one of the least expensive, most complete and readily available sources of protein around. They are convenient, nutritious and delicious. But did you know that not all eggs are “created” equally? They used be, back before the raising of eggs was commercialized, people had hens in the yard – they roamed and nibbled and laid eggs for the family. But not so anymore.

Nature’s Yoke has truly brought back eggs as they should be – nutritious and delicious – and responsibly raised!

I am proud beyond words to HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! They are available at responsible retailers.

Please, for the sake of yours and your families health, continue to read here….

Tillen Farms Logo

The slogan for Tillen Farms is “pickled to perfection” and I have to say I agree. Their pickled vegetables, which include asparagus, beans, peppers and carrots, are crispy, gorgeous and packed with flavor. It seems that each vegetable is picked at the exact moment it has achieved the perfect degree of ripeness and then pickled in a way that somehow gives them a great pickled flavor while still retaining the integrity of the vegetable. And did I mention that they are crispy? Seriously? How do they do that? (Secret: When I pressed the owner, I got, “We can’t reveal all our trade secrets but unlike most competitors, we don’t “cook” our products in the jar and we use a “fresh pack” processing method that retains the veggies flavor and crispness.”) It sure works!

The pickled veggies make unique garnishes for cocktails – instead of the typical celery stick in a Bloody Mary, how about a Crispy Asparagus spear or two? Want a new twist on the Dirty Martini? After polishing off a jar of Hot and Spicy Pickled Crispy Beans, save the juice for shaking in with your cocktail – fabulous!

The pickled vegetables are a welcome addition to any antipasto platter and make unique stir-ins that will update classic salads such as potato and gluten free pasta. Tillen Farms also bottles up some of the best sun dried tomatoes you have ever tried.

Their newest addition is the gorgeous Bada Bing Cherries – huge, rich, ripe, Bing Cherries harvested from the Pacific Northwest at the peak of freshness and available all year long thanks to Tillen Farms. Tillen Farms makes Merry Maraschinos – beautiful cherries made without red dye or high fructose corn syrup.

I can highly recommend the products from Tillen Farms – they start with raw ingredients of the highest quality, processed without the use of gluten, sulfites, preservatives, artificial ingredients, corn syrup and dyes. They also happen to be fat and cholesterol free and low calorie foods which makes these delicious snacks just the thing when one wants to maintain a healthy weight or shed a few pounds. Find them in stores every where or order from their website.

Gluten Free Product Recommendations Image

Wanta make your own gluten free Bagels, Potato Bread, English Muffins, Crepes and even Hamburger Buns?! I have found Mina’s Purely Divine! Mina (when you see her big smile, you cannot help but fall in love with her!) is making an All Purpose Flour, a Bread Mix and a Chocolate Cake Mix that works wonderfully well in all these applications.

Gluten free, Wheat, Dairy, Barley, Rye, Oat, Soy, Corn, and Egg FREE!

Mina started out as a chef cook at a spiritual resort, and with wheat and grain allergies herself, developed these wonderful mixes that simply taste and bake up like the real thing! As Mina says, “I considered I had succeeded when the recipes I could make with the 3 mixes gave me the same joy as regular products without any adverse reactions.”

I just love it when someone grows her own idea out of the desire to be healthy herself, into a company that provides for others so much good and real help!! I highly recommend Mina’s!! Her mixes are available on her website!

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