Gluten Free Product Recommendations

by Carol Kicinski on August 15, 2010

I first found SunButter® creamy spread when my sister asked me to come up with an alternative to use in my yummy gluten-free peanut butter cookies for her son Kelton.  Kelton is severly allegic to peanuts.  We are talking shot carrying, anaphylactic shock inducing, scare the heck out of you allergic.

He is also gorgeous, brilliant and charming and has the effect of making me want to do anything I can to make him happy.  And he is a picky eater.  (I can’t blame him, who wants to eats something that doesn’t taste good?)

SunButter turned out to be the answer.  SunButter products are completely peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free.  The products are processed in a facilty that does not process any tree nuts or gluten and are made with roasted sunflower seeds making them lower in fat (by a lot!) higher in fiber and iron than peanut butter and a great source of protein.

But all the nutritional info in the world means nothing to a three year old!  Kelton is concerned with one thing and one thing only when it comes to food – is it yummy?  This is where SunButter gets the big thumbs up!  He loves it.  Turns out I love it too as does my husband.

SunButter makes creamy, crunchy, organic unsweetened and natural peanut butter alternatives and they have just recently come out with SunButter On The Go Snack Packs!  What a great way to take a delicious and healthy snack on the road.

SunButter products have been residing in our home and are now a part of our “family” as well.  Please welcome SunButter to the Simply…Gluten-free family as one of our gluten-free partners.

Kay's Naturals

Now here’s a company that is really taking nutritious snacks, cookies and cereals to-the-next-level!! Developed by a Doctor with the science of nutrition at the forefront of his thought process – these yummy Snacks, Cereals and Cookies by Kay’s Naturals are Better Balance – and are a REAL solution to gluten intolerance, obesity and diabetic concerns as they provide Protein and Fiber to sustain energy, manage weight loss and stabilize blood sugar levels. Here is a REAL solution for the kids who want (and we need to provide them with) good-for-you snacks, cereals and cookies!!

ALL of Kay’s Naturals products are Gluten Free!! The French Vanilla Protein Cereal tastes totally awesome – no trans fats – only 3gs sugar – only 100 calories – and 9 grams of Protein per bag!! I couldn’t put the Crispy Parmesan Protein Chips down once I started to taste them – total yammers!! And only 110 calories – no sugar – AND 10 grams of Protein per serving!!!

With Kay’s whole line of products which includes differant flavored Pretzel Sticks, Protein Chips, Protein+ Cookie Bites, and great tasting Protein Cereals you finally have a gluten free, high protein snack – yes, even the cereals make for a great snack – you can toss in the kids lunch boxes and know they are getting a quailty treat at school or as my husband did – snack away between dinner and going-to-bed, while watching his favorite TV show!

Gluten Free AND – High in Protein – Low Calorie – Low Carb – Zero Cholesterol – and a good source of Fiber!! Daaahhhhh!

A lot of science and dedicated work went into the making of this line of products – I strongly encourage you to utilize it and fully enjoy them for the whole family!!

You will find Kay’s Naturals Better Balance in Health Food stores or you can order assortments from Kay’s Naturals by clicking HERE.

One of my pet peaves is when a food item that does not naturally contain gluten is “glutenized” for no good reason. Case in point is turkey. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the story of someone being oh so careful not to accidentally eat gluten; staying away from the stuffing and gravy, bringing their own gluten-free pies, asking if the creamed spinach was thickened with wheat flour only to become ill after a Holiday meal. The culprit? The one thing that should not have had any gluten in it in the first place – the turkey! Did you know that the turkey you purchase for your holiday dinner may be injected with flour?

Since turkey is the star of the show for my Thanksgiving and other Holiday dinners I like to make sure I get the best turkey I can find. Not only do I NOT want any gluten injected into it, I want it to be all natural, have no hormones added and to be raised antibiotic free. Most importantly I want it to juicy, tender and taste great!

Plainville Farms is where I’ll get my turkeys from now on. All their turkeys are fresh, gluten-free, have no antibiotics or growth hormones injected into them and are humanely raised. They are fed a vegetarian diet which not only produces a healthier turkey but a better tasting one!

Don’t take any chances this year with your Holiday Turkey – get a Plainville Turkey. You will love it! And Martha Stewart agrees with me!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Foster Farms

Oh, how I had missed corn dogs! Sure, corn dogs aren’t fancy-schmancy gourmet food but boy, did I love them.

Fortunately for me and the rest of the gluten-free community, we don’t have to mourn the absence of corn dogs in our lives any longer thanks to Foster Farms’ Gluten Free Corn Dogs.

Foster Farms has long been a trusted name in poultry products – known for its all-natural and humane principles behind the food it offers to consumers. Its products contain no added hormones or steroids. The company’s new line of gluten-free products, launched the summer of 2014, maintains those same standards while also ensuring its new GF line is certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

Not only does Foster Farms make corn dogs gluten-free, they offer Gluten Free Breast Nuggets and Gluten Free Breast Strips. So whether you’re craving corn dogs or bite-size breaded chicken, Foster Farms is sure to not only satisfy your taste buds, but your peace of mind in knowing your food is safe, humane, and all-natural.

Let me tell you more…


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - You Are Loved

I’m often asked, “I’m gluten-free and diabetic, what are some treats I can have?” Luckily, I have many recipes on my website and in the magazine that are either suitable or can be adapted to suit a diabetic’s diet. But, when it comes to suggestions for pre-made treats and snacks, I was often at a loss. What is gluten-free, low on the glycemic index, and delicious? Hmm …

This is where You Are Loved Foods has recently stepped in! I just tried their delicious cupcakes, truffles and protein bites – which happen to be free of gluten, grains, starches, soy, or added sugars. Plus, they are free of refined sugar alcohols – which means no erythritol, sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol or any other funky ingredients you may have trouble pronouncing (or spelling!)

Their products are all Paleo and most are also vegan. There are no preservatives or artificial additives and most ingredients are organic. Another thing that sets these products apart is they are made with a patent-pending, incredibly luscious, rich chocolate that is ⅓ the fat and ½ the calories of leading dark chocolates – so chocolate lovers, be prepared to devour an entire box in one sitting! (Just kidding, who would do such a thing?)

Read more…


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Amrita Bars

I must say, one of the most popular gluten-free products I get sent to try are bars – protein bars, snack bars, granola bars, the list goes on! But of all the bars I try, there are only so many that actually catch my attention and leave an imprint in my mind. Amrita Bars are one of those.

Amrita (which is Sanskrit for “nectar”) is a company that began in 2012 by avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast, Arshad. After his son, Ayaan, was diagnosed with autism and severe gastrointestinal issues, Arshad put him on a gluten- and dairy-free diet. Ayaan flourished, and Arshad noticed his own cholesterol and weight dropped when following a similar allergy-friendly diet. Unhappy with the choices for natural energy bars on the market and armed with this new take on diet and nutrition, Arshad founded Amrita Bars.

These bars get their protein and energy source from all-vegan ingredients, including brown rice, dates, pineapples, mangoes, raw sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, maca, and unsweetened coconut. The bars are gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and soy-free. Plus, every ingredient is non-GMO.

Aside from the nutrition and good-for-you ingredients, one thing I love about these bars is their flavor combinations – Apple Cinnamon, Apricot Strawberry, Chocolate Maca, Cranberry Raisin, Mango Coconut, and Pineapple Chia. Interesting, unique, and truly delicious! My favorite has to be the Apricot Strawberry, mainly because I’ve never really seen that flavor combination and it was a pleasant surprise when I tried it.

So, if you’re looking for something to give you protein, energy, nutrition AND great flavor – look no further than Amrita Bars!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Breton Dare Foods

When I first went gluten-free, there were certain foods I gave a heartfelt goodbye to – different brands of cookies, pastas, and the like. One food I didn’t say a proper goodbye to was crackers. I figured a cracker was a cracker, gluten-filled or gluten-free. But I was wrong. I realized somewhere down the gluten-free road that I should have said farewell because a truly perfect gluten-free cracker was hard to come by. Fast forward 20 years to find the gluten-free market has certainly done a lot to impress my palate!

Case in point: Breton gluten-free crackers.

Breton is a line of products under the Dare brand – a Canadian company that has been around since 1892 (just a hunch, but I think that means they know a bit about baked goods and snacks). They recently launched two varieties of gluten-free crackers – both of which are certified gluten-free by the Canadian Celiac Association’s gluten-free certification program.

These babies are not your average cracker. They are made of arrowroot flour and green lentil flour, giving the crackers its unique texture and flavor. Arrowroot is easy to digest and lentils are high in fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and folate. Plus, they contain no artificial colors or flavors. Substance and flavor? I’m in!
The Original with Flax variety is great – perfect when you need a versatile chip to go with any type of dip. But my favorite has to be the Herb & Garlic – it’s flavorful enough to eat on its own, or you can do as I do and pair it with a cheesy dip or goat cheese spread. The extra bit of flavor in the chips really complements the flavors of cheese. Yum!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Cheesewich

Ever take a slice of cheese and roll some lunch meat up to make little breadless sandwiches? I used to make my own “cheesewiches” all the time, but now I don’t have to – Cheesewich has done it for me!

Cheesewich is a gluten-free, low carb, high protein snack that you can grab and go! It’s super quick, super convenient, and did I mention it’s delicious?

Designed for the fast-paced, yet health-conscious consumer, these snacks are great for moms on the go, whether it’s for themselves or for the kids when hunger strikes. When the kids get hungry, they get cranky – and who wants that when you’re out running errands? Since my kids are grown – and I don’t usually see them get cranky – I reserve these snacks for myself. In a hurry to the airport? These are great to pack in your carry-on. With 14-16 grams of protein each, they will help keep you satisfied and hold you over for a while.

These snacks are not just tasty, they’re award-winning, too! Nominated in the top 5 innovative products at the 2014 Sweets & Snacks Expo, these have also won my seal of approval! So next time you need a convenient grab-and-go snack, try Cheesewich!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Rebecca's Gluten Free

Ah … cookies. That seemingly magical treat that can brighten any day!

Here at Simply Gluten Free, we recently baked up a batch of Rebecca’s Gluten Free cookies. Not only did these get my approval, but minutes after I finished my cookie and went for seconds, they were all gone! The staff had snatched them right up and turned their typical Monday into a deliciously sweet one instead. That’s because Rebecca’s Gluten Free makes gluten-free cookie mixes that are “extraordinary, not ordinary.”

Rebecca’s Gluten Free cookie mixes come in a variety of yummy flavors, including Brownie Cookie, Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, Coconut Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Snicker Doodle Cookie and Pumpkin Spice Cookie. Mine (and apparently the staff’s) favorite was the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie. These were soft and full of rich, chocolate flavor – plus they turned out beautifully and looked just like they did on the package!

The company was founded by a gluten sensitive woman named Rebecca who also has a daughter with gluten sensitivity. She wanted easy, delicious cookies that wouldn’t take many ingredients or time to bake – so she created Rebecca’s Gluten Free cookie mixes. These mixes are so simple, in fact, that the company promises you’ll never have to add more than 3 ingredients to bake any of their delicious cookies!

So, if you’re in a bind and need cookies fast, these mixes can’t be beat!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Chamred Bar

One thing I love is when I find a gluten-free company that has people behind it who care about the product they put out because they themselves must eat gluten-free. That is certainly the case with CharmedBar.

CharmedBars are natural fruit and nut bars that are not only free of gluten, but free of dairy, eggs, grains, soy, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and GMOs.

Why was it important for these bars to be free of all these ingredients? Well, founders Debbi Ascher and Jen Burnstein decided they wanted to create something that would satisfy their cravings while fitting to their dietary restrictions, so they got to work creating CharmedBars in 2013.

Debbi had suffered for years with multiple food allergies. She got on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which involved cutting out all grains, soy, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, among other foods. Jen was diagnosed with Lupus and noticed a correlation between what she ate and how she felt. By putting both their heads together they were able to come up with a perfectly delicious ready-to-eat snack in 3 fabulous flavors!

These fun varieties include Peanut Butter Cherry-licious, Cashew Butter Apple-rageous, and Almond Butter Cran-dipity. My favorite was the Peanut Butter Cherry-licious – an addicting combination of some of my favorite foods!

Yep, CharmedBar definitely lives up to its name!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Tres Pupusas

Ever heard of a pupusa? Well, you’re in luck! I recently tried this fun food and now I’ll tell you all about it.

A pupusa is a stuffed corn tortilla filled with various ingredients (cheese, vegetables, beans, etc.) and is traditionally served with a side of curtido (cabbage slaw with vinegar) and salsa roja. Other great ways of eating a pupusa is with guacamole or topped with a fried egg.

The pupusas I tried are from Tres Latin Foods, a company based out of Boulder, Colorado that got its start in 2008 in farmers’ markets. A few years after it launched, Tres Latin Foods began selling pupusas in Whole Foods Markets and other grocery stores across the country.

Available in Kale & Pinto Bean, Green Chile & Cheese, Spinach & Cheese, Black Bean & Sweet Corn, and Pinto Bean &Cheese, there’s something for everyone. If you still aren’t convinced you should try a pupusa, let me also mention they are gluten-free, non-GMO, and either vegetarian or vegan, depending on the variety you choose. Need even more convincing? Read on.


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Elisabeth Bakery

Bread. It’s possibly the number one thing people think about when they are first diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. How am I going to eat a sandwich? What about toast with my morning coffee?

Luckily, the gluten-free market has expanded since I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity more than 20 years ago, so our options are much more plentiful and better tasting. One newcomer to the gluten-free market in the US that has caught my attention is Elisabeth Bakery.

Elisabeth Bakery started out as La Maison Canelle in Quebec, Canada in 2005. As the company’s products gained popularity and spread into the states, it was clear the owners should establish a US presence. And so, in 2014, Elisabeth Bakery was born.

Elisabeth Bakery has 3 varieties of bread, each of which has a fabulous taste and texture – not like some of those breads I tried during my early years of my gluten sensitivity diagnosis (crumbly, dry, hard). No, Elisabeth Bakery’s breads are not like those unpalatable breads from years ago, they have a homemade feel to them and are moist and soft with a nice flaky crust.
The company’s Nō Bread is free of gluten, dairy, soy, sesame, nuts and eggs – meaning it’s perfect for nearly everyone with food allergies or sensitivities. Elisabeth Bakery also offers Quinoa Bread and Country Style Bread, both of which are gluten and lactose free.

All varieties are non-GMO and use fresh ingredients without any additives or artificial sugars, flavors or colors. Just good, real bread made with real ingredients.

Although Elisabeth Bakery is a new brand here in the states, you can trust that not only does the company have experience since 2005, but it is owned by a celiac – so who better to understand the need for delicious gluten-free bread?


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Element Snacks

Remember when rice cakes were boring? I sure do. In fact, most of them still are.

But now, there’s a rice cake that is anything but boring. ELEMENT is a brand that put a modern twist on a traditional snack. ELEMENT rice cakes are delicious little treats low in calories that are free of gluten, dairy, GMOs, preservatives, hormones, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol and trans fat. Plus, some varieties are vegan.

These snacks – which come in both rice or corn varieties – are made in Italy, a non-GMO country. They are 80 calories each, contain 12 grams of carbs (the equivalent of ½ a banana), and less than ½ teaspoon of sugar (the equivalent of ¼ of an apple).

Not only do these snacks contain healthy, natural ingredients, but they also come in amazing flavors! The rice cake flavors include Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla Orange, and Strawberry ‘n Cream. They also offer a corn cake in Dark Chocolate. My favs are the Dark Chocolate and Sweet Vanilla Orange. The latter is like the love child between a tasty rice cake and a creamsicle!

So if you’re tired of the same ol’ rice cakes and wants something a lot more special for a snack, try ELEMENT. The snacks are available in 800 stores including Wholefoods in the Mid Atlantic and Albertsons in the West, as well as independent health food stores across the country.

Also, right now you can enjoy 20% off your next order with code SGF at


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Fire Cider

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been known as a natural cure-all for dozens of health concerns and a great way to boost your immune system. Even Hippocrates is said to have used apple cider vinegar to treat patients in ancient Greece. And while some of the claims may not be 100% proven, there is an abundance of evidence that shows many of the proposed health benefits are real.

It is said to help aid in digestion and weight loss due to its high acetic acid content. It is also said to help break down proteins into amino acids, which are essential in many processes in the body. Many also claim it helps reduce blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity.

Now, if you’re curious to try apple cider vinegar to see the benefits for yourself, my first recommendation is to not just swallow a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar, unless you want your throat to burn for the next 15 minutes! (Trust me on this.) Instead, there’s a delicious tonic called Fire Cider that helps you get the benefits of apple cider vinegar in a much more pleasant way!

Fire Cider is a spicy, tangy, sweet health tonic based on a centuries old traditional New England folk remedy. This gluten-free tonic is made of raw, certified organic apple cider vinegar, wildflower honey, oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, garlic, turmeric and habanero pepper.

Try a tablespoon a day as a health-building preventative or add it to your favorite beverage, use in a salad dressing or in a marinade. Any way you take it, Fire Cider is an easy way to incorporate the benefits of apple cider vinegar into your daily life!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Restore by New Earth Dynamics

So you’ve discovered gluten is no good for your body, you’ve eliminated it from your life, you’ve been cautious and strict with your diet, but you still feel like your body has been run over by a truck?

Well, I’ve got good news and good news, which would you like first? The good news is you’re not alone on this and the other good news is I may just have the solution for you. Many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity also suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is where the tight-junction barriers in your gut are loosened, causing toxins, insoluble fiber and inorganic materials to leak into the circulatory system.

Luckily, there is a great product out there to save the day! Restore by New Earth Dynamics is safe, effective and easy to take. This liquid supplement has been proven to support gut health and strengthen the tight-junction barriers in your gut.

Ready to start feeling better? Find out more!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Rap Protein Gummies

Protein from gummies?

We all need protein, but sometimes it’s just not convenient to grab a chicken leg or hard boiled egg. So we often turn to bars and shakes, especially when we need a post-workout protein boost. But is there another option out there for those of us who are burnt out on bars and shakes? Luckily – there is!

One pack of tasty RAP Protein Gummies delivers a whopping 20 grams of protein at only 200 calories, all wrapped up in a gummy. How cool is that?

I’d say – it’s pretty cool! Not only does it give adults a reason to eat gummies (and not just steal their children’s snacks), but it is a quick and convenient way to get the much-needed protein your body craves after an exhausting workout. Plus, these packs are fat-free and deliver 100% of your daily value of vitamin C – and of course, they are gluten-free!

Another thing I love about these little gummies is that they are delicious with fresh fruit flavors. Many protein shakes and bars come in flavors like chocolate, vanilla and the like – but these gummies let you get the refreshing and light taste of fruit instead of the sweeter, sometimes heavier taste that you get with shakes and bars.

So if you want to feel like a kid again while you get the protein your active adult life needs, try Rap Protein Gummies!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Venice Bakery

For more than 50 years, Venice Bakery has been making artisanal breads and pizza crusts, so I would say they know a thing or two about baking. Their attention to detail, uncompromising commitment to excellence and continued emphasis on the fundamentals of age-old bread-making traditions has made them one of the country’s largest family-owned pizza manufacturers.

And, since 2005, they have been applying all that tradition and commitment to excellence into making delicious gluten-free products. They offer gluten-free pizza crust, flatbreads, wraps and bread crumbs. The crusts, flatbreads and bread crumbs are also free of dairy, eggs and soy, plus they are vegan! Their crusts and flatbreads come in either plain or seasoned to perfection with Italian seasoning. Their seasoned crust and flatbread are so tasty I do nothing but brush them with a little olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt and then heat for a few minutes – a serious bit of snacking heaven!

Venice Bakery is so committed to satisfying the pizza-loving needs of the gluten-free community that they proudly state that their facility has been tested and certified by the Celiac Sprue Association. When it comes to customers’ health and satisfaction, they take no shortcuts.

If you have been mourning the loss of really good pizza from your gluten-free diet, mourn no longer! You can now have great tasting, perfectly safe gluten-free pizza crust delivered right to your doorstep. They come vacuum sealed which extends their shelf life so they are there waiting for you whenever a pizza craving strikes!

Venice Bakery is so sure you are going to love their gluten-free pizza crusts they even offer a sample pack at a ridiculously low price! Hop over to their website to see the variety of great gluten-free products they make and will ship right to your door!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Pizza Fit N Free

One of my favorite foods just got better!

Good gluten-free pizza was one of those foods that was hard to come by when I first cut gluten out of my life. Luckily, over the years there have been many new options for gluten-free pizzas. One of the brands to recently hit my radar is Pizza Fit ‘n Free.

Though they didn’t always offer a gluten-free variety, this brand has been around since the early 1990s – so they definitely know a thing or two about pizza!

Pizza Fit ‘n Free’s gluten-free pizzas are not your average pie. The company took their knowledge of delicious pizza and changed up a few things to make a gluten-free variety that is organic, non-GMO and sugar-free. Not just that, but the cheeses used on the pizza come from grass fed cows, not grain fed. The cheese is made with non-homogenized pasture-grazed A-2 dairy, which means you’ll get all the valuable nutrients that are often not found in traditional pizzas (when they use homogenized dairy).

Not only are they yummy and healthy, they are also super convenient! These pizzas are personal sized and are delivered to your home to have on hand for whenever a pizza craving strikes. Trust me – with these pizzas, that craving will strike quite often!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Eban's Bakehouse

Every now and then I stumble onto a gluten-free cookie that is just so delicious, so melt-in-your mouth fabulous, that I feel like I should shout it from the rooftops. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to climb onto my roof after an hour-long downpour (I live in Florida, after all), here’s my metaphorical shout from the rooftops: WOW! EBAN’S COOKIES ARE AWESOME!

Now let me explain. Eban’s Bakehouse is a fantastic company created by 2 chefs, Adrienne Novak and Eric “Michael” Braddock. They offer simple and tasty baked goods that are crafted with care and made with the purest and best ingredients possible.

Eban’s offers cookies and breads along with a few other specialty items. Their breads include Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry Walnut, Flaxseed Oat, Seeded, and Oat Bread – all of which are quite impressive. My favorite would have to be the Cranberry Walnut. There’s just something special about it that makes me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and scarf down an entire loaf! All breads are free of gluten, dairy, soy, wheat and preservatives.

Now onto my favorite product they make – the cookies! These yummy treats are free of gluten, soy, wheat and preservatives. They offer Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Walnut Coconut Oatmeal, Crispy Pecan Shortbread, and Peanut Butter. For these, my fave is the Chocolate Chip. Simple, yet fabulous enough for me to end up stashing a few boxes in my desk drawer for later!

So if you’re looking for a treat that’s shout-it-from-the-rooftops good, try Eban’s Bakehouse today!


Walkers Shortbread

I have BIG news! Long ago, before I was gluten-free, I used to love Walkers Shortbread – classic shortbread that has that pure butter taste and the melt-in-your-mouth texture. Luckily, they have just now, for the first time in 116 years, adapted their traditional recipe to be gluten-free. Woohoo!

Made with a blend of rice flour, maize flour and potato starch, these cookies taste exactly like the ones I remember having more than 20 years ago – and I couldn’t be happier they are now offered gluten-free.

Known for its simplicity and luxurious taste, the “World’s Finest Shortbread” is a must-try for all you shortbread-lovers out there. They have also made these cookies without artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives – as is their custom.

Did I mention they offer three varieties? Traditional (pure butter), chocolate chip, and ginger & lemon. Yum! My favorite is the traditional. It’s classic and goes with any sort of beverage, may it be coffee, tea or milk.

So try Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread next time you’re in the mood for something classic and sophisticated (and maybe you’ll even want to throw a tea party in honor of these fabulous treats!)


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - GoMacro

I love to root for companies that look at the big picture by focusing on health, community, sustainability and eco-friendly principles. A great example of that is GoMacro – a company that makes delicious macrobiotic nutrition bars, all while maintaining their core principles to be kind to their bodies and to the earth.

Now if some of you are wondering what macrobiotics is – it’s a type of diet that comprises of foods that are unprocessed, including whole grains, vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and seeds. But macrobiotics is not just a diet – it’s a way of thinking about food. Creating balance, maintaining moderation and listening to your body are the keys to a macrobiotic diet.

GoMacro focuses on those key components to create delicious macrobiotic nutrition bars that are vegan, gluten-free, organic, kosher and non-GMO. There are 11 fabulous flavors to choose from, with 5 of them being super high in protein. Some flavors include Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Apples & Walnuts, Cherries & Berries, Cashew Caramel, Banana & Almond Butter, and much more!

Making delicious, convenient grab-n-go bars is not all this company does. They give back to the community and the environment. Their boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable and can be used as seed starters by being planted directly into the ground. Not just that, but they are the official nutrition bar sponsor for the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Foundation. A company with delicious products and a big heart, GoMacro is definitely one to root for!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Slice of Rice

If you love sushi as much as I do, you’ll be relieved to hear that making this dish at home just got simple! RiceWrap recently introduced its newest line of products, Slice of Rice – the world’s first frozen rice sheet for rolling your own sushi. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? It’s brilliant!

Slice of Rice is gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and contains no high fructose corn syrup, cane sugars, fat, cholesterol, artificial colors/flavors, or preservatives – plus, it’s low in sodium. They come in pre-formed rice pillows for nigiri toppings and 4” by 7” rice sheets for sushi rolls.

Using these products is easy-peasy! Just grab them from the fridge, add your toppings and get ready to roll. There’s no cooking, no waste and no sticky mess – just simple sushi right when the craving strikes.

So if you dream of the day where you can buy pre-made sushi rice sheets at the grocery store and have sushi right at your fingertips in minutes, then it’s time you grab your gluten-free soy sauce and head over to Slice of Rice!

See more here.


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Explore Asian

Every now and then a product comes along that is truly unique. The newest product to really catch my eye is bean pasta, from Explore Asian. Yep, you heard right – bean pasta! It’s the best of both worlds – the warm and hearty comfort of a bowl of pasta with the low-carb and high protein content of beans.

These bean pastas cook up in minutes and are always al dente. They are great for Asian noodle dishes as well as Western dishes.

Explore Asian makes bean pastas in 4 varieties: Black Bean Spaghetti, Mung Bean Fettuchini, Soybean Spaghetti and Adzuki Bean Spaghetti. My favorite is the Black Bean Spaghetti . The noodles are dramatic and it’s a fabulous alternative to squid ink spaghetti – for the true gourmet.

These bean pastas have the taste of pasta with all the benefits of beans. They are gluten-free, organic, sodium free, low fat, low carb, vegan, kosher and high in iron and fiber. Not just that, but they are an excellent source of protein with a whopping 20-25 grams per serving!

A healthier and much more exciting alternative to traditional gluten-free pasta, Explore Asian bean pastas are sure to be a hit with your family!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Engagae Organics

Seasonings are often a hidden source of gluten that not everyone thinks about. They can also be a source of heavy amounts of salt, which can be damaging to your health. Luckily, there are brands like Engage Organics that are not only dedicated to keeping their seasonings gluten-free, but also salt-free, sugar-free, organic and non-GMO.

Engage Organics (which used to be called Parsley Patch back in 1980), is a company that provides healthy flavoring options for the home cook. From all-purpose seasoning to specialty varieties like Mexi-Mix and Tuscany-Mix, there’s something for every type of dish. And the best part is they are all gluten-free and salt-free! Now, just because they are salt-free, doesn’t mean they are flavor-free. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since they don’t use salt they actually include more herbs, which are super healthy for you and taste fresh and delicious.

Engage Organics is a company that stays true to its name – it’s all organic. Organic herbs not only taste better but are healthier because they aren’t sprayed with harsh chemicals and pesticides, are non-GMO and are grown in a way that positively impacts the environment – including reducing soil erosion, protecting water quality and improving the quality and fertility of the soil.

So the next time you’re in need for some delicious, salt-free seasonings with creative flavors and gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, try Engage Organics!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Zing Nutrition Bars

I’m a busy person – places to go, people to see, blog articles to write, magazines to put together. You know, the usual. So for those days where I need to be in 50 places at once doing 50 things at once, I’m glad there are snacks like Zing Nutrition Bars that can deliver sustained energy throughout the day, manage blood sugar levels and give me a complete mix of nutritional needs.

Zing Nutrition Bars are one of the few certified gluten-free nutrition bars on the market today. Loaded with good stuff like heart healthy fats, high fiber, high-quality lean protein and low glycemic carbs, these bars are perfect to keep me focused and satisfy my hunger while on-the-go. Zing bars are 100% natural and contain no artificial additives, sweeteners or flavors. They are all made with a healthy nut butter base plus added protein, fiber, agave nectar and either fair-trade organic dark chocolate or fruit. And did I mention each bar has between 10 and 13 grams of protein?

Now that I’ve raved about the nutrition that’s packed in these bars, let’s talk about the flavor. With flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Mint, Double Nut Brownie, Coconut Cashew Crisp, Cashew Cranberry Orange and many more, it feels more like eating a candy bar than a nutrition bar – and I love that about these!

So next time you’re in need for something delicious, nutritious and super convenient, check out Zing Nutrition Bars – they are truly amaZING!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - 4C

Breaded foods are often a no-no when it comes to a gluten-free diet. Most restaurants, pre-made foods or even food prepared at a friend or family member’s house will contain gluten if it’s breaded. Luckily, there is a fabulous product on the market that allows you to enjoy crispy breaded foods again – 4C Gluten Free Crumbs.

Bread crumbs have always been a staple in my house. I think it’s useful for everyone to keep a well-stocked pantry for those days when hunger strikes and you’d rather not go on an expedition to the grocery store. Bread crumbs are part of my essential pantry items – because you never know when you’ll get the urge to add some crunch to dinner.

These gluten-free bread crumbs are perfect for coating chicken, fish and pork. Throwing some breaded meat into the oven to bake is a simple yet delicious way to get dinner on the table quickly. And these bread crumbs are just the ticket to get that done!

4C Gluten Free Crumbs are made with rice flour and are certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Available in two delicious varieties – plain and seasoned – these crumbs are great for all sorts of dishes. The seasoned variety is fab! It is a blend of herbs, spices and imported Pecorino Romano cheese.

So if you’re looking for something to make dinner a bit more special, try coating your meats with 4C Gluten Free Crumbs.


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - TeeChia

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet 48% of Americans routinely skip breakfast. Why? Because they just don’t have the time! (I’ve been guilty of that myself.) And yet, two-thirds of American adults complain about not having enough energy in the morning.

Well, I’ve got the answer to this breakfast/time/energy dilemma: TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal.

Although many cereals on the market today are loaded with sugar and not-so-healthy ingredients, TeeChia is not. This refined sugar-free, nutritious cereal is made from six organic super seeds, including chia, flax, amaranth, quinoa, ramón and pumpkin seeds and blended with certified gluten-free rolled oats and sweetened purely with fruit.

What’s particularly great about this cereal is that it contains a unique soluble fiber that is released when soaked. This fiber prolongs the release of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to provide a satisfying sense of fullness, maintain energy levels and balance blood sugar levels. It is also packed with antioxidants, 1200mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 6g fiber, 28g whole grains and 7g protein.

Prepared in less than one minute, TeeChia is a fast and convenient way to get your day off to a great start. There’s no more excuses – get nourished and energized today with TeeChia!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Among Friends

Some of my greatest ideas are thought of over a cup of coffee. And it seems I’m not the only one whose inner genius shines with a cup of brew. Two friends, Suzie Miller and Lizann Anderson started their company, Among Friends, while sipping coffee and enjoying delicious cookies. They realized that there had to be a way to make cookies more nutritious without sacrificing taste – and that’s exactly what they did!

Healthy cookies. It almost sounds like an oxymoron, but trust me – it’s not! Among Friends creates amazing baking mixes for cookies and brownies that are packed with nutritious ingredients such as gluten-free oats and ground flax. All of their products are Non-GMO Project Verified, free of peanuts and most importantly, they are free of gums, starches and fillers. Although some of their varieties are not gluten-free, they still offer plenty of delicious flavors that are certified gluten-free by the GFCO, including CJ’s Double Chocolate Cookies, Trish the Dish Crisp Topping, Phil ‘em Up Oatmeal Cookies, Shane’s Sweet-n-Spicy Cookies and ‘Liv it Up Chocolate Cake.

My favorites include CJ’s Double Chocolate Cookie with its super chocolately flavor with a hint of espresso, all rolled into a whole grain, low cal cookie that tastes almost like a brownie. I also love Trish the Dish Crisp Topping, a treat that turns any fruit into a healthy and delicious crumble.

Among Friends didn’t just start with two friends, but it has been built around the idea of friendship – hence the name of the company and the names of their products. They name each product after someone they love – either a friend or family member. Yet another reason I adore this company’s products!

Next time you’re looking for that made-from-scratch taste and feel, just pick up a baking mix from Among Friends.


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Tiger Nuts

I recently stumbled onto a product that is truly unique. They’re nuts, that aren’t actually nuts at all! So that means that people who can’t eat nuts can eat these nuts because they aren’t really nuts. Does that make sense? Do you feel nuts yet?

Ok, in all seriousness, this new product I’ve discovered is called Tiger Nuts. They look like nuts, the name suggests they are nuts, they have a nutty flavor, but they are actually tubers, which grow from the ground – much like a potato. They are a nut-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, organic snack, packed with vitamins and 33% of your necessary daily fiber intake.

These little bite-size snacks are wonderful for an afternoon pick-me-up and they help curb your cravings in between meals. They are not just good for those with nut allergies, but also those with diabetes and lactose intolerance. I’ve even heard they can help prevent heart attacks, activate blood circulation, and potentially reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Though Tiger Nuts may be a new snack for some, they’ve actually been around for nearly four thousand years and in fact, the Egyptians made them the world’s first cultivated food. I think the Egyptians knew just how delicious and nutritious these “nuts” are –and now you too can discover the wonder-snack that is Tiger Nuts!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Zema's

Gluten free foods are necessary for gluten intolerant or celiac consumers, but they have also been known to be beneficial to those with autism, behavioral disorders or even ADHD. One mom took it upon herself to not only put her children on a gluten free/dairy free diet, but she made it her mission to bring those foods to consumers, so you too can fuel your family with healthy, gluten-free foods!

Zemas Madhouse Foods makes delicious, wholesome mixes for pancakes, waffles, muffins, cookies, pizzas and more. These aren’t your typical “mix-in-a-box” – they are all gluten free and made with ancient whole grains such as teff, quinoa, millet and sorghum. The company uses minimally processed ingredients that are free of the top eight allergens, such as dairy, soy, rice, sesame, yeast, tree nuts, peanuts, sulfites, additives, trans fats, preservatives and refined sugar. They are also kosher, Non-GMO Project Verified, and vegan certified. That means these mixes are perfect for an allergy-prone family and they are also diabetic-friendly.

Zemas also has a great story – and I’m a sucker for companies with great stories! It started with a woman named Jill Motew, a mom of 5 children – 4 of whom have ADHD. They are active children who needed clean and healthy foods to fuel their busy lives, so Jill put them on a GFDF diet, free of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. From there she began Zemas Madhouse Foods. The name Zemas stands for the first initial of each of her children’s names – a fun and clever way to not only distinguish the company from others, but to help keep the company mission focused on family and wholesome foods.

I love these mixes because they make breakfast simple. The Peruvian Sweet Potato Pancake & Waffle Mix is perfect for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet meal that’s packed with hemp, chia and flax meal, making it a great way to start the day. Breakfast can often be difficult for those who are new to gluten-free, but companies like Zemas help put breakfast back on the table.

Zemas also makes pizza mixes and other wonderful items, all of which are packed with good-for-you ingredients and delicious flavors. Check out Zemas Madhouse Foods today and see for yourself!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Jamba Juice

There’s something about a smoothie that can just brighten my day! And since I don’t always feel like busting out the blender and mixing up a smoothie from scratch, or getting out of the house to buy a smoothie at the local shops, I’m happy I’ve found a convenient make-at-home smoothie that can be my go-to when I need something healthy and refreshing in a pinch.

Jamba “At Home” Smoothies are perfect for a morning snack, post-workout recovery or an afternoon pick-me-up. I’m not always a breakfast person early in the mornings, so I love to mix these up before an early morning flight – they’re fast and convenient and not too heavy, so I won’t feel sluggish on-the-go.

All of the Jamba “At Home” Smoothies are naturally low in sugar and calories, contain zero trans fats and no high-fructose corn syrup. They’re made with whole fruit or vegetables and can be whipped up with a cup of apple juice to make two 8-ounce servings.

My favorite variety is the newest one, called Green Fusion. It’s the only variety to have both fruits and veggies, so that’s a win-win in my book. I’m also a big fan of the Mango-a-go-go smoothie, because I love creamy mangos and the name is pretty fun to say!

So next time you’re craving a smoothie, just pick up some Jamba “At Home” Smoothie mixes. They’re fast, fun and delicious – it’s just like having a Jamba Juice store in your very own kitchen!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - Boulder Canyon

I love snacking on chips and dip – from tortilla chips with salsa, to vegetable chips with hummus, to potato chips with spinach and artichoke dip. But when I’m on-the-go or if I simply run out of dip and don’t feel like making my own, what’s a girl to do? Boulder Canyon Natural Foods has the solution with their deliciously flavored variety of chips.

These chips are so full of flavor that there’s no need for dips! From Garden Select Vegetable Crisps to Hummus & Sesame Chips to Spinach & Artichoke Potato Chips, there’s a flavor to satisfy every palate.

Just a few of the many things I love about these chips include: no preservatives, minimally processed, zero trans fats, zero cholesterol, no added MSG, non-GMO, low fat, low sodium, low calories and many varieties (but not all) are gluten-free! And you can rest assured, the gluten-free varieties have been certified GFCO and are manufactured in a gluten free certified facility. Not just that, but these chips are not your ordinary potato chip – they are made with 22% less fat than traditional kettle chips and they are cooked in better-for-you oils such as sunflower, olive, safflower and avocado oils that are low in saturated fats.

These chips are tasty, not greasy and with a variety of unique flavors, you can fulfill any flavor craving you might have. Though it’s difficult to choose a favorite, I’d say the Spinach & Artichoke is one of my top picks. I also love their new varieties inspired by heart-healthy oils. Both the Avocado Oil Canyon Cut potato chips and the Olive Oil Canyon Cut potato chips are naturally delicious choices.

So the next time you’re in the mood for snacking and you want a healthier option, look no further than Boulder Canyon!


 Gluten Free Holy Crap

Looking for the perfect way to start your day?  How about starting it with some of the world’s oldest and most perfect foods for humans?

Holy Crap (gotta love that name!) and Skinny B Cereals are chuck full of perfect foods – super foods like chia, hemp and buckwheat.  Foods that fill you up and fuel you up for whatever your day will bring.

Did you know that chia was more valuable than gold to the Aztecs?  The Tarahumara people of Mexico were great warriors and are renowned for their long distance running ability.  Guess what super food they have eaten for ages to fuel the bodies of their warriors and athletes alike?  Yep, chia!

The serving size of both Holy Crap and Skinny B is 2 tablespoons.  This gave me some serious pause.  I mean I cannot think of a single thing that would fill me up with just 2 tablespoons!  So needless to say, I was skeptical.  However, when you soak the cereal in water (or almond milk or…) it swells up to a much larger volume and it fills you up for HOURS!  You heard me right – 2 tablespoons fills you up for hours!  AND it is delicious!  And there are only 130 calories in a serving!  Delicious, nutritious, fills you up for hours and only 130 calories?  Does it get more perfect than that?

If you need to maintain your energy and blood sugar levels or are just looking for a super nutritious way to start you day, you really must try Holy Crap and Skinny B cereals.  Holy Crap has dried organic cranberries, raisins, bits of apple and cinnamon added to the basic cereal mixture of Skinny B.

Of course both cereals are gluten free but they are also dairy free, kosher, vegan, salt free, sugar free, organic, nut free and raw.  I am having a difficult time thinking of a diet these cereals would not fit.

I can’t promise you that your whole day will go perfectly but I can recommend the perfect way to start it- Holy Crap and Skinny B cereals!


Simply Gluten Free Recommends - HomeFree

Ever have an award-winning cookie? Like not just “mom’s best cookie” but an actual award! Well it’s time you try HomeFree cookies – not just award-winning but multiple-award-winning!

These cookies received the Best Snack Award from Shape Magazine, the Favorite Allergy Friendly Sweets Award from’s National Reader’s Choice Awards, and the Food & Beverage Product Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.

Wondering why they got so many awards plus my seal of approval? Let’s start with the fact that they are all natural or organic, certified gluten-free, certified kosher pareve, low sodium, vegan, non-GMO project verified, and free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, and some varieties are free of soy as well. Not just that, but they are made in a certified peanut, nut, egg, dairy, and gluten free facility to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

This means they are great for those with nearly any food allergy or preference. Not many cookies can do that!

Okay, so now that you know they’re safe – which is one reason they are award-winning – now let’s get to the flavor!

These cookies are fabulous. With flavors like chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, vanilla and oatmeal, there’s something for everyone. My personal favorite are the double chocolate chip cookies – because seriously who can ever get enough chocolate?

These cookies don’t have that weird gritty texture like some gluten free products have. They passed my recipe motto and test of not just tasting “good for gluten free,” but just plain good!

Another thing I love about these cookies is that they are a great source of whole grains, which is sort of rare when it comes to gluten free foods.

These cookies are perfect for adults and kids alike. The mini cookies sampler packs are wonderful on-the-go snacks for those times when hunger (or the craving for sweets) strikes!





Did you know flax seed contains about twice the amount of omega-3 as found in fish oils? Just ¼ cup of flax contains 9,000 mg of omega-3! Not just that, but flax can help to promote normal cholesterol levels and improve digestion.

If you don’t include flax seeds in your diet, you should! And I have just the way to help you do that. Foods Alive has some delicious and super healthy products that are a perfect way to include flax in your diet. They put a tasty twist on flax with products such as dressings and oils.

Flax oil is a staple for me when it comes to salads, which is one reason I enjoy these products. The Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils and the Super Dressings are my favorite products in this line of foods that are all organic, vegan, kosher and gluten-free.

The oils are artisan crafted in small batches – this attention to detail makes for high-quality oils that are delicious. Their dressings are made with their cold-pressed oils and contain over 50% oil, which is more than the average dressing on the market. This makes for more essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 in their dressings.

Not only does Foods Alive have flax oil, but they have other varieties of dressing and oil as well, such as black sesame, chia, and hemp. And if you want just the raw product rather than the dressing or oil, they have that too! You can get flax seeds, chia seeds, black sesame seeds and hemp seeds, among other super food products like cacao powder and Himalayan pink sea salt.

So if you’re looking for some super yummy super foods, check out Foods Alive!





If you’re looking for something simple, delicious, and unique for your next cocktail party, look no further than SayCheezZ cheese rolls.

SayCheezZ is a new bakery located in the panhandle of Florida that manufactures frozen baked Brazilian cheese rolls. The facility is gluten-free and since the owners both have grain allergies they know the importance of creating a safe and delicious product!

The company is called SayCheezZ quite possibly because their food makes you smile so big! Yep, these gluten-free cheese rolls really give you something to smile about – they’re packed with flavor, loaded with regionally supplied and organic ingredients and did I mention they are super easy?
These rolls come frozen, so all you need to do is bake them and you’re good to go. You get all the great flavor of Brazilian cheese rolls without all the work. Cheese rolls are a huge success in Brazil and have been a staple for decades. You can now have cheese rolls made from an authentic Brazilian recipe with gluten-free ingredients. You get traditional South American street food easy as can be, and gluten-free– no passport required!

SayCheezZ’s rolls are very versatile and pair wonderfully with wine or cocktails for parties, with coffee for breakfast, or just as an afternoon snack. And they come in 3 yummy flavors: Regular, Bacon, and Sun Dried Tomato. I love the twist on traditional with the bacon and sun dried tomato varieties (I mean really, who wouldn’t love bacon and cheese?)

So if you’re in the mood for something warm, cheesy and oh-so-delicious, grab SayCheezZ cheese rolls!





Ah, chickpeas. They’re crunchy, delicious, and a better alternative to greasy snack foods. Chickpeas are a source of zinc, protein and phosphorus. And did I mention they’re low in fat?

All this talk about chickpeas makes me want to grab a bag of Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas! With international flavors like Wasabi, Falafel, and Bombay Spice, who can resist? The exotic and all-natural flavors make these snacks stand out from the rest.

These snacks are perfect for on-the-go and are great for the kids’ lunch boxes or even party snacks at your next get-together. In fact, the Falafel Crunchy Chickpeas were voted “Best Party Bites” by Shape Magazine. Not bad!

Of course they are gluten-free, but they are also Non-GMO project verified, which is a big plus in my book!

Saffron Road makes other products too, such as sauces and frozen entrees, but so far I’ve only tried the crunchy chickpeas. If those are any indication of what the rest of the product line has to offer, I can’t wait to try more!

Another thing I love is that Saffron Road is a company of good morals. Their food is all-natural, sustainably farmed, antibiotic-free and harvested on family-owned farms.

Food products that are treated with such care and passion bring just a little something extra to the table.

So when you start to get that snacking feeling, toss the greasy chips and reach for Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas instead!




Gluten Free Beetnik


You know those days when you just don’t feel like measuring, chopping, mixing or even thinking when it comes to dinner?

I do! That’s why I recommend Beetnik. They deliver prepackaged foods to your door that take minimal effort to make. And some are already cooked and ready to go!

Beetnik is paleo and gluten-free foods made easy! Their foods are fresh, natural, and free of MSG, HFCs, artificial flavors, hormones and antibiotics. They believe that great food comes from great ingredients, which is why they have invested in two farms in Central Texas to secure a source of high quality pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed beef.

Their food is lovingly prepared and wholesome. And with a wide variety of products, there’s something for everyone! One of my personal favorites is the grass-fed beef.

Not only do I love that their food is uncomplicated and delicious, but I also love the guidelines of the company itself. For one, they have a nutritionist on staff and the founder is a chef from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Not only that, but one of Beetnik’s views it that their “customers care about what they eat, how it’s produced, and who produces it, and we do too!”

So if you agree with their philosophy and you just don’t feel like slaving away to make dinner every night, try Beetnik!




Gluten free products are literally sent to me every day – so you can imagine that it takes a lot to get my attention. Moon Rabbit Foods grabbed my attention, big time!

Moon Rabbit Foods makes a line of gluten free Baking Mixes that are truly superior. They are what I call “pastry quality”.

The first thing I tried (and swooned over) was the Pie Dough Mix. To be honest, I thought this would be the one least likely to impress me. But I was wrong! I make a very good pie crust from scratch, so to have a mix impress me is saying something. The result was flaky, light and everything you want in a pie crust. I served mini tarts to my guests at a huge holiday party I hosted; the majority of the people there were not gluten free. The comments were unanimous – the tarts were fabulous!

Moon Rabbits Cornbread, Focaccia and Pizza Dough, Biscuit and Scone, Brownies and Yellow Cake Mixes were all equally delicious. One for one, each of the products I tried and tested was spectacular.

It is no wonder Moon Rabbit Foods mixes are so fabulous; they are created by traditional pastry chefs with many years of experience working in some of the country’s most renowned restaurants including : The Four Seasons Resorts, Disney World Orlando and Ritz Carlton Hotels. Taking their passion for and considerable knowledge of pastry making and applying it to gluten free has resulted in mixes you will be proud to serve to anyone – gluten free or not!

For the folks at Moon Rabbit Foods, it is all about helping those who live with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to have not just better options, but delicious, fine quality foods. Their goal is to blend their desire and experience to create great tasting foods that ultimately promote healthier lifestyles. Personally, I feel they are living up to their goals in spades!

You can find Moon Rabbit Foods mixes at select fine retailers, on and on their own website.



Gluten Free RP's Pasta Co

Things have change in the gluten free world the last few years. We can buy breads, pastas, and baked goods that taste great!  We are lucky – we no longer have to compromise in taste because something is gluten free.

As good as gluten free pasta has gotten over the years what has been missing until now is fresh gluten free pasta.  Yes – FRESH gluten free pasta!  Thanks to RP’s Pasta Company, fresh pasta is missing no more!

RP’s Pasta Company is an artisan food manufacturer to its core.  They use the finest, all natural ingredients; make the pasta in small batches, with an appreciation for Old World culinary traditions, and most importantly, a love for food.

RP’s Pasta has long been renowned for their authentic, fresh pasta.  When founder and owner Peter Robertson was approached by a long time customer who was emotionally distraught over finding out they could no longer eat wheat and gluten thus having to forgo his delicious pasta, he set out to develop a gluten free recipe to equal or even surpass the quality of the great fresh pasta RP’s was making. In 2008 there was a EUKEKA!! moment when it happened. RP’s started making fresh gluten free/wheat free pasta that matched the quality of their traditional semolina pastas.

All RP’s gluten free pastas are made in a dedicated gluten free facility so it’s certified gluten free! I am personally grateful to that customer and to Peter!

RP’s gluten free fresh pasta cooks in just two minutes meaning you can have a fabulous gluten free pasta dinner on the table in no time!

Look for RP’s fresh gluten free pasta in Whole Foods and other fine retailers across the country.



Gluten Free Blossom Fine Foods

You know how it is – you want a sweet, decadent gluten free treat and you want it now!  Not an hour or two later – the time it takes you to make it (assuming you are a really great baker.)  You want to have the same convenience that people who are not gluten free have, to be able to run to the store and pick up a beautiful cake, torte or some brownies for dessert.  And most of all, you want that treat to taste just as fabulous as its gluten filled counterpart.

Thanks to Blossom Fine Foods, you can have it all!  Fabulous desserts and breads that just happen to be gluten-free!  Blossom Fine Foods is a bakery that specializes in gluten free desserts and bread, established by people who want to offer delicious desserts that are gluten-free without sacrificing quality or taste.

They offer a diverse mix of 14 different gluten-free products, many of which are available in individual, dual, or party sizes; just right if it is just you, you and your honey or a whole crowd!  With items like Berry Streusel Cheesecake, Mocha Cheesecake, Coffee Cakes, Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Cake, Marble Brownies, Carrot Cake and Almond Mocha Meringue, you are sure to find the perfect fix for your pastry cravings.

Committed to providing safe gluten free baked goods (all of their products are certified gluten-free by the GFCO), they control the gluten free purity of their products in their own gluten-free bakery and use only the finest ingredients, including organic sweeteners.

Head over to Whole Foods and other fine retailers to pick up your own tempting treat from Blossom Fine Foods.  Go ahead and share with the gluten eaters in your life. You’ll make them very, very jealous!




Gluten free Kwik-pak

For ten thousand years the Yu’pik people have lived off the wild salmon in a remote area of Alaska by the Yukon River.  The salmon in this area must navigate up to 2,000 miles of cold, pristine water, swimming against powerful currents from the mouth of the river and as a result, store up more oil rich Omega 3s than any other salmon in order to sustain the grueling journey.

Thanks to folks at Kwik’pak Fisheries, we can enjoy this amazingly rich, delicious and nutritious salmon from this remote area without having to travel to the wilds of Alaska.

Dedicated to sustainable harvesting of this wild salmon, Kwik’pak Fisheries is certified sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council and Global Trust.  They even have a really cool feature on their website which enables customers to know they are buying authentic Yukon River Salmon as all their products are traceable using the Trace Register system.

My husband is quite the salmon fisherman himself and to be honest, we have become a little spoiled; he would go on his yearly fishing trip, bring home tons of salmon that he would smoke himself for us to enjoy throughout the year.  As wonderful as his salmon is, I must say that Kwik’pak Fisheries cold smoked salmon is even better!  (Shh, don’t tell my hubby that I said that!)  With no preservatives and only natural ingredients, the salmon is preserved in the same manner as has been done for generations of Yu’pik Eskimos.

The Smoked Yukon River Keta from Kwik’pak Fisheries are versatile and easy to use in a number of recipes. Of course they are wonderful on gluten free crackers with a bit of cream cheese and onions but they are also delicious on salads or in chowders or added to your favorite dips.

Look for Smoked Yukon River Keta from Kwik’pak Fisheries in your local retailers or go to their website.  In fact, you should go to their website anyway to learn the whole fascinating story of this unique and wonderful product!



Gluten Free Rufus

Condiments and sauces can be the difference between good food and great food. They can be what transform cooked meat into barbecue. They can make every day steak and chicken sing.

And yet condiments and sauces can be the bane of the existence for those on a gluten free diet; it is not always clearly marked on the label if they are gluten free or not, they often contain ingredients we can’t pronounce much less know what they are and even if the ingredients look OK, how do we know the products have not been cross contaminated with gluten ingredients?

Finding truly great gluten free condiments and sauces is a passion of mine. I have been accused of having a fridge full of condiment, but I have never been accused of serving so-so food! Just saying.

I am really excited to tell you about Rufus Teague barbeque and meat sauces and dry rub. All of Rufus Teague’s products are gluten free (and they say so right on the label!) and are made with natural ingredients and contain no MSG!

Rufus Teague has a line of barbecue sauces that will please any palate – Honey Sweet, Touch of Sweet and Blazing Hot. To quote Rufus “good sauce makes bad barbeque good and good barbeque gooder”. And boy does Rufus make good sauce!

I am seriously in love with Rufus’ meat sauce – it is everything a great steak sauce should be – complex, tangy and savory with just the slightest hint of sweet to balance everything out. His spicy meat sauce makes me drool! I keep looking for new ways to use it, of course it is great on steak but I love it on simply broiled chicken breast, added to my chili to give it a little something special and even stirred into cheese sauce.

As well as being a condiment friend, I am also a bit of a bottle saver – what can I say? I am a sucker for a really cool jar or bottle. Rufus’ sauces come in these super cool flask-like bottles definitely worth saving. While I would never (or almost never) buy something because of the bottle it comes in, it sure doesn’t hurt!

If you are looking for a way to add incredible flavor to your meals, seriously, you must try Rufus Teague sauces and rubs. You can go to their website and order a bottle, a 3 pack, a 6 pack, a gallon or a case. I would go for the case because it is really that good!



Sam Mill Pasta

When I first eyed Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Pasta, I was skeptical. Years ago I had tried corn pasta and to be honest, I hated it. I was also concerned about GMOs and thought that would be a good reason not to risk having to eat something I might not like. But then I read the packaging and noticed that their pastas are all GMO free and 100% natural. So I tried it and guess what? I liked it. Actually, I didn’t like it, I loved it!

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, sugar, yeast soy, nut, sodium and cholesterol free, low in fat, have a low glycemic index and best of all they taste GREAT and remain firm unlike rice pasta which takes some babying to keep from becoming mushy.

My father has never embraced gluten free pasta so I served him some the other day to get a gluten eater’s opinion. I “forgot” to mention the pasta was gluten free and he could not stop thanking me for finally serving him some “regular” pasta. (Let’s just keep that fact that this pasta is gluten free from him, if you don’t mind.)

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas come in a variety of shapes not usually available in gluten free pasta including Bucatini, Conchiliette, and Lasgne Corte. Of course they also make the regulars such as Spaghetti, Fettucinni, Penne, and Elbows; in fact they make 11 varieties of pasta shapes! They even have a couple kid pastas; alphabet and duck shapes. No longer are we stuck with making do with two or three pasta shapes!

If, like me, you have been feeling limited in your gluten free pasta choices, you will be happy to discover Sam Mills Pasta d’oro corn pastas which are now available all over the country. I think you will love this quick cooking, fuss-free, pasta that truly can be cooked al dente, just like pasta should be!

Sam Mills also produces gluten free corn meal, polenta and corn grits as well as extra virgin, GMP free, unrefined corn oil and a line of pasta sauces. I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to these quality products!



Gluten Free To Market To Market

There are so many things I like about To Market To Market (yep! That’s the name – from the fairy tale rhyme!) that I barely know where to start. But I suppose it is only logical to begin with the products they produce.

To Market To Market makes a line of herb and spice dip mixes that can be used for so much more than just dips. All of their products are gluten free, Kosher Certified and as of now, salt free. They contain no MSG and no chemicals; just great tasting, lovingly combined herbs and spices that will turn you into a entertainment rock star!

While the products are all called dip mixes, they can be used for so much more. The fabulous flavor combos are also great for seasoning meats as they roast or cook in the crock pot, stirred into soups and stews, tossed with pasta, added to jams and preserves and for spicing up seafood on the grill.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite from the 27 different varieties of dip blends but so far I am loving the Garlic of Eatin’ and It’s Greek To Me. Which brings me to another thing I love about this company, all the products have tongue in check, catchy names – gotta love a company with a sense of humor.

The owners of this company, Kent and Eileen, are passionate about producing the highest quality, freshest, and tastiest dip blends around. In fact they are so passionate about it that Eileen insisted on buying this 25 year old company several years ago after having used To Market To Market products in her successful gift basket business for years. When people are passionate about what they do, it shows!

Most pre-packaged dip mixes contain just enough product for a cup or two of dip but not To Market To Market, their little packets make between 4 – 10 cups of dip! That’s more than anyone else and a lot of party bang for your buck! The fact that their packets contain more product than packaging means you are paying for dip mix, not packaging. It also means they are socially responsible, by not over packaging, they are reducing the use of disposable packing products. Owner Kent likes to say they are really in the “entertainment business”, not the food business and they will make your parties bigger and better! How much do we love that?

Visit their website to see that array of dip mixes and to get special savings discount coupons. Just another thing I love about this company – great quality products at a savings!


Gluten Free Way Better Snacks

If you read my blog at all, you know I am a serial snacker! Yes, I eat regular meals, but I dearly love my snacks. I am just not one of those people who can eat only three times a day!

The only problem with my snacking habit is it is a really good way to ingest a whole lot of empty, useless calories. That’s why I needed to look for a way better snack – and I found one! Way Better Snacks makes a line of healthy, wholesome chips that are anything but empty, useless calories. Yep, you heard me right – chips that are actually GOOD for you!!!

Way Better Snacks starts their chips with whole grains and sprouted seeds and then they add flavor – lots and lots of flavor! Seriously, how cool is it to be able to munch on chips while cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and not have to feel guilty about it? (Don’t tell anyone but I even sneaked these into the movie theater – healthier, no trans fats and way better tasting than movie house popcorn!)

All the ingredients in Way Better Chips are natural and wholesome, no fillers, no preservatives or trans fats – they are gluten, dairy and GMO free, vegan, certified Kosher and most all – THEY TASTE AMAZING!!!

What makes these chips a healthier snack lies in sprouting – sprouting unlocks all the “good” that is inherent in all grains, seed and beans and brings them back to life (nutritionally speaking) which means when we eat them we are eating a more nutritionally dense final product. In essence, Way Better Snack unlocks the secret goodness in food and puts it all in a chip.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite between the Blue Corn, Multi-Grain, Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Sweet Chili Chips but if I had to, I would pick the Sweet Chili. Or maybe the Black Bean. No, definitely the Sweet Potato …Oh please! Don’t make me pick!

If you are looking for a way better snack – I can most wholeheartedly recommend Way Better Snacks – wholesome, nutritious and delicious. What more do you want in a snack? They are available in store all over America – enjoy!


Gluten Free Wellesse

Sometimes the road to good health is confusing, frustrating and fraught with pitfalls. When I first fully committed to a gluten free diet and lifestyle, I found myself not getting completely well despite all my best efforts. Low and behold, I discovered that there was gluten in my vitamins! Seriously! Every day I was doing all I could to improve my health and every day I was inadvertently ingesting a little bit of poison.

That is why I am so honored to introduce you to Wellesse. This company really gets it! Wellesse makes a line of premium liquid supplements that are 100 percent gluten free. But that’s not all. Many of their products are sugar free as well and the very fact that they are liquid instead of in a pill form means they absorb into the body much more efficiently. The body does not have to breakdown the supplements first so they get into the body fast and effortlessly.

For those of us with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity we know that absorbing nutrients can be a problem. Our small intestines may be damaged and for those new to a gluten free diet, many are malnutritioned despite eating well. Wellesse offers a wide variety of supplements including ones that we gluten sensitive most need such as Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Digestive Health and B-Complex.

If you have tried liquid supplements in the past and found them completely unpalatable, no worries here – every one of their products I have tried are delicious! I mean it doesn’t matter how good something for you is, if you won’t ingest it, it is not going to help! These taste GREAT!

As I said, when it comes to gluten sensitivity and vitamin supplementation, this company really gets it! I urge you to check out their line of products and see for yourself. Their products are available at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart,, and many other places including on their own website HERE.




Gluten Free Conte's Pasta

I am going to admit that when I first looked at a bag of Conte’s frozen gluten free Ravioli I was skeptical. After all I try to stay on top of what’s out there when it comes to gluten free foods, to be honest I have not had a frozen gluten free pasta item that was great. I tried a few that were OK and a lot that were terrible but never one that was something I would eat on any kind of regular basis. But then along came Conte’s.

The only thing I like better than their Ravioli is their Pierogi! Tender but not mushy, dough stuffed with onions, potatoes and even a cheese variety, these babies are to die for! But you needn’t take my word for it. My husband’s mother was a little Polish woman who made everything from scratch. My husband grew up with a wide variety of delicious Polish foods all lovingly prepared and he was more skeptical than I when it came to tasting the Pierogi, after all he grew up with “real Pierogi”. Needless to say, he was just as impressed as I.

Conte has a whole line of delicious gluten free frozen products such as Stuffed Shells, Lasagna, Gnocchi, several varieties of Ravioli and of course their incredible Pierogi. They are convenient, fast and wholesome. And a seriously easy way to get dinner on the table fast! When you need to get dinner on the table with even more ease, they even have a line of gluten free frozen microwave meals that include Cheese Lasagna, Cheese Ravioli with marinara sauce, Gnocchi with marinara sauce, and Cheese Ravioli with marinara sauce.

Conte has a 28,000 square foot, dedicated gluten free facility for producing all their gluten free products so we can be assured that their products are safe.

So far every product I have tried I have loved! And I have tried almost ALL of them. The very best part of what I do is when I get to taste really great gluten free products and tell you about them. I know, it is hard work but someone has to do it! You’re welcome. Go see them HERE.



Gluten Free Natures Yoke

Nature’s Yolk eggs are by far the best eggs I have ever eaten or baked with (that’s a huge statement!) – my baked goods are so much richer and more flavorful than with conventional eggs!

Rarely do I get to recommend a food so vital to our good health.

Eggs are one of the least expensive, most complete and readily available sources of protein around. They are convenient, nutritious and delicious. But did you know that not all eggs are “created” equally? They used be, back before the raising of eggs was commercialized, people had hens in the yard – they roamed and nibbled and laid eggs for the family. But not so anymore.

Nature’s Yoke has truly brought back eggs as they should be – nutritious and delicious – and responsibly raised!

I am proud beyond words to HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! They are available at responsible retailers.

Please, for the sake of yours and your families health, continue to read here….



Gluten Free Recipes - Pistachios

If you ask me what my favorite nut is, I can answer without even having to think about it – Pistachios! There are a lot of reasons to love pistachios, they are heart-healthy, antioxidant powerhouses, packed with vitamins and minerals, have as much fiber as a serving of oatmeal, naturally gluten and cholesterol free and have fewer calories than any other nut (which means you can eat more).

But that’s not why I love them so much – I love them because they taste so darn good! After all, no matter how good something is for you, if you don’t eat it, it does no good! And besides which, they just look happy – ever noticed that a pistachio in the shell looks likes it is smiling?

I use pistachios in my gluten free, vegetarian and vegan baking and cooking all the time – it is a fantastic and tasty way to add protein to salads, pilafs, vegetable dishes and baked goods.

One of my all –time favorite tricks is to use ground pistachios as a coating for fish, meat and poultry – it transforms everyday ingredients into a gourmet meal.

I always keep a big bag of pistachios in my pantry so I can grab a healthy snack when feeling a little peckish or am on the go. I also travel with a bag of pistachios – airports and train stations are notoriously difficult for finding something gluten free to eat, so to keep my energy up while traveling, pistachios are the answer!

I will let you in on one of my top secrets when I want to shed a few pounds – I count out a serving of pistachios for a snack, slowly shell each one before eating it and savor every bite – they leave me feeling satisfied and not one bit deprived.

So whether you want to get healthy, cook like a gourmet chef or lose a few pounds, reach for pistachios, you won’t be sorry!




Tillen Farms LogoThe slogan for Tillen Farms is “pickled to perfection” and I have to say I agree. Their pickled vegetables, which include asparagus, beans, peppers and carrots, are crispy, gorgeous and packed with flavor. It seems that each vegetable is picked at the exact moment it has achieved the perfect degree of ripeness and then pickled in a way that somehow gives them a great pickled flavor while still retaining the integrity of the vegetable. And did I mention that they are crispy? Seriously? How do they do that? (Secret: When I pressed the owner, I got, “We can’t reveal all our trade secrets but unlike most competitors, we don’t “cook” our products in the jar and we use a “fresh pack” processing method that retains the veggies flavor and crispness.”) It sure works!

The pickled veggies make unique garnishes for cocktails – instead of the typical celery stick in a Bloody Mary, how about a Crispy Asparagus spear or two? Want a new twist on the Dirty Martini? After polishing off a jar of Hot and Spicy Pickled Crispy Beans, save the juice for shaking in with your cocktail – fabulous!

The pickled vegetables are a welcome addition to any antipasto platter and make unique stir-ins that will update classic salads such as potato and gluten free pasta. Tillen Farms also bottles up some of the best sun dried tomatoes you have ever tried.

Their newest addition is the gorgeous Bada Bing Cherries – huge, rich, ripe, Bing Cherries harvested from the Pacific Northwest at the peak of freshness and available all year long thanks to Tillen Farms. Tillen Farms makes Merry Maraschinos – beautiful cherries made without red dye or high fructose corn syrup.

I can highly recommend the products from Tillen Farms – they start with raw ingredients of the highest quality, processed without the use of gluten, sulfites, preservatives, artificial ingredients, corn syrup and dyes. They also happen to be fat and cholesterol free and low calorie foods which makes these delicious snacks just the thing when one wants to maintain a healthy weight or shed a few pounds. Find them in stores every where or order from their website.



Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods

Hear Yee! Hear Yee! The kids will WANT to eat this meal!! Gluten Free Mac & Cheese – made with Brown Rice Flour!! I had one and it was scrumptious – but more importantly, the g-kids were over, each of them had one then begged for another one AND THEN ATE A THIRD ONE !! THEY LOVED THESE!!!

Also FREE from WHEAT, SOY, EGGS and NUTS – 100% US sourced ingredients – 3 grams fiber per serving – Non-GMO.

And they were INSTANT – into the micro for a few minutes and wha-laa… a meal in a cup!!

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods also makes a wonderful Gluten Free Potato Pasta fortified with Flax and vitamins and minerals – all in a factory solely dedicated to the production of gluten free pasta!!

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods are committed to bringing high quality foods to the gluten free marketplace AND they maintain a very strong commitment to environmental stewardship as they conserve energy with the use of solar electricity at their plant. My kind of company!!



Gluten free San-J logo

San-J makes Soy Sauce and Grilling Sauces that are completely gluten free. For years after I went gluten free, I would eat sushi and get a headache. Then one day I discovered that soy sauce has gluten in it. I thought my sushi eating days were over. Then I discovered that the San-J brand of Soy Sauce is gluten free! Oh….a part of life came back to me!! I was so happy – I would take my bottle with me when we went to the sushi houses! San-J SAVED MY LIFE!!

Now the same wonderful company makes a great variety of grilling (barbeque) sauces! Not just some ole dark red hot spicy BBQ sauce – I’m talking classy, wonderfully flavored grilling sauces for every type of meat! An Asian BBQ Sauce, a Sweet & Tangy Sauce, an Orange Sauce, and an awesome Teriyaki Sauce.

ENJOY THE DELICIOUSNESS OF OUTDOOR GRILLING – Use San-J Grilling Sauces – available in the local super markets! I absolutely LOVE them!!


Wanta make your own gluten free Bagels, Potato Bread, English Muffins, Crepes and even Hamburger Buns?! I have found Mina’s Purely Divine! Mina (when you see her big smile, you cannot help but fall in love with her!) is making an All Purpose Flour, a Bread Mix and a Chocolate Cake Mix that works wonderfully well in all these applications.

Gluten free, Wheat, Dairy, Barley, Rye, Oat, Soy, Corn, and Egg FREE!

Mina started out as a chef cook at a spiritual resort, and with wheat and grain allergies herself, developed these wonderful mixes that simply taste and bake up like the real thing! As Mina says, “I considered I had succeeded when the recipes I could make with the 3 mixes gave me the same joy as regular products without any adverse reactions.”

I just love it when someone grows her own idea out of the desire to be healthy herself, into a company that provides for others so much good and real help!! I highly recommend Mina’s!! Her mixes are available on her website!



Gluten free SunbutterSunButter saves lives! It’s really as direct and simply as that! This substitute for peanut butter is available for kids (and adults) with nut and peanut allergies – some so severe, that just close contact puts them in the hospital. I have a nephew in that category.

This roasted sunflower seed spread is simply ingenious and tastes awesome in a SunButter and Jelly Sandwich! I use this all the time in cooking applications instead of nuts. It comes in both a Creamy and a Crunchy texture and makes wonderful “peanut butter” cookies!! Contains lots of Vitamin E and is a great source of Protein!

I cannot recommend SunButter highly enough! The people in the company – all the way to the top, are simply great people with a strong sense of responsibility to ensure a nut-free safe product that tastes so yummy!!!


Gluten Free Hurst Family Harvest

Whether it’s Summer barbecue season, Spring or Fall, or in the middle of Winter, there are few dishes as satisfying as a good bowl of beans. It’s one of those dishes that I sometimes just crave. How about beans packages with the seasonings all together – ready to make the house smell awesome as they cook! Pre-mixed foods in today’s world of additives and preservatives, makes it really difficult to know you are eating gluten free when spices are added to a product as the spices can be contaminated or simply have un-labeled wheat in them. It’s one of my pet-peeves!

Well….rest assured, I can now fully recommend a dried bean company, Hurst Family Harvest, that makes absolutely the most wonderful bean mixes – all naturally seasoned – all ready to go – just put in the pot and shortly thereafter, enjoy the best of the best!

Since 1938 (YES!, that is not a typo) the Hurst family, now in its 4th generation has supplied America with the highest quality beans. All natural seasonings and NO artificial ingredients or preservatives!! Contains complex carbs and protein, is low in fat and cholesterol-free, an excellent source of fiber and full of zinc, iron and folates and as a side note, the American Institute for Cancer Research says that bean eating reduces the risk of several types of cancer. It doesn’t get much better, health-wise and taste-wise!! I HIGHLY recommend the Hurst Family Harvest brand of bean mixes!!



Gluten Free Crunchmaster

I love to snack! Now I have found, a gluten-free cracker that I actually LOVE. You must run to the store and get CRUNCHMASTER Crackers!! Baked-in flavors that will totally satisfy, from the “I-just-want-a-snack” to “I’m-having-guests-over” and I want a great tasting cracker. Too many flavors to list – my absolute favorites are the Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper and Herb and the Roasted Garlic – major yummers!!

These crackers are all Natural, Low in saturated fat, Cholesterol Free, Wheat Free and of course, Gluten Free! They are made with brown rice and loaded with healthy grains and seeds like quinoa, sesame, flax, millet and amaranth. Sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, garlic and other flavorings to give rich, full bodied tastes.

FINALLY a cracker I can TOTALLY recommend as gluten free and healthy and best yet, enjoyable to just munch-on or serve to my most discriminating guests! Read more about this…



OMG!! Betty Lou’s famous by-line, “Just Great Stuff…and Plenty of It!”, truly says it all!! We are talking 100’s of products that are Gluten Free, Dairy free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Vegan, Lactose Free, Barley Free, Hormone Free, Low or No Cholesterol, Low Fat, High Protein, High Antioxidants, and Organic-Certified – Bars, Protein Shakes, Fruit Bars – in more shapes and flavors then you can imagine!

To understand the huge product lines, you have to understand Betty Lou herself – full of energy, constantly creating, happy as can be, instantly smiles and loves you! This woman is a giant in her category – Bars and Shakes and Snacks!! You cannot help but fall in love with Betty Lou just as you fall in love with her many products – incredible variety, all taste fantastic, and all healthy in one way or another – a full supermarket for Bars and Protein Drinks for all types of allergy conditions, with 40 different products in the gluten free category alone! You must go to her site and see what I mean!! I get excited just looking at all the great foods available! Thank you Betty Lou for what you have created to satisfy the gluten free diet.


Gluten Free Cuisinart Logo

When they simply make the finest Food Processors in the world and you have prepared food with one for 30 years and it still works perfect and then they give you another one free, it’s mighty hard to not recommend that company – the famous brand, Cuisinart!! From Food Processors to Bread Makers to Blenders to Toasters to Waffle Makers to Coffee Makers to Cookware to Tea Kettles and on and on and on – “Cuisinart” simply stands for “perfection” in my mind. I have owned many Cuisinart products AND the wonderful part is I STILL own them all as I have NEVER had a Cuisinart product fail me yet – and that’s going back 30 years!! Their motto, “Built Stronger to Last Longer” is not just a motto, it’s a FACT for me. See my post with my full story on my Cuisinart experience at – and you will understand why this company truly rates #1 in my kitchen and I can without hesitation tell you, “Buy Cuisinart!”


Kay's Naturals

Now here’s a company that is really taking nutritious snacks, cookies and cereals to-the-next-level!! Developed by a Doctor with the science of nutrition at the forefront of his thought process – these yummy Snacks, Cereals and Cookies by Kay’s Naturals Better Balance – are a REAL solution to gluten intolerance, obesity and diabetic concerns as they provide Protein and Fiber to sustain energy, manage weight loss and stabilize blood sugar levels. Here is a REAL solution for the kids who want (and we need to provide them with) good snacks, cereals and cookies!! ALL of Kay’s Naturals products are Gluten Free!! The French Vanilla Protein Cereal tastes totally awesome – no trans fats – only 3gs sugar – only 100 calories – and 9 grams of Protein per bag!! I couldn’t put the Crispy Parmesan Protein Chips down once I started to taste them – total yammers!! And only 110 calories – no sugar – AND 10 grams of Protein per serving!!! You will find Kay’s Naturals Better Balance in Health Food stores or you can order assortments from Kay’s Naturals directly.



You know I love my gluten-free desserts. But I am trying to make healthier choices in my eating habits. I believe that small changes can add up to big results. This is why I am now using Wholesome! line of agave nectars, honeys, molasses and organic sugars. With no harmful chemical, no genetically modified ingredients and of course, no gluten I can feel just a bit better about enjoying my desserts! I may have started using organic sugar as a small step to healthier eating but the reason I continue to use it with such pleasure is that it tastes incredible! Not a sharp sweetness like bleached granulated sugar, it has a mild, mellow flavor which adds such depth and dimension to baked goods. This is due to a bit of natural molasses being left in the sugar crystals when they are milled. Wholesome! sugars are all Fair Trade Certified so I can feel even better about giving my sugar business to a socially responsible company. Two of their products that have changed my life are the organic powdered sugar which contains no cornstarch and the maple flavored agave. Seriously, changed my life!



I love Kelapo’s coconut oil! Virgin coconut oil is known around the world as a healthy, flavorful alternative to butter and other oils and Kelapo is the ONLY organic and Fair Trade certified brand available – and its gluten free of course! Kelapo coconut oil adds enticing flavor to foods both savory and sweet without adding any trans fat. Great for cooking and baking with gluten-free recipes. It is also my secret weapon when I make vegan cupcakes and frostings. Erin Meagher, a high school teacher, discovered the value of virgin coconut oil as a replacement for butter and other oils and after extensive research has developed the finest tasting, highest quality food grade virgin coconut oil in today’s marketplace. Added to that, Erin has taken on the role of spreading the word to those of us so interested in our health. Kelapo is also committed to eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources. And I just love companies who care as much about our planet as they do about making good products, don’t you?



I have found a turkey I can highly recommend to all my readers – Plainville FarmsTurkeys. Plainville Farms grows its turkeys in a humane, animal friendly environment and without the use of antibiotics. They use only the finest vegetarian feed free of any animal by-products which not only produces a healthier turkey but a better tasting one! Completely gluten-free with no injected fats, oils or gluten, antibiotics or growth hormones, these fresh turkeys are quite simply the best tasting turkeys I have ever cooked. And I am not alone in that opinion, Martha Stewart also recommends Plainville Turkeys and they are the turkeys she sells as her signature turkey under the Martha Stewart brand. Plainville Farms are not only dedicated to raising safe, wholesome, delicious turkeys but are the leaders in humane, sustainable turkey farming.


Gluten free has never tasted so good – that’s Kinnikinnick’s motto and I wholeheartedly agree! 15 years ago when I first went gluten-free, I thought that many simple, beloved foods I had taken for granted were to become a thing of the past. But thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kinnikinnick we gluten-free folks can now enjoy breads, muffins, bagels, cookies, hamburger buns and even doughnuts! All Kinnikinnick’s products are gluten, wheat and tree nut free and many are dairy free as well. Not only does Kinnikinnick make delicious tasting gluten-free products, they are socially responsible as well, supporting groups that further the eduction of Celiac Disease and Autism as well as helping to fund Research Centers. As a note I recently tried one (or 5) of their K-Toos (a gluten and dairy free cookie VERY similar to an Oreo Cookie) and may I just say, it was a little bit of heaven in my gluten-free world.

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