Crunchmaster – Happy, Healthy and Gluten Free

by Carol Kicinski on May 29, 2011

You know I love to snack! I mean, seriously, how do you survive on just three meals a day?! You gotta have the in-between-times, the after-dinner, and the late-at-night snacks. And what’s better to snack on than crackers?

I have not been able to find, until now, a gluten free cracker that I actually liked. In fact one of my longest running pet-peeves in the gluten free world has been crackers – rather, I should say, the lack of a really truly good cracker that I could enjoy myself and even more importantly, serve to guests with my appetizers and hors d”oeuvres. Well….I have finally found a brand I LOVE – CRUNCHMASTER.

Original Gluten free Crunchmasters Crackers

They tasted TOO good and I wanted to see the actual plant where the crackers were made so I traveled 1 1/2 hours North of Chicago and took a factory tour. WOW! Never have I seen anything so clean and sterile and the personnel so professional and contamination-cautious – this is one REALLY gluten-free plant – with even it’s own testing lab!! I was so amazed at the process – by the way, it’s a total secret how they make these crackers, so I can’t say a word about it otherwise they would have to kill me! But I can tell you that it is an amazing process and now I understand how they get the CRUNCH and the GREAT FLAVORS into these crackers. They definitely are Oven Baked! I have never seen such huge ovens before!

All Natural, low in saturated fat, cholesterol free, no trans fats, wheat free and of course, gluten free!

No artificial flavors, preservatives or other junk !!!!

Gluten Free Crunchmaster Sea Salt Crackers

They make 3 Multi-Grain Crackers – SEA SALT, ROASTED VEGETABLE and WHITE CHEDDAR – I like them all – LOVE the Sea Salt!

Gluten Free Crunchmaster Rosemary And Olive Oil CrackersThey make 4 Multi-Seed Crackers with sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth seeds – ORIGINAL, ROSEMARY & OLIVE OIL, ROASTED GARLIC, and TOASTED ONION – every one of them is delish! These flavors will accompany any dip or spread! Love the Roasted Garlic with hummus.

Gluten Free Crunchmaster Roasted Garlic CrackersAdd some yummy ingredients to the above Multi-Seed Crackers, you get Crunchmasters latest 7 Ancient Grains Crackers in 2 great flavors – CRACKED PEPPER & HERBS and HINT OF SEA SALT – again, awesome flavors – no sugar and very LOW IN FAT!

Gluten Free Crunchmaster multi-grain-crisps

FINALLY a cracker worth writing about and enjoyable to eat and serve to my guests.

Thank you Crunchmaster for all the incredible work and expense you have gone to in order to produce this industry-leading product for our gluten free world.

I just love it when I can so wholeheartedly recommend a product – not only the product itself, but it’s worth noting that the personnel at Crunchmaster are genuine, good-hearted, fun-loving people!!!

xo,   Carol

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