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by Carol Kicinski on October 22, 2014

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If you’re still having digestive issues after being on a strict gluten-free diet for a while, it could be that you’re suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome. Not familiar with Leaky Gut? Here’s the breakdown.

Your gut contains tight-junction barriers, which act as an intelligent gate in the gut wall, preventing intestinal permeability, which is where toxins, insoluble fiber and inorganic materials leak into the circulatory system. When these tight-junction barriers are loosened and intestinal permeability ensues, the condition is referred to as Leaky Gut.

Leaky Gut is caused by the foods we eat in today’s world – highly processed, filled with pesticides and antibiotics, etc. The Standard American Diet (also called SAD – and for good reason!) can wreak havoc on our levels of good and bad bacteria in the gut, causing Leaky Gut or other digestive concerns.

Gluten in particular is a known cause for Leaky Gut, and even after starting a gluten-free diet, your body may have trouble healing. That is where Restore by New Earth Dynamics comes to the rescue!

Restore is a new supplement which has been proven in laboratory tests to support gut health and strengthen the tight-junction. The best part of Restore is that unlike pharmaceuticals, Restore was not found to be toxic in the lab when placed on renal cells (the most sensitive cells in the body), as well as intestinal cells – meaning it is not only effective, but safe!

Not only is Restore a quality product, but it is also very easy to take and being in liquid form makes it more easily absorbed into the body. Since gluten damages the villi in the intestines of those with celiac disease, nutrients often have a difficult time being absorbed until the body begins to heal. Liquid supplements make it that much easier for the body to absorb them, allowing you to heal quicker.

Safe, effective, and easy to take, Restore could just be the thing you need to replenish your body and heal Leaky Gut.

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