by Carol Kicinski on November 24, 2014

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Ok, so rice cakes might not sound like the most exciting food on the planet – but that’s just because you have yet to try ELEMENT rice cakes. These babies are super flavorful and come in a variety of fun flavors, including Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla Orange, Strawberry ‘n Cream and they offer corn cakes in Dark Chocolate.

Not only are these snacks tasty, but they are rather healthy for an afternoon pick-me-up. They are just 80 calories each, contain less than ½ teaspoon of sugar and 12 grams of carbs. Plus, did I mention they use all-natural ingredients and are free of gluten, dairy, GMOs, preservatives, hormones, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol and trans fat? Yep – pretty awesome for such a decadent-tasting treat!

The company’s rice cakes aren’t the only awesome thing – the company itself is pretty cool too! Produced in Italy by European couple Nadia and Fred, ELEMENT’s international flair makes me feel like I’m eating a truly special snack – as if I took a little trip to Europe and brought back a wonderful dessert.

Nadia has a history of digestive disorders that require her to be on a gluten-free diet as well as a diet of limited sugar and dairy. She struggled with finding yummy, simple, ready-to-eat desserts that fit her dietary restrictions. So, after experimenting with sweet for years, she discovered she could eat and enjoy well coated rice cakes as they are free of gluten and low in sugar and dairy. Thus – ELEMENT was born. And boy, am I glad it was!

If you’re wondering if rice cakes can be used in recipes – the answer is yes! ELEMENT has cute party snack ideas using its rice cakes on its website. Visit the site to see recipes and learn more about ELEMENT rice cakes. Visit soon, because right now you can enjoy 20% off your next order with code SGF at store.elementsnacks.com.

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