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If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that over the past year I’ve become more and more dedicated to using collagen daily. I typically start my day with a cup of coffee with a scoop of collagen stirred in – it’s easy, doesn’t change the taste, and ensures I get my daily dose of collagen. One of my favorite collagen brands is Great Lakes Gelatin.

Collagen is a form of gelatin – hence the name Great Lakes Gelatin. Collagen is found naturally in bones, skin and cartilage and begins to decrease as you age. Great Lakes Gelatin offers collagen and gelatin products that are sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle in Argentina and Brazil and are free of chemical or pesticide residue. Their collagen contains a distinctive group of amino acids that makes it 95% bioavailable (the body can absorb it) in the human body and easily digestible.

What I love about Great Lakes Gelatin’s collagen hydrolysate is that it dissolves easily, has a neutral taste and they offer both a container and a single-serve pack option, which is a great buy for those who want to take collagen on-the-go when traveling or in their purse to work.

Great Lakes Gelatin also offers Collagen Endurance, which is a blend of collagen, protein isolate, B vitamins, and other good-for-you ingredients. This blend is great for pre and post workout to give you natural energy and replenish the nutrients in your body.

If you have yet to follow my lead of daily collagen consumption, Great Lakes Gelatin may be the reason you start!

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