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I know there’s been some hype lately about bone broth and collagen, but I’ve been consuming both those things for years! Admittedly though, I’ve been using them a lot more lately.

Both collagen and bone broth have the ability to strengthen your body’s joints, cartilage, and tissues, making them excellent additions to the diet for both young people who are athletes or who are trying to prevent future damage from aging, and for mature adults who already have some joint pain. Because collagen is found in bone broth, you can actually do double-duty by primarily using bone broth. And, if you want a boost of protein or a convenient way to consume the broth, rather than boiling bones all day, you can use a bone broth protein powder! Yes, this really exists, and it’s amazing!

Ancient Nutrition is a brand that offers regular and organic bone broth powders. They have Bone Broth Protein, Bone Broth Collagen, and Bone Broth Meal, as well as a few athlete-centered items like a pre-workout and muscle building formula. My favorites are the protein powder and collagen powder. I like to use the protein after I workout in the mornings, as a shake, and I use the collagen powder in my coffee (you can’t taste it and it mixes into hot coffee effortlessly!).

The company’s products are available in eight delicious flavors, like French Vanilla and Cinnamon Apple. Plus, they are gluten-free (of course) and Paleo-friendly.

If you’re looking for a protein powder that isn’t whey-based, or if you want to give bone broth a try but have been apprehensive to drink it the traditional way, Ancient Nutrition is the solution.

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