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Despite popular belief, vodka is not typically made from potatoes. In fact, only about 1 to 3 percent of vodka consumed in the U.S. is made from potatoes. Most vodkas are made grains – corn and wheat usually.

Because of the distillation process, any gluten in the final alcohol is said to be removed, but if other flavorings or ingredients are added to the product before packaging, it could potentially contaminate it. That’s why I like to stick with vodka that is in fact made from potatoes. If it starts gluten-free, it’s much more likely to end that way!

One of my go-to vodkas is Blue Ice Handcrafted American Potato Vodka, made of Idaho Russet Potatoes and naturally filtered fresh water from the Rocky Mountains. Talk about refreshing!

I love the smoothness of this vodka and how well it goes with something as simple as tonic water and fresh squeezed lime. Knowing where the water comes from and how the entire production process is all controlled under one roof is also a bonus – it gives you great reassurance that you’re drinking a good product. Plus, did I mention they are certified gluten-free? Yep! In fact, Blue Ice Potato Vodka was the first vodka to become certified gluten-free by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in 2013.

If you’re looking for a dependable vodka to turn to when you want a cocktail, I highly suggest Blue Ice Vodka! Cheers!

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