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Every now and then a product comes along that is truly unique. The newest product to really catch my eye is bean pasta, from Explore Cuisine. Yep, you heard right – bean pasta! It’s the best of both worlds – the warm and hearty comfort of a bowl of pasta with the low-carb and high protein content of beans.

These bean pastas cook up in minutes and are always al dente. They are great for Asian noodle dishes as well as Western dishes.

Explore Cuisine makes bean pastas in 4 varieties: Black Bean Spaghetti, Mung Bean Fettuchini, Soybean Spaghetti and Adzuki Bean Spaghetti. My favorite is the Black Bean Spaghetti . The noodles are dramatic and it’s a fabulous alternative to squid ink spaghetti – for the true gourmet.

These bean pastas have the taste of pasta with all the benefits of beans. They are gluten-free, organic, sodium free, low fat, low carb, vegan, kosher and high in iron and fiber. Not just that, but they are an excellent source of protein with a whopping 20-25 grams per serving!

A healthier and much more exciting alternative to traditional gluten-free pasta, Explore Cuisine bean pastas are sure to be a hit with your family!

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