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Recommends: Nature’s Yoke

Nature’s Yoke eggs are by far the best eggs I have ever eaten or baked with (that’s a huge statement!) – my baked goods are so much richer and more flavorful than with conventional eggs!

Rarely do I get to recommend a food so vital to our good health.

Eggs are one of the least expensive, most complete and readily available sources of protein around. They are convenient, nutritious and delicious. But did you know that not all eggs are “created” equally? They used be, back before the raising of eggs was commercialized, people had hens in the yard – they roamed and nibbled and laid eggs for the family. But not so anymore.

Nature’s Yoke has truly brought back eggs as they should be – nutritious and delicious – and responsibly raised!

I am proud beyond words to HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! They are available at responsible retailers.

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