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When I first eyed Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Pasta, I was skeptical. Years ago I had tried corn pasta and to be honest, I hated it. I was also concerned about GMOs and thought that would be a good reason not to risk having to eat something I might not like. But then I read the packaging and noticed that their pastas are all GMO free and 100% natural. So I tried it and guess what? I liked it. Actually, I didn’t like it, I loved it!

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, sugar, yeast soy, nut, sodium and cholesterol free, low in fat, have a low glycemic index and best of all they taste GREAT and remain firm unlike rice pasta which takes some babying to keep from becoming mushy.

My father has never embraced gluten free pasta so I served him some the other day to get a gluten eater’s opinion. I “forgot” to mention the pasta was gluten free and he could not stop thanking me for finally serving him some “regular” pasta. (Let’s just keep that fact that this pasta is gluten free from him, if you don’t mind.)

Sam Mills’ Pasta d’oro corn pastas come in a variety of shapes not usually available in gluten free pasta including Bucatini, Conchiliette, and Lasagne Corte. Of course they also make the regulars such as Spaghetti, Fettucinni, Penne, and Elbows; in fact they make 11 varieties of pasta shapes! They even have a couple kid pastas; alphabet and duck shapes. No longer are we stuck with making do with two or three pasta shapes!

If, like me, you have been feeling limited in your gluten free pasta choices, you will be happy to discover Sam Mills Pasta d’oro corn pastas which are now available all over the country. I think you will love this quick cooking, fuss-free, pasta that truly can be cooked al dente, just like pasta should be!

Sam Mills also produces gluten free corn meal, polenta and corn grits as well as extra virgin, GMP free, unrefined corn oil and a line of pasta sauces. I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to these quality products!

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