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It’s no secret that some gluten-free breads can be underwhelming. They can be dry and crumble at a single touch, leaving you unsatisfied.

Be unsatisfied no more! Simple Kneads makes gluten-free bread look and taste wonderful! Simple Kneads bread owns its gluten-free status instead of trying to imitate wheat bread. Not only is the bread gluten-free, but it’s baked with whole food ingredients, no starches and no gums. This makes the bread one-of-a-kind.

The bread is especially moist and dense, packing a lot of substance into a single bite that most gluten-free breads lack. Simple Kneads artisanal bread is perfect for table bread, sandwiches, toast, and more. This high-quality, gluten-free bread will even have your non-gluten-free friends asking for more!

Simple Kneads is an artisanal gluten-free bread company that was started by a parent for their gluten-free child, and that love shines through in this wholesome bread. Founder Tristaun LeClaire discovered his 2-year-old son had a severe intolerance to gluten and was disappointed by the gluten-free breads he found. With a background in natural food, LeClaire came up with his own recipe to give his son the best tasting gluten-free life, and fortunately shared his recipe with the rest of us.

The artisan bread company remains close to its humble roots and prepares every pumpernickel, sourdough, and quinoa power-grain loaf by the hand of a craftsman, putting the artisan back in artisanal bread.

Simple Kneads is a fabulous, wholesome, gluten-free bread bakery that I would highly recommend to anyone gluten-free!

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