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Anyone who has followed by blog long enough knows that I’m all about organic and pasture-raised eggs, which means it should be no surprise when I tell you that’s how I like my chicken, too! I buy organic chicken for my own home cooking and when my family comes over for dinner I make them organic food, as well. So, when I have my grandkids over for the weekend and I want simple foods I know they will eat that won’t take long to prepare (ever witness a 5-year-old who is hangry?), I turn to Hip Chick Farms.

Hip Chick Farms makes chicken meatballs in two varieties that are gluten-free and organic, so I can make my grandkids a quick lunch. They also make gluten-free and organic chicken breakfast sausage in three varieties, so I can give the kids a protein-rich breakfast in a snap!

The chicken and turkey in all the Hip Chick Farms products are humanely certified, free range, natural and organic poultry that are raised without antibiotics, added hormones or GMOs. Hip Chick Farms sources their chickens from farmers across the country who meet their high standards for treatment and high-quality diet

The products themselves are free of fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients. They are products that you can feel good about feeding to your kids and they’re so delicious that anyone will enjoy them, from the children who are picky eaters to the adults with a sophisticated palette.

If you want to feed your family organic foods but have had trouble finding quick or kid-friendly options, Hip Chick Farms now makes it possible!

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