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I’ve had all kinds of protein powder in my day: the kind that tastes delicious; the kind that feels like sawdust and tastes like sand; protein powders made from whey, soy, hemp, peas; and so many others. Protein powder is a go-to for traveling and is a staple in my diet when I’m in a routine of going to the gym. Despite all the protein powders I’ve tried, up until recently I had never had one made of beef.

Yes, that’s right. A protein powder made from beef! Paleo Pro arrived at my doorstep and I had to do a double take at the label … grass-fed beef in a powder form? Basically, the company slow cooks high-quality, grass-fed beef until it becomes a nutritious beef broth. They then take that broth, which is high in protein, collagen (my fave!), and amino acids, and they spray-dry the moisture out of it using hot air. What’s left is a clean protein powder that mixes beautifully in liquid to create a perfect protein shake.

What makes this Paleo-approved is that it is extremely clean and produces without chemicals, solvents, abrasive processes and is overall very minimally processed. And unlike whey protein, it is dairy-free, making it great for anyone who is Paleo, lactose intolerant, or casein intolerant.

The company also offers a vegan protein powder called Paleo Greens Powder and that contains hemp protein, kale, alfalfa greens and spirulina. This is a great formula for people who are both Paleo and vegan, which can sometimes be a difficult combination for which to find “convenience foods” like protein powders.

If you’re ready for a change in protein powder, give Paleo Pro a try and feel the difference!

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