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I love a pop of color in my baked goods if the occasion lends itself to that. Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, and more holidays and special events sometimes need that extra bit of pizazz. But who like artificial colors and ingredients? Over the last few years, concerns have been raised about these artificial dyes and ingredients causing behavioral health disorders, allergic reactions, and having carcinogenic properties.

What’s a gluten-free baker to do? Try ColorKitchen Foods’ food coloring, sprinkles, and even baking mixes (Red Velvet Cake and Confetti Cake). These products are sourced from the finest, most vibrant plant sources available. ColorKitchen colors are made from simple ingredients, containing pigments from turmeric, spirulina, beet, radish, cabbage, and annatto. That makes these products good for all dietary restrictions.

This company was founded by Ashley Phelps, a woman with food allergies to chemicals and additives. As a painter, she began using natural ingredients in her art and then saw that she could use some of the same natural ingredients for food. The demand was there and Ashley had the desire to create real food from nature.

If you have allergic reactions to food dyes or if you just want your children and family to avoid these artificial ingredients and only eat REAL food ingredients, ColorKitchen is your solution.

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