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If you love baking, you’ll love LillyBean by PastryBase. These cupcake/cake mixes are excellent for any occasion, but especially the holidays, because they are not only gluten-free but also vegan. This takes care of eliminating several allergens and makes the products versatile and perfect for bringing to parties, sharing with friends and coworkers, and entertaining guests.

I particularly love the Vanilla Bean mix because it pairs wonderfully with fruit. I made a strawberry shortcake style treat with these with a mashed strawberry topping and homemade whipped cream. It was simple, yet decadent.

LillyBean not only makes cupcake/cake mixes, but also buttercream frosting mixes, blondie mix, and the most adorable gift boxes including a gingerbread house, unicorn cupcake kit, pumpkin spice cupcakes, birthday cupcakes, snowflake sugar cookie kit, and more. They offer directions for both vegan and non-vegan preparation and either way, the result for the cupcake/cake is moist, decadent, and delicious! The frostings are flawless, and the gift boxes are such a cute idea for gifts, fun activities with the kids or grandkids, or just to treat yourself.

PastryBase is a company that began as a custom bakery and evolved into the addition of at-home baking mixes. They contain pure, quality ingredients, including as many natural, organic, and GMO-free ingredients as possible. Get LillyBean by PastryBase online or in local markets in and around Richmond, VA.

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