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Recommends: Flax4Life

What’s better than a Cappuccino Brownie? Or a Dark Cherry Brownie? How about one that’s loaded with healthy ingredients and tastes amazing?! Flax4Life has you covered with their brownies that are packed with flax and contain a hefty dose of omega-3s, fiber, and lignans.

Omega-3s, fiber, and lignans are all excellent for your heart health and cholesterol, and with Flax4Life you can feel good knowing that the treat you’re eating still brings with it some purpose to your diet, rather than being indulgent andvoid of any nutrition.

The flavor and texture of Flax4Life’s brownies is just like that of a “traditional” brownie, if not better! I really like the Cappuccino Brownie – I feel like coffee and chocolate are simply made for each other.

If you’re not a chocolate fan or prefer fruits, try their muffins. They have Cranberry Orange, Wild Blueberry, Hawaiian Pineapple and Coconut with Ginger, Carrot Raisin, and more. These are delicious for an afternoon snack or to tame that mid-morning hunger.  And there’s also granola, cakes, and toaster buns – so you can get in your daily dose of flax in a number of tasty ways!

If you’ve yet to try Flax4Life and you’ve been looking for a healthier alternative to some of the empty, sugar-filled, gluten-free treats on the market, try Flax4Life now!

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