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Recommends: Rooted Apothecary

There’s been an influx of CBD products on the market lately and I’m excited about that! Once I learned what CBD is and how it can help with a variety of health issues, aches, pains, and stress, I’ve been a fan. I felt the difference and I’ve seen family members and friends also be impacted in a positive way. My newest CBD discovery is Rooted Apothecary.

This company sells hemp-derived CBD oil and capsules, and hemp-infused products like essential oil rollers and body butter. The options for hemp-derived CBD products is endless, and companies like Rooted Apothecary are showing us just that. I love their CBD oils for aches and pains, and my son uses them for inflammation. Their essential oil rollers are my new fave, though, because they smell amazing and offer the combination of benefits from essential oils and hemp. They have rollers for stress (AM and PM versions with different essential oils in each), hormones/emotions, and even tooth and ear aches (said to be good for kids who are teething or prone to ear infections).

Rooted Apothecary was created by two fathers who are strong believers in natural medicine and who grow hemp organically on a farm in Colorado. The products are grown in the USA, are full-spectrum hemp (important because you want to get all the parts of the hemp plant, including antioxidants), and organic. If you’ve yet to try CBD products, give Rooted Apothecary a try and see the difference for yourself!

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