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I once watched a man bite into an onion, peel and all, to demonstrate his mouthwash on a TV show I was on set for. Gross! Effective, but still very gross. This is not about that mouthwash, but it’s a good anecdote to lead into this product. Essential Oxygen creates all-natural dental hygiene products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and tooth polish, filled with good ingredients like essential oils and free of harmful ingredients.

Let’s start with the first step in their 3-step process: the brushing rinse. This product contains food-grade hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera juice, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and a few other essential oils. It’s meant to help remove the bad bacteria in your mouth after a night of sleeping, prior to that first glass of water and before brushing your teeth. This rinse tastes great and is made without alcohol, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other irritants.

Next, the toothpaste. This product is also made with peroxide, aloe vera gel, and essential oils, plus coconut oil and other ingredients for a fresh, clean brush without the abrasive ingredients found in other toothpastes, which can be irritating to gums, thin your enamel, and worsen tooth sensitivity.

And last but not least is the tooth polish. This is where you can get a little bit of abrasion to help whiten teeth, but it’s separate from the toothpaste so that you can choose how frequently you use it. This is made of baking soda, organic essential oils, and a few other ingredients to create a minty powder.

If you like to avoid some of the more irritating ingredients found in conventional dental products or you like to keep things as natural as possible, Essential Oxygen is well worth checking out!

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