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Recommends: Schär

If you’ve never heard of Schär … wait, are there people out there who haven’t heard of Schär? I mean maybe you haven’t tried their products, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of them unless you’re new to gluten-free or you live in a dark and dreary place, like under a rock. OK, all jokes aside! Schär really is one of those companies that is a staple gluten-free brand in many chain grocery stores, health food stores, and even Walmart … so my jokes come from an honest place.

Here’s why Schär is fantastic: they make really good products! They’ve been around since the early 80s (with a backstory that dates back to the 20s) and they know their stuff. They source ingredients from farms that are dedicated solely to growing gluten-free grains for Schär, they use ancient grains and seeds, they use sourdough as a natural preservative and to provide probiotics and flavor, and they don’t use GMO ingredients. The result is a line of bakery items that taste just as good if not better than their gluten-filled counterparts.

My favorite products from Schär and the ones my family also loves are the rolls – ciabatta, multigrain ciabatta, sandwich rolls, baguettes, and Kaiser rolls all make it easy for you to re-create a variety of much-loved sandwiches gluten-free. BLT on a Kaiser roll? Check! Cuban sandwich on a baguette? Check! Or how about a turkey and cheese hoagie on their sandwich rolls? Check!

It’s everything you’ve wanted in gluten-free bread, and if you have yet to try the variety of bakery items, snacks, and more from Schär … I highly recommend you do!

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