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Recommends: Summerhill Dairy

If you or someone you know has allergies or sensitivities to cow’s milk, or perhaps if your child has difficulty digesting cow’s milk, then you should give goat’s milk a try. Goat’s milk contains lower levels of casein protein than cow’s milk, plus it’s a different type of casein. Goat’s milk has A-2 beta casein, versus the A1-beta casein found in cow’s milk. And, it contains less of the alpha s-1 casein. Goat’s milk also contains less lactose than cow’s milk and has smaller fat particles. These differences in goat’s milk make it much more tolerable than cow’s milk for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

Summerhill Goat Milk is a brand I love because it contains no antibiotics, is free of artificial growth hormones, is naturally homogenized, and is pasteurized but not ultra-pasteurized (ultra-pasteurization kills even the good stuff in milk). Summerhill Goat Milk is naturally gluten-free, too! But, what’s possibly the best part of this brand is that it comes from a family-owned farm and is a Certified Humane company. Certified Humane is the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to the humane treatment of farm animals. If a product has that label, that means it has met the high standards of this organization.

If you’re worried about the taste of goat’s milk, don’t be. It’s mild and creamy and goes perfectly in coffee, cereal, or in any recipe that calls for milk. Make the switch to goat’s milk and see if your digestion doesn’t improve in comparison to drinking cow’s milk. Goat’s milk has been known to help children who cannot digest cow’s milk, so it’s great for the little ones, too!

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