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Recommends: Bohana

If you like popcorn, you’ll probably like Bohana. Or if you can’t eat corn but you used to enjoy popcorn, you’ll probably like Bohana. Or if you like snacking but don’t like consuming excess calories and fat, you’ll probably like Bohana!

Ok, now for the big reveal … what is Bohana? It’s popped water lily seeds. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but I’m glad I now know. Popped water lily seeds are a snack from India and are considered an Ayurvedic superfood. Bohana is a company created by friends Nadine and Priyal, two women with a love of Ayurveda and a passion for bringing “free spirit snacking” to the rest of the world. Because Bohana is all-natural, non-GMO, roasted and not fried, and light in calories and fat, it’s a great snack for everyone.

Popped water lily seeds contain 67% less fat, 20% fewer calories, and 50% more protein than popcorn. You know the puffed rice cakes that you find in a variety of flavors at the grocery store? Popped water lily seeds taste kind of like that but puffier and about the same size as popcorn. It’s a truly unique snack that you’ll have to try for yourself to truly appreciate.

Bohana comes in 3 varieties: Pink Himalayan Salt – just a hint of salt to bring out the natural flavors of the popper water lily seeds, Wild White Cheddar – just a dash of flavorful cheddar cheese, and Soulful Spice – seasoned just enough to give a light kick.

A few fun ways to eat Bohana include straight out of the bag, added to a trail mix, or on top of salads like croutons.

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