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Recommends: Further Food

Collagen is a must in my daily routine. I’ve been taking collagen for years – usually a scoop in my coffee but occasionally I’ll add it to a smoothie or some other drink for a daily dose. I find that it keeps my joints feeling good and my skin looking as fresh as possible. If collagen isn’t something you’ve been taking, I highly recommend you start!

While I’ve tried several collagen brands and I’ve written about several of them, too, I have another that I’d like to introduce you to: Further Food. This brand is fantastic because they offer four different collagen options: Collagen Peptides made with bovine collagen, Marine Collagen Peptides made with wild-caught North Atlantic codfish, Chocolate Collagen Peptides plus Reishi Mushrooms, and Vanilla Collagen Peptides plus Beauty Mushrooms. Having a marine collagen for those who can’t (or don’t) consume beef products is a great option. And, their formulas that contain mushrooms are great because it means you don’t have to buy a separate reishi mushroom powder or incorporate these healthy mushrooms into your diet at a separate time throughout the day – it’s all-in-one! Reishi mushrooms are great for mood balance, liver support, and more.

These collagens mix up well and the chocolate one makes a delicious addition to smoothies and even yogurt for a chocolate parfait!

Further Food also offers turmeric superfood powder and matcha powder, which are both excellent additions to your daily healthy eating habits. What really stands out about Further Food, though, is their origin story and their mission. Founder, Lillian Zhao, turned to her Chinese heritage and her business background for a solution to help her friends and family members with chronic health conditions. Remembering the healing properties of her mom’s homemade bone broth, she decided collagen and superfoods were the way to go, so she teamed up with a community of holistic health experts and now Further Food serves the purpose of “helping you further your health with innovative food-based nutritional products.” They have eco-friendly packaging, they give back a portion of sales to programs that help with chronic illness and healthy eating in the community, and they’re women-owned and operated – and those things all help Further Food to stand apart from other collagen brands.

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