Recommends: Chopin Vodka

Despite popular belief, not all vodka is made from potatoes. In fact, a lot of vodka is made from grains like wheat and corn. Real potato vodka is a better choice than grain vodka for people who are gluten-free. One of the brands I like is Chopin.

Chopin is “the world’s most awarded potato vodka” and for good reason! Its full-bodied flavor makes it the ideal alcohol for a smooth cocktail. Whether in martinis (one of my favorite drinks) or your favorite vodka-based drink, Chopin adds an almost creamy consistency and an earthy taste. It’s smooth – none of that dreaded burn you get from cheaply made vodka – and clean tasting.

Full disclosure – Chopin also makes wheat and rye vodka, but it’s the potato vodka I recommend. It’s made with small-batch production in a family-owned distillery in the beautiful village of Krzesk, Poland. Most of the ingredients are sourced within 18 miles of the distillery, ensuring that they are fresh and high-quality.

If you haven’t tried potato vodka or you want to see what the difference really is, I recommend you try Chopin Potato Vodka! Cheers!

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